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Checkmating the race issue

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

There’s a lot of people on the Right that is hoping that the old Clinton machine pulls off a win because they see Obama as almost impossible candidate to beat.

All Obama has to do is be what he is BLACK.  That alone insulates him from anything the media, both Right and Left throws at him.  He can say the most asinine thing and we all have to smile and be very careful how we object.

Well I for one am getting mighty fed up with all this backward racism–and I bet so are the majority of people INCLUDING Blacks who have made it and hate the belief that they made it only because of the color of their skin.

If I could advise McCain, this is what I’d tell him to say the next time the Obama race card is played:

“I don’t think America should choose a president to fulfill some kind of quota.  I don’t think we should spend the next 4 years afraid to criticize our leader because of the color of his skin.  I don’t want America to continue to have to apologize to the world for being powerful and wealthy. And I certainly  believe that the person that commands the greatest military the world has seen should at least understand the challenges and the sacrifices the men and women who serve make.”

“Is America ready for a Black president?  I say America is ready to pick a president because of his qualifications, his character, and his abilities, NOT because of the color of his skin.” 

The Flawless Diamond

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

In every group I have ever become involved in, there is almost always a period where a number of people will try to put down specific rules that end up alienating almost everyone.  This happened with radio talk show, discussion groups, and is now happening with ”grass roots” internet bloggers.

Before we get into the rant, let me first explain the why.

I am an observer; it is part of the tools I use to determine the target market of products being pushed.

In the case of the people on the Right and the “product” of conservatism, most have never been part of the inner circle in school, on the play ground, in any social environment.  This is primarily due to their lack of being “average” or should I say, their uniqueness.  People that lean Right in ideology tend to see the whole picture not just the flavor of the month.  They are frequently the first (and only) one to say, “but why?”  The socialist accept and as such are more likely to be accepted.

For many on the Right, talk show and forums like Townhall was their first real venture into the world of social fellowship.  It is literally as though they were in a foreign land and came across one and then dozens of people who spoke English!

At first, it’s a party and life is full of intellectual stimulation.  They end up spending hours blogging, chatting during what should be family time and then checking emails during reports and presentations.

Eventually, someone remembers the great Liberal accomplishments, tasks only possible through unification of the masses.  Imagine what could be done if we combined the intelligence and talent of OUR people…!

And they start to “suggest” and one rule is laid down…followed by another…until words like “real” and “true” start to creep into the body of emails and post.

They do not understand the market.

People on the Right and those who lean toward that ideology are by nature strong and independent.  In order to do what the Left does, you need one or two strong people…and a whole bunch of people willing to follow.

For far too long, the TSM (talk show mafia) has pulled a Liberal on their listeners.  I have said over and over that the GOP would be sent to the political wilderness unless these people are taken down.  It looks like this is finally happening.

Not a moment too soon is my heartfelt belief.

In it’s place seems to be growing an effort to unite and “do what Obama’s people do”.

First off, Obama’s people isn’t the grass root, pajama blogger trying to spread the word across the net.  Obama has Oprah for God’s sake.  And half of people who make Romney’s check book look silly.  We couldn’t “do” what Obama’s people do if we tried.

Second, the TSM has tried the guilt, the exclusion, and then the threat thing.  It DIDN’T work for Romney.  I am known as the person to see if something absolutely has to be done.  My “services” comes with a price tag…I don’t do “push” well.  Tell me what you want and IF I agree, leave me alone to do it.  Treat me like an adult that you trust to get the task accomplished or go see a kid that you can micro-manage.

Third, in the world of retail, the jewel, the “flawless diamond” is the consumer “word of mouth”.  A quarter of a century ago, a little film trailer ran before some movies in the theater; they did not run t.v. ads.  It was different…kinda fun…and some people who like that sort of thing, went to see it.  Five or Six sequels later, Star Wars continues to make zillions for George Lucas.  How did this phenomenon occur?

Word of mouth.

In this, the net is tailor made.

Fourth, it is HUGELY tempting to UNITE unknown little bloggers.  Look what they did to Dan Rather and the MSM.  The problem comes when uniters keep trying to be like their failed counter parts instead of customizing the product to fit their unique market.

