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How America sees the Illegal Immigration Issue - Part 1

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

As most of you know, I am in marketing which means that I tend to approach most things from the stand point of “selling” a product.  For the last 8 years, that “product” has been the party of Republicans.  It has not been easy, not because the MSM has been on a Bush and GOP bender–while quite extreme, it IS expected for most belong to the opposition camp, but because third party wannabes pretending to be the base has also had “Bush/McCain/Republican derangement”. 

For every Liberal that won’t let go of this derangement after nearly 18 months of Obama, there is an equal amount of “conservatives” that can’t either.  Every knock of Obama is pre or post “but Bush/the GOP did the same.”

It is truly idiotic because the difference between the two presidents and two parties are extraordinary and obvious, yet the comparison continues to be made; like a person refusing to condemn someone of perjury because he has told lies in his past.  It goes beyond ridiculous when one considers that the “product” they claim to represent has so much more features than the competition…features like strong military, family values, and sound fiscal ideology.

And they continue to point to the one feature they consider a “flaw”.

In the case of the GOP, that “flaw” is the illegal immigration issue.   It doesn’t matter that under Bush, illegal immigration FELL and that this president definitely WILL add 20 million Hispanic voters to the Dem column.  Those pretending to be “true conservatives” will continue to push this issue until everyone is convinced that the GOP is a party of old White, gun toting, bible thumping hicks.

Talk Show Mafia and their equally rating hungry pundits continue to preach to the choir, knowing full well that at the end of the day, their power and their relevancy will demand that their listeners/readers “hold their nose and vote Republican.”  Yet everyone of them KNOW that to win, they MUST garner the Independent and non-conservative vote.  Yet no one bothers to ask them.

So here’s a question:  which of the following is true?

1- Most Americans consider any kind of “path to citizenship” as “amnesty”.

2- Most Americans consider Mexicans as a threat to “national security”.

3- Most Americans want to deny citizenship to anchor babies, children born of illegals.

4- Most Americans want the jobs that illegals take.

5- Most Americans consider the illegal immigration issue on a par with unemployment, terrorism, Obamacare.

6- Most Americans understand that this is about breaking laws and NOT about racism.

7- Most Americans agree with the Arizona law’s of having non-Whites prove they are not here illegally.

Answer:  None.

The Truth about The Tea Party

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

On Tax day, a local conservative Radio talk show host had on a guest from the national tea party.

It began with the usual discussion on taxes and the role tea party groups’ hopes to play in getting our leaders to listen to the ordinary tax payer.  It wasn’t ranting or even complaining; the guest was calm, articulate, and rather professional.  She stated simply that a large group of Americans do NOT pay income taxes and if there should be a redistribution that is FAIR, the method of personal income taxation needed to be overhauled.

As I mentioned, her approach was very matter of fact, stating data with very little opinion, allowing the listener to draw their own conclusion. At the end, she also shared a piece of unexpecteed information: it seems that the tea party organizers had spent months running an internal poll among those attending townhall meetings and protest marches as well as those that emailed and donated money.  These were the results:

1- Most did NOT claim affliation with either Conservative nor Liberal parties. 

I have written that I believe most tea partiers are INDEPENDENTS, that majority both Dick Morris and Karl Rove have mentioned needing to win elections.

2- Most do NOT share the passions of conservatives…some are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-gun, but not to the point where these issues would be a voting deal breaker.  The 3 issues they DO care about, the issues that bring them together are: Healthcare (makes sense since the average age of tea partiers is 56 which makes them knocking on the retirement door), trillion dollar deficits, and terrorism.

Strangely, these are the 3 issues that the GOP and Bush was great on.  Yes, even the deficits…remember that GWB’s 8 years saw us thru 2 recessions with the best economy in a quarter of a decade and near zero unemployment.  Remember also that the fall of the economy in 2008 was foreseen and that is what GWB wanted to spend his political capital on instead of illegal immigration. 

 3- They LIKE GWB!!! 

Yep, a majority liked GWB and miss the stability he brought.

It was the last bit of news that most disturbed the host as he, like Hannity and Hewitt had spent the last 5 years “being honest” about GWB’s sins. (see my previous post about conservatives believing that if they turn on their leaders, the liberals will do likewise). 

And now, he and a number of conservatives know…those years when they were “smart” enough NOT to dump on Huckabee, Romney, Palin, Rudy, and a host of other conservatives for fear of offending their supporters…the group that they SHOULD have feared offending were the Independents…who LIKED GWB…

And it is often mentioned, the group LIKES McCain.

