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The Truth about The Tea Party

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

On Tax day, a local conservative Radio talk show host had on a guest from the national tea party.

It began with the usual discussion on taxes and the role tea party groups’ hopes to play in getting our leaders to listen to the ordinary tax payer.  It wasn’t ranting or even complaining; the guest was calm, articulate, and rather professional.  She stated simply that a large group of Americans do NOT pay income taxes and if there should be a redistribution that is FAIR, the method of personal income taxation needed to be overhauled.

As I mentioned, her approach was very matter of fact, stating data with very little opinion, allowing the listener to draw their own conclusion. At the end, she also shared a piece of unexpecteed information: it seems that the tea party organizers had spent months running an internal poll among those attending townhall meetings and protest marches as well as those that emailed and donated money.  These were the results:

1- Most did NOT claim affliation with either Conservative nor Liberal parties. 

I have written that I believe most tea partiers are INDEPENDENTS, that majority both Dick Morris and Karl Rove have mentioned needing to win elections.

2- Most do NOT share the passions of conservatives…some are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-gun, but not to the point where these issues would be a voting deal breaker.  The 3 issues they DO care about, the issues that bring them together are: Healthcare (makes sense since the average age of tea partiers is 56 which makes them knocking on the retirement door), trillion dollar deficits, and terrorism.

Strangely, these are the 3 issues that the GOP and Bush was great on.  Yes, even the deficits…remember that GWB’s 8 years saw us thru 2 recessions with the best economy in a quarter of a decade and near zero unemployment.  Remember also that the fall of the economy in 2008 was foreseen and that is what GWB wanted to spend his political capital on instead of illegal immigration. 

 3- They LIKE GWB!!! 

Yep, a majority liked GWB and miss the stability he brought.

It was the last bit of news that most disturbed the host as he, like Hannity and Hewitt had spent the last 5 years “being honest” about GWB’s sins. (see my previous post about conservatives believing that if they turn on their leaders, the liberals will do likewise). 

And now, he and a number of conservatives know…those years when they were “smart” enough NOT to dump on Huckabee, Romney, Palin, Rudy, and a host of other conservatives for fear of offending their supporters…the group that they SHOULD have feared offending were the Independents…who LIKED GWB…

And it is often mentioned, the group LIKES McCain.

Anyone involved in getting out the vote for Republicans KNOW that they cannot win without this group.  Let’s see if they can now get off “stupid”, close ranks, find “loyalty” among their principles, and put the party of Republicans back into running this nation.

The Conservative-Liberal Mentality

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

It took a long time for me to comprehend the logic behind conservatives JOINING the Left in bashing Bush and the GOP.

Oh I heard all about “honesty” and “principles” and how being one excused the lack of loyalty being in the other.  But logically speaking, it made zero sense to try to sell a product (the GOP) while trying tell the customer (the voter) how really crappy the product was.

Then Obama came up with his nuclear concept of disarmament and all of a sudden, a light went on.

Obama believes as an old Leftist friend of mine said, “How can we tell others to not have nukes when we have them?”

Conservatives believe that we cannot tell Liberals to turn against their leaders and admit their faults unless they turn against Bush and the GOP and proclaim their faults to the last detail.  Like Obama and company, they believe that if they are honest about their party, this will encourage Liberals to do the same.

This is what I told my “friend”…”Just because sane people have guns (or nukes), does NOT mean we should allow INSANE people to have them.”

And this is what I am telling all those who insist on being an example of honesty:

That mushroom cloud you see…it’s our trillion dollar debt, health care, and soon to be chemical and dirty bombs dropping on our cities.

It’s also those millions of babies that could have been saved if our President had been a life time pro-lifer appointing his second Supreme Court retiree.

Harsh?  Oh but I’m being honest.

The Price of Honesty

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I’ve noticed that some callers on the various talk shows have started to preach what some of us has for 5 years…Sandra from “A Word to the Wise”…Cindi from “The Pink Flamingo”…Sheila from “One Eighty”…that only in unity will the GOP win. One caller whined about the purist who insisted on staying home rather than vote for “that RINO McCain”.

Medved corrected him stating that the SAME amount of those called themselves conservative, who voted for GWB, ALSO voted for McCain. It was that all important Independents that moved to the Dem camp that gave Obama and his gang the victory.

Michael hasn’t thought this out. The question is WHY has Independents moved to the Left (other than those who just liked the idea of a Black president?). Could it be, is it possible, that those who claimed to be the base of the GOP while not having the numbers to actually bring victory (or deny it) to their candidates, CAN, by ADDING their numbers to the Left, convince the Independents that there is nothing worth voting for in the Republican party?

Anyone who has watched the media in action and understands the opinion making role of advertisements knows that you CANNOT sell something by tearing it down.

That is why, if you care about government take over…if you fear kowtowing to our enemies…if you are concern about our children’s future…if you care one iota about America, then stand with the Republican party and fight for her majority in Congress and the take back of the WH.
If you’ve never played party politics you need to start doing it NOW. Think of the GOP as you would America…do you see anything good coming from complaining about her faults to the world? Of course not, so why on earth would you think it is fine and upstanding to keep reminding Independents what a crapping job YOU believe GWB, McCain, and the party of Republicans have done in the last 8 years???