Most blogs on the Right are a fiefdom unto their own.  They love being agreed with and quoted; some even enjoy great disagreements and discussions.  They will write reams and reams of post if encouraged and comment on tons of other blogs to continue the network.

But they will not be dictated to.  Not even for “uniformity” or “professionalism”.  Most are like the small time preacher, who would love a large white stone building to give their sermons but would be happy enough to preach on the street if they could avoid asking for donations.

Once upon a time, most of us had one overwhelming focus…9/11 and making sure that it never happens again.  We were one nation then and when half forgot or rather, put their influence before the good of the nation, the TSM was only too happy to keep hammering away the message.

But some where along the line, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Hewitt put ratings above the safety of this nation and joined the MSM in bashing the only man the terrorists feared.

In February of 2008, McCain and the REAL Republicans and practical Independents took back the GOP.

Let us not, in March of the same year tearing it apart.

Let us remember who and what we are.  Small time preachers happy to spread the word of McCain and his determination to win the War on Terror.  We can do this without asking for donations to the cause…if you leave us alone, we will GIVE you the most precious gift we have, the flawless diamond known as word of mouth.

Will Someone Please Tell Them

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

that McCain is not running for President of the Conservatives??

Hewitt is in the Amazon and had a female guest host running his show.  Despite assurances that they (the Talk Show Mafia) speak for the “base”, they have been unable to produce victories for Santorium, Hayworth, Tancredo, Hunter, Romney.

Yet not a day goes by that they don’t continue to tell McCain what HE MUST do to gain their support.  Today’s guest host asked the females in the audience to express their requirements–aka demands–for the GOP standard bearer.

One by one, females came on to tell McCain that forgiveness was possible IF he admitted all his sins (especially McCain/Feingold and torture.) 

And of course, illegal immigration.

It NEVER occurred to these women that those issues–so vital to the fanatical Right, may have been the very thing that made all their beloved REAL conservatives LOSE.

Conservatives have got to grow up.  Honestly. 

McCain does not need YOUR permission to run for president…to win the nomination of the party of REAL Republicans.  He’s done it without you, DESPITE you, and has proven without a shadow of doubt that the majority of Americans DO NOT SHARE YOUR CONSERVATIVE beliefs.

So here’s the bottom line.

We live in a country of two viable political parties that have completely different ideology.  If your party cannot garner the majority of voters to support your agenda, the other party gets to push THEIRS.

Hewitt, Hannity, Ingraham, Noonan, Rush…they put it all on the table for Romney.


In the world of cards, your two aces are worth 22 or 12 or 2.  Bust, not quite, or no way near enough.

Stop trying to act like the big roller.

Either give your aces to someone who can win or watch as Obama turns the nation into a “let’s make a deal” with the terrorists.

Mrs. Obama’s Gift to the nation

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Mrs. Obama almost single handedly, may have given McCain what money cannot buy…a reminder of what it would be like to have a Lefty in the White House.

A whole generation has been raised on the concept of racial inequity–a kind of backward racism that benefits Blacks.  They have willing curtailed their right to free speech by never uttering the “n” word; and to be extremely careful in denying a Black person anything.

This woman, who has benefited from being both Black and a woman, little “slip”, told the people of America that they will NEVER be racial equality…that the debt of humanity’s sins (wrongs committed by the entire world and STILL practiced in 3rd world countries that no one seems to care about because they have no money to pay reparations) will NEVER be paid.


That a holiday, decades of affirmative action, awards just for Blacks, and the highest offices of power will never be enough.

Mrs. Obama’s “I have never in my adult life been proud of America” just may get a lot of people asking, “if you don’t find anything to be proud of this country, why do you want to be our First Lady?”

And, “is this what the next 4 to 8 years is going to be about, race and apologizing to Blacks and the rest of the world?”

Kerry’s little derogatory slip to the military cost him his bid for the White House…Mrs. Obama’s slip may cost her husband the same.

How ironic.  Mrs. Obama may very well be a believer in her husband’s dream in changing the landscape of America but it may be she, herself that creates the change.

A NEW America that is so over the race thing and says ENOUGH, already.