Anyone involved in getting out the vote for Republicans KNOW that they cannot win without this group.  Let’s see if they can now get off “stupid”, close ranks, find “loyalty” among their principles, and put the party of Republicans back into running this nation.

Hijacking the Tea Party

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A woman claiming to be a member of the tea party warned Michael Medved that the Republicans had better not try to hijack the Tea Party…


The chances are great that this woman was one of those who claimed to be the “base” of a party she had zip loyalty to, who had candidates she couldn’t stand and refused to support.  She ignored the fact that GWB and the GOP gave us the best economy in 3 decades despite TWO recessions and a war, stopped the barbaric partial birth abortion, and kept America safe for 7 years.  All she wanted to dwell on was illegals to the South, a bi-partisan bill that REQUIRED teachers to teach, and a social program that didn’t make seniors choose between eating and life saving drugs.

Now, her and her group of 3rd party wannabes are trying to take over the tea party.

The problem is…the tea party are INDEPENDENTS.  They don’t want to be a conservative.  They went stone quiet when Tancredo preached his illegals are the evil of this nation.  They even shrugged when speakers complained about the Bush and GOP years of spending.  Obama and his trillion dollar “budget” gave new meaning to the word “spending”…and some of them LIKE social programs like THEIR social security that gives them some independence from their grown up children.

In short EVERY card played on the Republicans, ain’t playing here.

Many are passionately pro-life…but some couldn’t care less.  Some are actually union workers and some may have previously voted Democrat.  Then there are most who DON’T worship at the altar of men long dead.  The last they heard about the signers of the constitution was in a high school text book.  And as hard as it is to believe, many don’t remember Reagan other than he made a nice speech about tearing down the Berlin wall.

They DO remember when most people had two or three job offers.  They recall McDonald’s upping their wages to get kids from working at Jack in the Box and when they could leave the really back breaking work to illegals.  They recall the days after 9/11 when every loud sound could be another attack and the picture of Saddam’s teeth will forever bring a smile.

And as they watch Obama and the do nothing (at best) Democrats and/or the mind blowing spending, they look toward the only other viable party.

They hear the same old tirade that turned them off.

But this time, reasonable Republicans are distancing themselves from the conservatives who claimed to be their base…the Losertarians who KNOW they cannot win with their measly 3%.

As an Independent, who has been trying to tell the party of Republicans for 4 years that the so called base only wanted to take over and ultimately destroy by making the GOP unelectable, let me say to this woman caller and her minions…

LAY OFF the only viable party that can stop the Dems from destroying this nation.  Go join/create your own party, one you can be loyal to and offer candidates you can support.

The Independents will NOT destroy the GOP and turn to you.  They understand that right NOW, out of all the parties out there, the ONLY one that is remotely adult and sane are the GOP.  They’re not perfect, but they don’t have to be.  As long as we have elections and Independents continue to be the majority, we will continue to elect those who will serve us all…Independents, Republicans, Democrats, and yes third party wannabes.

The Joe Wilson Hand

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Dennis Prager claims to be a Liberal, the JFK type and contends that “the Left” took over the Democrats.

Now I get why he insists on remaining a Liberal…it’s a shuffle game: he has mentioned on more than one occasion how Jewish families are tolerant of almost everything…abortion, gay marriages…but a family member that becomes a Conservative is shunned and ostracized.  Thus he can champion the Republican cause, even openly support Republicans, as long as he remains a “liberal”.

And I can even comprehend the idea of a party being taken over by the extremes.  In fact I am witnessing such a move by Libertarians calling themselves “conservatives.”

Libertarians believe in very little government…thus they hate programs that allow the elderly the ability to afford the miracle drugs that prolong their lives….they see no value in a program that make teachers accountable for actually educating our children. Twenty five years ago, if the same people who judged GWB as “not conservative enough” had talk shows and blogs, the paragon of conservatism himself Ronald Reagan would have been vilified for all the money he spent on international affairs and let us not forget real amnesty.

For nearly 6 years, the Libertarians aka conservatives have taken over the GOP, pushing many Independents and cross over Democrats out of the Republican tent.  They have demanded strict adherence to their “principles”, ideology NOT shared by the majority of American voters (see 2006 and 2008 election results as the Libertarian champions didn’t even win the primaries). 

But I learned something very interesting…America is a strange and fairly cool experiment in human self-rule. 

6 years ago, conservatives JOINED their liberal counterparts in “reading” the mind of Trent Lott whose great “crime” was that he had made a toast at a birthday party.  It wasn’t WHAT Lott said or DID; it was what he MEANT when he made the toast to a 100 year old born during a period of deep southern racial hatred.  The crucifixion of this man, driving him out of his Senate Majority leadership, gave notice to all politicians thinking of running under the GOP banner that less than perfection would not be tolerated. 