If ANYONE uses the word “but” as to “but Bush and the Republicans also spent, gave amnesty or whatever the complaint”, you need to treat them the SAME way you would if someone tried to qualify condemnation of a terrorist nation with a litany of America’s past sins.
There is a time and a place for “honesty”, but grown ups understand that we can be selective in our honesty. It doesn’t make us less honest, just intelligent enough to know that honesty HAS consequences.

Hijacking the Tea Party

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

A woman claiming to be a member of the tea party warned Michael Medved that the Republicans had better not try to hijack the Tea Party…


The chances are great that this woman was one of those who claimed to be the “base” of a party she had zip loyalty to, who had candidates she couldn’t stand and refused to support.  She ignored the fact that GWB and the GOP gave us the best economy in 3 decades despite TWO recessions and a war, stopped the barbaric partial birth abortion, and kept America safe for 7 years.  All she wanted to dwell on was illegals to the South, a bi-partisan bill that REQUIRED teachers to teach, and a social program that didn’t make seniors choose between eating and life saving drugs.

Now, her and her group of 3rd party wannabes are trying to take over the tea party.

The problem is…the tea party are INDEPENDENTS.  They don’t want to be a conservative.  They went stone quiet when Tancredo preached his illegals are the evil of this nation.  They even shrugged when speakers complained about the Bush and GOP years of spending.  Obama and his trillion dollar “budget” gave new meaning to the word “spending”…and some of them LIKE social programs like THEIR social security that gives them some independence from their grown up children.

In short EVERY card played on the Republicans, ain’t playing here.

Many are passionately pro-life…but some couldn’t care less.  Some are actually union workers and some may have previously voted Democrat.  Then there are most who DON’T worship at the altar of men long dead.  The last they heard about the signers of the constitution was in a high school text book.  And as hard as it is to believe, many don’t remember Reagan other than he made a nice speech about tearing down the Berlin wall.

They DO remember when most people had two or three job offers.  They recall McDonald’s upping their wages to get kids from working at Jack in the Box and when they could leave the really back breaking work to illegals.  They recall the days after 9/11 when every loud sound could be another attack and the picture of Saddam’s teeth will forever bring a smile.

And as they watch Obama and the do nothing (at best) Democrats and/or the mind blowing spending, they look toward the only other viable party.

They hear the same old tirade that turned them off.

But this time, reasonable Republicans are distancing themselves from the conservatives who claimed to be their base…the Losertarians who KNOW they cannot win with their measly 3%.

As an Independent, who has been trying to tell the party of Republicans for 4 years that the so called base only wanted to take over and ultimately destroy by making the GOP unelectable, let me say to this woman caller and her minions…

LAY OFF the only viable party that can stop the Dems from destroying this nation.  Go join/create your own party, one you can be loyal to and offer candidates you can support.

The Independents will NOT destroy the GOP and turn to you.  They understand that right NOW, out of all the parties out there, the ONLY one that is remotely adult and sane are the GOP.  They’re not perfect, but they don’t have to be.  As long as we have elections and Independents continue to be the majority, we will continue to elect those who will serve us all…Independents, Republicans, Democrats, and yes third party wannabes.

Longing for George

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

My British partner said something that rather stunned me.  JD has been a Tory (the British equivalent of a Republican) for a long time and remembers fondly the days of “Maggie” Thatcher.  He called the McCain nomination right and almost every play in American politics for the last 8 years (since I’ve taken an interest) has been spot on. He even predicted when and under what circumstances the Obama honeymoon would wane.

In the middle of a rant on his own nation’s financial crisis and how it was impacted by the American banking system, he said, almost in passing, that there must be a number of ordinary Americans that long for the days of Bush.


“Well,” he explained, “you must remember that for most of the 14 million that lost their jobs, the Bush era was a time of big screen t.v.s and trips to Vegas.  There were 2 recessions that Bush barely bothered the American people with and little or no sacrifice for a people in the midst of a post 9/11 war.  For many, NOW is their financial armageddon.”

I was at a lost for words.  For nearly 4 years I have defended GWB and for the most part, am STILL defending him.  Now to hear that some people may actually be longing for the days of GWB?

“Of course you’re defending him,” continued JD, “most of the people you talk to are employed.  In fact, since the economy is so tight, prices are low and people with financial liquidity are actually doing fine, they may very well be still in the Bush is c*ap mode.  But there’s a growing group out there that remembers that under Bush, recessions were taken care of without barely bothering their lives, that people actually respected America and when your leaders spoke, foreign despots actually looked over their shoulders to see if the world’s mightiest military was standing there ready to send in someone to check out their teeth.  Others remember when retiring was actually an option and when “disappointment” was a low return on our stocks.”

Imagine that…a time when people won’t be saying…”Bush’s unpardonable sin is that he’s not the cool Gripper”…instead they’ll be saying, “Obama’s biggest offense is that he’s not Cowboy George”.