On My Blog

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I believe this election has shown that the market of politics have changed. What used to work no longer does.  Romney with all his millions could not win.  Voters are no longer listening to national talk show hosts or columnists, anchor folks, or entertainers.  They just may listen to dozens of bloggers, which is why I think the idea of a state by state blog is good. I also think appearing to be part of a big network will give comfort to those who may think they are alone in their support of McCain. 

But for MY blog, I don’t want the Ron Paul nuts…nor do I want to tap into Obama’s and Dean’s internet people. I want people who will think for themselves and who would bristle at the idea of required participation. 
I want the person who may be leaning toward a George Bush medium and who has neither the time or the energy to do a JFK/ MLK remake called Obama. Someone who has gone way pass the Black or Woman thing and just want someone that will keep them and theirs safe. He/She may have heard about McCain and decide to do what 75% of the people are doing to get their information…google.

<<Reasons to vote for McCain>> may bring up my blog. 

In other words, I want those 60% Independents and Moderates that Karl Rove and Dick Morris said makes or breaks an election.

For ME, on MY blog, I want them to go to sanity102@ipenglish and find answers to questions they might have about McCain and the TSM.  I want them to find ways to defend McCain.  I want them to find a place where they can challenge and maybe find a kindred spirit.  Someone passionate enough about foreign affairs to know that we cannot cut and run, but someone that hasn’t a clue who ran for what office, where, 30 years ago or what Reagan said to the GOP convention in the 1980s.

I do not want them to find just another place to make demands on their time, their money, their energies so I won’t have anything on MY blog that will ask anything from them other than to give McCain some thought and consideration.


Monday, February 18th, 2008

 The below was originally written in the comment section of Chris’ fine blog “Young Republican” and was so good (in my humble opinion-lol) I thought I’d print it here.

I have long held that we cannot afford a Democrat in the WH and now I am wondering if the Heavens (I am a Christian) also feel this is one of those times when the world cannot be left to the folly of humanity.

Think about it…mere weeks ago, the pundits were calling the WH for Clinton and McCain’s campaign didn’t even have enough people to man tables.

Now, what should have happened was Romney should be preparing to face the Clinton machine and looking like the lamb to the slaughter. Instead McCain has taken down the talk show media that bashed Bush for the last 4 years and contributed to the lost (in my opinion) of the GOP congress with their quest for conservative purity.

And Obama is blooding Hilary.

3 things have come about:

1- The TSM’s hypocrisy and desire for power above all else.

2- The Black use of racism.

3- The Feminist use of gender bias.

A Romney, Rudy, Fred, Huckabee could never have won against a Clinton AND a Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Hewitt.

But a victorious McCain will look awfully good against a bloodied Hilary.

“Give me a reason to vote for McCain

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

…and stopping Obama and Hilary isn’t good enough” so says the anti-McCain left without a candidate to vote for.

How’s this?


Conservatives have spent eons complaining about run away government spending.  They haven’t even excused the fact that we are at war and never before has a government been expected to keep taxes low, the economy strong AND hold spending during war time.

If government spending; earmarks and pork barrel is your issue, you have 3 options this election: Hilary 300 MILLION plus earmarks…Obama 80 MILLION plus (he’s been in office only 3 years so give him time)…and McCain: ZERO.


McCain has been notoriously known to be against any type of government entitlement programs.  He even voted against Bush’s tax cuts because they did not include SPENDING CUTS. Conservatives, not liking tight fiscal fisted McCain, can vote for Hilary who didn’t see a tax she didn’t want to spend and Obama, who has admitted to not quite understanding how it all works, but has a dream–with a price tag yet to be determined.


Conservatives that care about the destruction of millions of unborn babies know what a few people sitting on the highest court of the land can do.  The next person sitting in the White House will pick anywhere from 3 to 6 new judges that will either cement Roe vs. Wade or throw that issue back to the people.  Those judges will also either find rights to gay marriages or uphold individual property rights.  They will maintain the intent of the 2nd ammendment or redefine it.

Again, 3 options: Hilary and Obama maintains a “right to abortion” and “gay rights”.  McCain was pro-life before Reagan, Bush I, and Romney changed their minds. 


Conservatives take pride in their determination in standing for their principles should admire McCain.  This is a man that has taken stands that wasn’t always popular or easy.  At times, he has had to go up against Monday night political quarterbacks who has never been in the game and don’t really know what was said in the huddle.