Recently, the sanctimonious talk show mafia and their pundits tried to do it again with Joe Wilson.  Only the American people weren’t having it.  Joe Wilson said what many listening to Obama’s lies wanted to say.

He spoke for every one of those who had raised their voices at townhall meetings, wrote scathing blogs, and marched on Washington and at tea parties.

All of a sudden, the holier than thou preaching of being “above it all” got angry retorts…Prager, Medved, Hewitt found themselves having to explain their lack of support.  They were noticeably happy when the race card got played because all of a sudden they could add a “but” to the Wilson issue.  “Yes, I believe he was being inappropriate for the venue in which he uttered the words…BUT to be fair, the president had called the American people liars first…and to claim that he was really uttering a racial epithet, now THAT is going too far!”

Dems may have been happy with Joe Wilson’s outburst…not because he showed how uncontrolled Republicans were, but because it reminded Independents of the racial rhetoric conservatives hurled at MEXICANS, legal or not.  It was only logical, that the next card to be played would be their racist card.

But as Blacks needed Whites to finally give them civil rights, Liberals needed Conservatives to win the Joe Wilson hand.   And while that was the initial reaction of most talk show hosts and conservative pundits, the latter learned real quick that the real power lays within those who can turn the dial or click on their web site.

For decades, conservatives practically salivated at the power wielded by the mainstream media to influence America.  For a short period, conservatives via the talk show mafia believed that power was being transferred to them. 

The Joe Wilson hand may be the signal that there’s a new game in town.

Sotomayor: GOP racism?

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Dennis Prager asked his listeners if Hispanics believed that conservatives voted against the confirmation of Sotomayor because they were racist.  Upon learning that many Hispanics did in fact, believe the Republican party was racist, Prager first sighed and then ranted about how unfair that perception was.

A caller tried to explain that the vitriolic rhetoric about Mexican immigrants were a big part of that perception and THAT is unfair because everyone, unless an American Indian, was once an immigrant.

Prager of course pointed out that his ancestors and most GOP came here LEGALLY.

“But when your ancestors came here,” the caller pointed out, “there was no immigration law; thus coming here was a matter of signing up.  You got here, here you were able to stay. Many Mexicans aren’t so lucky.”

Prager said “Fair enough” –and ran out of time.  The next hour was his hour where people came to him to seek his wisdom in the man-woman’s hour or whatever segment where Prager gets to play wise sage.

Our radio station carries all of the talk shows a couple of hours after the fact; which means that I could not call him and tell him this:

For over 3 years, conservatives have been obsessing over Mexican illegals….not illegals from the north or the boatloads arriving in dozens of ports…just their HISPANIC unwanted neighbors to the South…and now you’re surprised that conservatives are perceived as racist to Hispanics???

Wow–the truth behind the illegal immigration issue

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Hugh Hewitt comes on after Michael Medved and once in awhile, I catch a few minutes of his show.  Today, I allowed a little extra time because Karl Rove was his guest and I wanted to hear what this political genius had to say.

Somewhere in the interview about Obama and McCain, Rove said that in almost every speaking engagement, someone brings up the illegal immigration issue–and faults the lost of Congress on Bush’s adminstration’s failure to “secure the borders”.

Of course Hewitt was in total agreement, but Rove asked the same question he has asked everyone who has brought up the topic.  “How many illegals do you think this adminstration has deported since 2002 (after 9/11)?”  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what Hewitt answered because he sort of did a “I’m a party guy” without being supportive (those who have heard Hewitt knows what I mean).  But Rove went on to say that most people answer, “around a hundred”.  One guy gave the answer “100,000″ to howls of laughter by the audience.

Karl Rove then gave the real answer: 1.3 million.  Yep that MILLION with a “M”.

He told Hugh about the triple budget increase for border control…quad increase in border guards and staff…and 12 times the amount of holding areas for illegals.

“I know,” he told Hugh, “what you and many of your radio talk show friends have been saying, but facts are facts.  THIS adminstration has done more in 7 years than the 30 plus years this nation has been dealing with illegals.”

I immediately called and asked a colleague the same question.  He had complained bitterly about this president and blamed the lost of Congress on Bush’s failure to secure the borders.  When I gave him the number he was silent.  Finally he said, “Wow, that’s a lot.”  He sounded young and a bit shaken.  He loved Hewitt, Ingraham, Rush, Hannity, Prager…the whole talk show mafia.

“Who gave you that number?”  When I told him Karl Rove, he asked what Hewitt had replied.  I told him the truth, that I don’t really know because I didn’t understand Hewitt’s answer.