In answer to “How to attract minorities”

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The following was in answer to an email that was sent to me asking “how do we get more minorities”.

You don’t get this, you really don’t.  This compulsion to be “honest” about Bush’s and McCain’s failings says nothing about them; it says everything about YOU. 
To those millions of Independents, minorities, women…all of which I AM.  What you’re basically saying is…WE OFFERED YOU A MISTAKE FOR 8 YEARS.
And in 2008 we offered you a mistake (McCain) against a really great cool operator (Obama) who is now running this nation broke.
But vote for our candidate (Palin, Jindal, Romney) because this time we will have it right.
Sorry, they aren’t going to buy because you offer NOTHING but a hope and a maybe.
The issue isn’t the product…it’s the GOP’s LACK of belief in the product.  You cannot sell what you don’t believe in.
Telling voters to trust you one more time after they bought the bridge twice and had to hear for the last 4 years how that was all an error in judgement… conservative judgement…is the ultimate in fantasy.
I am suggesting telling voters the truth…when it came to what really counted,  keeping us safe, cutting taxes to go with the spending that was needed because we DID NOT have a super majority, and putting sanity in the courts…Bush, McCain, AND the GOP produced all this in spades.
And I am saying that unless you stop bashing the product, you will NEVER sell your candidate, because every time you tell the voter how the GOP messed up, every time you ignore the things that Bush and company DID that was actually remarkable…like purple fingers and the end of those rape rooms and two recessions that no one remembers…you give the voter…the Independent, the minority, women…NO reason to vote GOP.
All the fancy slideshows and rhetoric about listening to minorities isn’t going to cut this one fact (according to you)…the GOP offered nothing but failures for 3 elections.
Good luck in getting Palin, Jindal, Romney elected or getting the GOP to take back Congress and stop this insane socialism.
I am saying to everyone that will listen about the really incredible things accomplished by Bush…I am reminding them about the empty towns and the lay offs in this tourist town (and Disneyland, Vegas) and how in less than 6 months that was turned around by a president that went to the people and gave them confidence to go back to living…I talk about the zero unemployment when our greatest fear was having our people stolen by a competitor and the two recessions that no one remembers.  And how we checked daily to see how much our stocks went up instead of how much longer it will take to retire because our stocks are worth next to nothing.  I talk about the end of that barbaric partial birth abortion and how the elderly didn’t need to choose between life saving drugs and eating…and how gracious Bush and Lady Laura was to our visiting allies…
And how all that is changing now that we have a real spender in office who acts like a kid that has gotten a hold of their parent’s charge cards…
By the end, I have them yearning for the “good ol’ days”.
THAT’S how you sell the GOP. 
We’ve been thru this before. The choice is yours. You can continue to be negative and hope that the same negativity doesn’t continue with Palin/Jendal/Romney. 
For my part, I will continue to tell people why the GOP is their only chance of  holding on to the American dream, that they need to start paying attention to what has been accomplished and what can be accomplished if you have people in office who knows what they are doing and are willing to take the political heat for doing so.
And I will NOT apologize for what Bush and the GOP did NOT accomplish. I am done with apologies…I won’t apologize for America…for slavery…for offending someone.
And I believe I am not alone in being fed up with all this self flagellation. 
If it weren’t for 9/11 and my political awakening…I would stay as far away from the GOP and their negativity.  The question of how to get more voters for the GOP was asked…and I gave my opinion.  The choice to listen is truly up to you. 

Explain to me

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

It began with a discussion on the first 100 days of the Obama administration…and evolved into, again, Bush.

What he did wrong…agreed to by the talk show host…what he didn’t do right…agreed to by the talk show host.

Can someone please explain to me what purpose raking Bush’s presidency over the coals is serving for people who claim to be the base of the Republican party?

Does anyone really expect all this insistance on being “honest” about Bush to somehow make people vote for the party that nominated Bush twice?

And as they go from Bush to the rest of the “sorry” lot…McCain, Palin, Jendal, you name the Republican…and how somehow, somewhere we have got to find REAL conservatives who will be the kind of president that only real conservatives would love…tell me exactly how all this bashing of Bush and the GOP supposed to get rid of Obama and his Democratic Congress?

Does anyone realize that the man is gone…really, he’s honest to God not president anymore. 

This constant parading of Bush’s supposed sins serves what purpose?

I’d really like to know.

Of Course it’s Bush’s fault!

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Posted by Sanity 102 on Sunday, March 08, 2009 5:49:56 PM

A  question being asked is when does Obama own the economy…when does the state of the nation becomes HIS fault?

A former writer for National Review Online hit it right on the nail:

Actually, it will be Bush’s fault until the economy get’s better, THEN it will be Obama’s “fault”.

The same type of “real” conservative logic applies here:  “amnesty”, “big spending”, “high deficits” are the SINS of Bush  but not Reagan who had REAL amnesty, huge spending, and high deficits but remains the only TRUE conservative.

Is it any wonder Conservatives keep losing?  They try to play the Liberal “word games” and “die” on the hill of principles that has “loyalty” as an option.