“Thumb his finger at the base” has been leveled at everyone who didn’t do the popular thing.

Conservatives can either vote for Hilary and Obama that can be swayed by the popular vote or McCain who isn’t afraid to stand on HIS principles, even if he has to stand alone.


We’ve all heard the rumors about the 3 choices’ character; most bad.  Conservatives may not necessarily condemn the bad nor be impressed with the good.  There is one “good” that I think hasn’t had enough play but may give “a reason to vote for McCain” if you’re the sort of person that goes in for endorsement and recommendations: McCain and his wife was asked by Mother Theresa (yep, the near saint to most Christians and humanitarians) to adopt one of her orphans. ‘Nuff said.


A complaint leveled at Bush was his non-combat experience.  Even though Kerry didn’t have a wife, especially one that was worth billions, at the time of his service, it was assumed that Bush’s lack of combat experience wouldn’t allow him to understand the psyche of the military for which he was Commander in Chief…nor empathize with the plight of a military family.

McCain, of course, can put up his over 2 decades in the military against Obama’s and Hilary’s zero service (the latter two didn’t even serve in the guard).

McCain understands military command, loyalty, trust, honor.  McCain spent years in a prisoner hell hole, refusing to leave his men…he doesn’t just comprehend torture; McCain understands a soldier’s ability to withstand what a civilian would consider unbearable cruelty.

McCain has EARNED the vote of every American, but would never demand it.

The War

Conservatives, with the exception of the Ron Paulites, understand that we can get it wrong on everything else but the war.

It doesn’t matter if we went to war because of faulty intelligence…it doesn’t matter if it’s all Israel’s fault.

When 9/11 dragged a self centered nation into the world of terrorism, ALL bets were off.  No truer words were said as that of Bush when he told the world that there are two sides…terrorists and ours.  You stand with them or you stand with us.


Conservatives can either stand with Hilary who changes the line upon the winds of public opinion, Obama who denies the line between them and us exists or should ever exist…and McCain, who knows exactly where that line is at all times–and has assured the terrorist and their allies what will happen to them if they cross it again.

Amnesty For America

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Awhile back, Michael Medved had a Black activist on his show that was asking for reparations for “her people”.  He asked about her particular circumstances and learned that she had grown up in a home owned by her father (a contractor), attended public schools included a state run University, and now makes a fairly good living.

“Tell me,” he said, “how did slavery affect YOU?”

She went on about the history of Blacks and slavery and Medved repeated, “but how does that affect YOU, personally.  How has slavery hurt YOU?”

She was stunned.

Now, I live in a state where Whites are a minority…in fact the school I attended had an enrollment of 3,500 kids, only 7 were White.  I am also a female.  My ancestors on both sides of my family tree lost their Hawaiian kingdom when America overthrew their queen.  “Illegally”, Hawaiian activist like to say–until one person asked if there was ever a way to overthrow a government “legally”.

For eons I have heard friends and family complain about the evil that was done to our people…and for just as long I have heard activist, from Blacks to Feminists to everything in between demand reparations.

I have tried to point out that reparations is a western idea…if you were returned to the culture that you felt were “stolen” from you, you’d get nothing: to the victor went the spoils.  And if you identify with the American culture, then why are you asking your fellow Americans to pay for the sins of their fathers?

This reasoning has fallen on deaf ears; the reply being that America must hold herself to a higher standard.

Ok, how’s this for standing on the “high ground”.

I propose that there is no way America could ever make up for the sins of humanity…for slavery, for female apartheid, for imperialism…no amount of money would EVER be enough.

So…let’s us FORGIVE America for the past sins of their fathers.  Let us go forward from this day to make certain that laws of EQUALITY for BOTH genders and ALL races are adhered to.

No more back handed racism known as affirmative action.  No more talk of reparations.  No more penalties based on race or gender.  No more apologies.

Let us have AMNESTY for America.  Forgive her and let’s get on with our lives.

Their Achilles Heel

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Part of the job of anyone that has been in retail is the ability to read marketing trends and to anticipate public taste and interest.Following, is my take on the consumer (public) view of the players in the 2008 presidential election stage.


