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Forgiving the TSM- a post from Outside The Box-2/10/08

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Hewitt has called for unity.

Ingraham, I’ve been told is no longer bashing McCain.

Am I glad?  Yes, of course.

Am I surprised?  Not really.

These are not stupid people.  They may have acted with extreme stupidity, but they are not dumb.

They know, KNEW even back then that the bashing of Bush and then McCain may get them headlines…it may make them more acceptable to the MSM, but it was a LOSING deal and would hurt the only viable party that is serious on fighting the WOT.

They even knew that the “base” was not the very vocal people who were calling their radio talk show–or those who had the time and the energy to write hundreds of posts on TH and Red State.  (This was Rush’s first piece of advise to Medved).

But the name of the game was ratings–and ratings don’t come unless, like the strippers in the movie “Gypsy Rose” say, “you  gotta have a gimmick”.  So they went on and on about illegal immigration and twisted words that would make Bill Clinton proud…like “amnesty” and “real conservatism”.  Hewitt even told his listeners that Proposition 187 KILLED the Republican party in California and warned that anti-illegal rhetoric could really hurt the GOP.

For MONTHS, the Talk Show Mafia assured their listerners that the majority of Americans were angry about illegals…even after Santorium and Hayworth LOST…even when Hunter and Tancredo was unable to garner any support…even after state after state rejected born-again border control advocate Romney.

People living in California and Arizona assured the “base” that people in their state were going to hand anyone that wasn’t as passionate as they, their heads.

Instead…California handed McCain hundreds of delegates.

And made clear that:

The REAL base had other things on their mind…like the WOT and the economy…both of which McCain was strong on.

Hewitt, Ingraham, Hannity, Rush DON’T speak for the “base”.

And most importantly, if you don’t play nice…you don’t get to play.

Right now, I think the TSM is trying to figure out how to get back into the game.  How to regain their credibility and most of all, to be seen as the person with power and influence–everyone likes a winner.

Here is my suggestion.

1-    Take a look at Medved who put intellectual honesty above everything else.  His opinions and his views may not have been popular but they were based on sound logic.  The next time they want to jump on a wagon of bashing and bullying, they need to ask if the temporary hike in ratings is worth destroying the only party that is serious about winning the war on terror.

2-  Look up the words…”loyalty”, “support”, and for the love of God…”amnesty”.  There was a reason that mothers taught their children to “be truthful and faithful”.  Lies and treachery ends up bitting you in the butt.

3- If you’re going to claim to be a member of a party, try to look for the positives in your leaders and your fellow members…your enemies are all too happy to find and point out the negatives.

4- Above all, FOCUS, as Medved likes to say “a laser beam”, on the IMPORTANT issues that effect ALL Americans: the war, the economy, and the courts.

And lastly, remember that whoever becomes the president, becomes the leader of ALL Americans, not just those that agree with your ideology.

Unfortunately…I don’t think anything will change.  The TSM and their minions may call for unity.  But if McCain wins, they will spend the next 4 years bashing him as they have Bush.

They do not care if this causes the lost of the WOT or the world crashes and burns…they are no better than their MSM counterpart.  It’s all about ratings…THEIR ratings.

In the end, I believe that the only way, the GOP will survive, and because they are the only party serious about the WOT, the nation and the world can survive– is if the TSM is cut out–like a cancer.

Here’s hoping that after the surgery, there’s enough time for the party to recover.