“1.3 million,” he said again, “Wow.”

The Why Behind The Hatred

Monday, February 11th, 2008

I finally get it.


I was sitting in a doctor’s office the other day, flipping through a magazine to kill time.  It was a national, Liberal rag and what caught my eye was the contention that “amnesty” was something Liberals were against.


Now I have always suspected that the entire “job protection” aspect of the illegal immigration rhetoric sounded more like something the Left would be spouting than the Right…but the Talk Show Mafia had been for some time taking whole pages out of their counterpart’s book in their twisted definition of words.


The writer of the article told the story of a town which had lost their one big company to the global market and China’s adaptation of “free enterprise”.  An entire YEAR passed before another large company would come to town.  Unfortunately, unlike the previous business, the pay being offered was about half to two thirds what the townspeople were used to.  The company hired whatever was available…which is often the case, immigrants.


The company is aware that many of their works may be illegal, but they are making money…and because they are, other businesses have sprung up to cater to the workers that need food, rentals, clothing.  Wal Mart is even making plans to come to town.  And with Wal Mart, truckers are going back to work, restaurants are re-opening, and Target is bringing in competition and then comes the high tech stores and their competition…


And the union guy who had once negotiated the old company’s contracts is making plans to unionize the workers once a path to citizenship develops.


Everyone should be happy right?  This is America free enterprise at its finest.


Except there are a bunch of people who remember the old days, when they got paid enough money to provide for their families—but not enough for the company to stay competitive.


Other towns aren’t so fortunate…no new business came to their town to revive their economy.  But the now out of work people have heard all about the illegals and how they are making $18 an hour ($5 less than they) but because of their illegality are paying no taxes and sponging off the government, getting FREE medical and food stamps.


Well of course the American worker is angry at Illegals.


Except…companies wanting to stay afloat and to compete with goods made in China cannot afford $18 an hour for basic workers.  And illegals using false social security cards pay into a retirement system Uncle Sam never has to pay them dividends from…and taxes they cannot claim refunds from.  They use free clinics or pay for insurance premiums they are forever in fear of being revoked if they make any type of complaint.


The American worker wants the great wages and the terrific benefits, but continue to buy cheap products made in China. 


And so they blame Illegals, who like the ancestors of the majority of the people of America,  work 2, 3 jobs and have very little expectation of government handouts.


I got into a huge “discussion” with a relative over this new insight.  While a card carrying Republican, he is also a union man.  Reverting to his past Liberal “fair” ideas, he started harping on the CEOs making huge sums of money.


I tried to point out that CEOs are like football coaches who very little people have difficulty with their multimillion dollar salaries AS LONG AS THE TEAM continues to win.  CEOs are responsible for company profits…just like the coaches and only receive those big bucks if they CONTINUE to produce profits.  And like a football team, if the team continues to not bring in people to buy tickets and fill stadiums, the owners (stockholders) will pull out and put their money into a more profitable venture.


Companies do not exist to make their workers happy, to provide decent work conditions and wonderful retirements.  Companies are NOT social charity entities.  Their sole purpose is to make money. 


And since my relative now has a large sum of money invested in various stocks, surely he would want the companies for which he is invested in to fulfill their primary purpose.


My relative nodded, BUT…


More talk about how WITHOUT the worker, the company cannot produce and without the product, sell, and become profitable.  He even recalled my story of how the union paid workers made the rich wealthier (prior to unions, only 10% of the population could afford luxury items.  With good pay, came the ability of 60 to 70 out of a 100 more people buying things like washing machine…which called for more washing machines to be made…which created more jobs…and the rich got richer as their business expanded.)


Finally, I asked him this…let us say that the company came to you and said, “we can pay you a million dollars a year OR give your fellow workers an additional $10 more an hour.”  What would you say?


“Well of course I’d choose my million dollars,” he replied with a smile.  “I never said it was stupid, just greedy.”


The point is that part of human nature is to see things from one’s own perspective. 


There was a time when the telephone company in my home state was the most stable employment one could have.  Now with competition and cable phone, thousands were let go, some after 20 plus years in the company.


If, six months to a year later, someone comes in and opens up a company that pays half of what these guys were being paid…and the rumor starts that these people are illegal which is why they are willing to take less…and they aren’t paying taxes and getting free social services.


Yeah, people would be angry.


And if the TSM locally fed them the line about laws and about these people taking over not just Hawaii but the United States.


Yes, they would be damn well pissed off.


I understand now.


I get it.


But I got it when socialist told the people of Russia, France, China, Britain and Cuba how unfair it was for some people, by virtue of their birth to have cake while the workers starved.