While it is true that Hilary appeals to many women who would like to see a female in the top spot of the nation, there is a large portion of women that resent the fact that Hilary remained with her cheating husband. On top of that, are the men who have secretly resented the position feminist have put them in; they are expected to be caring, protective, and yet at the same time almost subservient to their female counterpart.Fair or not, men will equate Hilary with powerful women that have made them feel if not inadequate, confused.

Hilary actually hit upon the one ploy that would help her. She cried. Her breakdown, real or contrived, painted her as female and allowed women everywhere to empathize with her, yes even with her taking back her cheating husband. Each time Bill comes forward to fight for her, men everywhere thinks…see? in the end, she NEEDS a man.


Obama is extremely dangerous because he is young, charismatic, good looking, and idealistic.He is a Martin Luther King/ JFK wannabe that sees the world through 60s rose colored glasses.He is a politician that wants more than a footnote in history. He is the one person I fear to occupy the White House because frankly, we cannot afford to change the world when we are so close to seeing it go up in Jihad smoke.

But I am betting on three things.Two, I admit here and now, makes me extremely nervous because they are things that depend on people—and people can and do frequently do the most surprising of things.

1-Most people haven’t forgotten 9/11.Most know that we are at war…and that perhaps the only thing that has kept us safe is the fear terrorists have for GW Bush. They could afford to give Congress to the Liberals…but they won’t allow a man that has clearly stated his intention to cut and run become Commander In Chief of the world’s most powerful military.

2-People are getting a wee bit tired of apologizing for America’s slavery, civil unrest past. It is one thing to celebrate a charismatic preacher every January; quite another to be reminded of the whole racial thing every time our leader has a press conference.

3-Hilary has waited her entire life to be president of the U.S. She will not

allow Obama to take the top spot. She and Bill will call in all their favors

and the top Dems will fall in line.And if that fails, well remember that a

number of people that have crossed the Clintons have simply disappeared.

Obama needs to keep his MLK/JFK persona going. The minute he is perceived as a Black man in a White world or a man that is too young and too inexperienced to lead the nation in war time, he’s in trouble.


One of the things people complained about G.W. was his strong Christian faith,Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m a Christian and I believe that most Americans attend church and believe in a higher entity. But I think Americans feel uncomfortable with the idea of a preacher of any religion becoming the most important man in the world—with his finger on the button no less.

Huckabee is also seen as a hick, small town guy, something that won’t resonate with millions of people who like to think of themselves as chic and sophisticated.

To win, Huckabee has to lose his “aw shucks ma’am” veneer. He has to inspire without coming off as a dreamer. Most of all, Huckabee has to stop making promises that he knows he can’t deliver…like the rounding up and deportation of 12 million illegals in 120 days.


Now I have come to admire the man. In fact, I am rather upset with him because I have spent the last 8 years admiring and caring about G.W. and I thought I was done with believing about a politician the TSM was intent on destroying.

The fact is the more I have learned about McCain, the closer he comes to hitting all the check boxes of a great leader—and the angrier I get at the TSM for doing to him what they’ve done to Bush.
But this is about the players’ Achilles heels, so let me tell you about McCain’s.
The guy lacks public speaking charisma. He says “thank you” ten times too many. And he stops his comments in mid sentence, making the audience want to get on to the end of his speech, which for a politician is NEVER good.

If I could advise McCain, I’d tell him to limit ANY phrase to 2 MAX times. I’d tell him to cut the jokes and just be straight with the people. Tell them these are serious times…for the soldier in Iraq…for a family trying to make ends meet…for the long time workers watching their 401k dance on an economy. Tell them that people are living longer and social security is getting thinner. Tell them that the only thing that is standing between a 9/11 for the world is America’s military and the only thing that is standing between support for that military is a party that understands war and a party that pretends that war doesn’t exist.

I’d advise McCain to talk like he’s already won the GOP ticket and begin his battle with the Dems.

Tomorrow, or as time permits, I will continue with the TSM…Rush, Hewitt, Hannity, Ingraham, and the NRO.

The Why Behind The Hatred

Monday, February 11th, 2008

I finally get it.


I was sitting in a doctor’s office the other day, flipping through a magazine to kill time.  It was a national, Liberal rag and what caught my eye was the contention that “amnesty” was something Liberals were against.


Now I have always suspected that the entire “job protection” aspect of the illegal immigration rhetoric sounded more like something the Left would be spouting than the Right…but the Talk Show Mafia had been for some time taking whole pages out of their counterpart’s book in their twisted definition of words.


The writer of the article told the story of a town which had lost their one big company to the global market and China’s adaptation of “free enterprise”.  An entire YEAR passed before another large company would come to town.  Unfortunately, unlike the previous business, the pay being offered was about half to two thirds what the townspeople were used to.  The company hired whatever was available…which is often the case, immigrants.


The company is aware that many of their works may be illegal, but they are making money…and because they are, other businesses have sprung up to cater to the workers that need food, rentals, clothing.  Wal Mart is even making plans to come to town.  And with Wal Mart, truckers are going back to work, restaurants are re-opening, and Target is bringing in competition and then comes the high tech stores and their competition…


And the union guy who had once negotiated the old company’s contracts is making plans to unionize the workers once a path to citizenship develops.


Everyone should be happy right?  This is America free enterprise at its finest.


Except there are a bunch of people who remember the old days, when they got paid enough money to provide for their families—but not enough for the company to stay competitive.


Other towns aren’t so fortunate…no new business came to their town to revive their economy.  But the now out of work people have heard all about the illegals and how they are making $18 an hour ($5 less than they) but because of their illegality are paying no taxes and sponging off the government, getting FREE medical and food stamps.


Well of course the American worker is angry at Illegals.


Except…companies wanting to stay afloat and to compete with goods made in China cannot afford $18 an hour for basic workers.  And illegals using false social security cards pay into a retirement system Uncle Sam never has to pay them dividends from…and taxes they cannot claim refunds from.  They use free clinics or pay for insurance premiums they are forever in fear of being revoked if they make any type of complaint.


The American worker wants the great wages and the terrific benefits, but continue to buy cheap products made in China. 


And so they blame Illegals, who like the ancestors of the majority of the people of America,  work 2, 3 jobs and have very little expectation of government handouts.


I got into a huge “discussion” with a relative over this new insight.  While a card carrying Republican, he is also a union man.  Reverting to his past Liberal “fair” ideas, he started harping on the CEOs making huge sums of money.


I tried to point out that CEOs are like football coaches who very little people have difficulty with their multimillion dollar salaries AS LONG AS THE TEAM continues to win.  CEOs are responsible for company profits…just like the coaches and only receive those big bucks if they CONTINUE to produce profits.  And like a football team, if the team continues to not bring in people to buy tickets and fill stadiums, the owners (stockholders) will pull out and put their money into a more profitable venture.


Companies do not exist to make their workers happy, to provide decent work conditions and wonderful retirements.  Companies are NOT social charity entities.  Their sole purpose is to make money. 


And since my relative now has a large sum of money invested in various stocks, surely he would want the companies for which he is invested in to fulfill their primary purpose.


My relative nodded, BUT…


More talk about how WITHOUT the worker, the company cannot produce and without the product, sell, and become profitable.  He even recalled my story of how the union paid workers made the rich wealthier (prior to unions, only 10% of the population could afford luxury items.  With good pay, came the ability of 60 to 70 out of a 100 more people buying things like washing machine…which called for more washing machines to be made…which created more jobs…and the rich got richer as their business expanded.)


Finally, I asked him this…let us say that the company came to you and said, “we can pay you a million dollars a year OR give your fellow workers an additional $10 more an hour.”  What would you say?


“Well of course I’d choose my million dollars,” he replied with a smile.  “I never said it was stupid, just greedy.”


The point is that part of human nature is to see things from one’s own perspective. 


There was a time when the telephone company in my home state was the most stable employment one could have.  Now with competition and cable phone, thousands were let go, some after 20 plus years in the company.


If, six months to a year later, someone comes in and opens up a company that pays half of what these guys were being paid…and the rumor starts that these people are illegal which is why they are willing to take less…and they aren’t paying taxes and getting free social services.


Yeah, people would be angry.


And if the TSM locally fed them the line about laws and about these people taking over not just Hawaii but the United States.


Yes, they would be damn well pissed off.


I understand now.


I get it.


But I got it when socialist told the people of Russia, France, China, Britain and Cuba how unfair it was for some people, by virtue of their birth to have cake while the workers starved.