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Palin Moves

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

I have liken Palin to a “White Queen” as in the chess piece of the side that moves first. 

“First” because the GOP cannot afford to be reactionary and first because though cautious, the GOP must be seen to be offensive rather than defensive.

I was on my way to work when the announcement was made.  I told myself I’d allow ten minutes, top, to hear the beginning of her acceptance speech after McCain’s fine intro.  I ended up spending an additional ten…and the rest of the day catching bits and pieces.

Now, I have spent most of my life, first on a personal level and then professionally, learning to decipher people’s moods and interests.  A side effect of all this is a habit–frustrating and annoying–to critique other people’s “moves” on the chess board of life and work.

I’m not quite sure who handles Palin.  I don’t know if she’s just a natural.  But this much I am certain…we are watching a MASTER player, a Tiger Wood of politics; someone that reminds the rest of us that there are exceptionals out there: jaw dropping, head shaking, creatures that are truly the best.

In the next few days, you will hear all about Palin…about her accomplishments and her beliefs…but know this, for MOST John and Jane Q Public, NONE of that will matter as much as what their perception of her will be.

The following is a list of “moves” that will probably not be mentioned for the elite media (both sides) has failed to understand the ordinary people and the difference between the ideal and the practical that truly dictates the reaction of the public

1- Palin’s “common” pedigree:  teachers and union workers are supposed to be the “pawns” of the Left.  Palin’s PROUD mention of her parents and her husband and their contribution to our nation made Michelle Obama’s pity party for the “poor” educators and workers look petty and ungrateful.  For the majority of Americans who don’t get several vacations a year and $45 an hour, this was a breath of fresh air.  For those who HAVE braved unruly kids and built this nation, it was a reminder that they HAVE made a difference.

      And pride always feels better than bitter pity.

2- Palin’s love and pride in her eldest son’s military service made every military family and friend sit up straight.  It doesn’t matter if you hate the war and hate GW Bush; the fact is the service man or woman is SOMEBODY’S kid, loved one, friend and every time some politician wants to pull a Vietnam shame on them, they offend everyone connected to that military person.

     More–there is a certain amount of guilt that most Americans carry.  About Vietnam and the way we treated the returning troops, yes, but also because John and Jane Q Public KNOW deep down that these are the guys that keep THEIR world safe. 

    Palin told the American public that it was ok.  That she and McCain was PROUD that their sons were that special breed of Americans that willingly put it all on the line for those that choose to take the civilian path.

   When she reminded the public that McCain understood first hand what war and terror was…and then paused to tell the crowd that as a mother of one of the troops sent to fight that threat to our American way of life, she wanted one man–McCain to be Commander in Chief, I had to sit down and give her another 5 minutes that would make me late for work.

  This was so smooth…such beautiful timing…wow.

3- She went on to talk about McCain and how much he has had to endure from all sides in his bid for the presidency. But instead of appealing for fairness and equal fawning from an obviously Obama biased media, she looked the camera straight in the eye and warned that McCain now has a partner and that the two of them had a reputation for taking on the establishment.

      And every Conservative saw a king and a queen piece ready to bring this nation back to THEIR kind of America.  And every Moderate and Independent heard someone who was willing to take on their own party to take care of their interests and concerns.

I wrote earlier that I had originally pushed for glamourous Palin because of her appeal to the American Idol watching public and how she had floored me with her new mature “kick butt” mom look.

Her entire appeal was one of a working mom and wife juggling between job and family–and she connected with almost everyone, including the husbands, who like Todd has had to move into the supportive role.  The excitement she created was incredible…from pro-lifers to second ammendment advocates to sports fans.  She had done the political impossibility…be all things to almost all people.

But the White Queen was not finished.  Well to be honest, I had to leave and didn’t catch this until the middle of the work day.

4- Just when I thought she couldn’t make any more “moves”, she said:

I think as well today of two other women who came before me in national elections. I can’t begin this great effort without honoring the achievements of Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, and, of course, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who showed such determination and grace in her presidential campaign.

It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.

I bowed my head and smiled. “CHECK”

I was wrong about Sarah Palin

Friday, August 29th, 2008

 Over a year ago, Steve from Campaign Victory turned me on to a VP possibility and I wrote the following on my previous Townhall blog:


Sarah Palin, The White Queen

 I think this illegal immigration issue has just tanked the GOP’s chances of not only retaking Congress but of keeping the WH. The absolutists on this issue will not even listen to the details of the bill painstakingly put together by some of the strongest conservatives in Congress (Kyl: 97% rating). They want two things…12 million illegals deported NOW and a government project (the wall) constructed BEFORE any discussion of any type of work program. The latter could take decades and will leave the Northern border and both the Pacific and the Atlantic porous. The mom and pop operations, which makes up the core of the GOP party would never agree to the lost of their laborers.

In other words, what the absolutists are demanding is politically and financially unfeasible.

But they will continue on until they destroy the GOP or the GOP detaches themselves from them.

The 2008 election, I fear is lost…unless, Iran gets the bomb and takes out Israel and then threatens us…or there is another 9/11.

Then the public will look toward Rudy.

But to get there, Rudy STILL has to get past the GOP…and their Christian Pro-lifers…the NRA…and the Pro-Marriage groups.

I believe that while the absolutists on illegal immigration may be vocal; they do not represent the core of the GOP…they do not match the numbers of the above 3 groups because unlike those groups, they do not consist of people that cross party ideology lines.

The VP that runs with Rudy has to appease the three groups.

Palin is reportedly strongly pro-life, a lifelong member of NRA, and pro-marriage…she can bring “family values” to the GOP ticket…but so can Huckabee and Hunter and just about anyone now running for President who would agree to play second fiddle and wait for their turn (leave out McCain, who is too old to wait 8 years).

Palin is a total unknown outside of Alaska…we don’t even need her state’s electoral votes. She has had very little experience and has not been tested; in fact she became governor for the same reason that Reagan and Arnold won…she was running against people who had so angered the voters; Bugs Bunny could have triumphed.

Yet there is talk about running Palin on the GOP ticket. At first, when Steve from “Campaign2008Victory” first mentioned Sarah Palin, less than a year governor of Alaska, I thought who? I agreed to read up on the woman…and my initial reaction was…no way…for the above reasons.

And then I started to consider what she could bring to the table that Hunter, Huckabee and others could not.

Palin is glamorous. This ex-beauty queen / ex-basket ball star / pretty blonde has a 90% approval rating…sure it has something to do with who she replaced, BUT I bet you your next Vegas vacation, that it has a lot to do with the way she looks. And before anyone knocks the importance of Hollywood type glamour…remember we are the nation of American idol where most people can name the winner of 2007 or who Tyler Hicks is and how Carrie Underwood has gone country superstar but not who the Vice President of the United States is or who they voted for in 2002 in their state.

And let us not forget … she is a member of half of the voting population: women, who would like very much to see a female knocking on the most powerful door in the world.

She will, as Fred Thompson has, bring excitement to politics and many will watch her go up against the old timers with the anticipation of a weekly American Idol vote off. She represent the young and the new and something DIFFERENT.

No, I’m not endorsing Palin…but she would make an interesting Queen if the circumstances make the Game Master play the Rudy king.


Well Rudy turned out not to be king…neither did the Left play their Hilary queen.  And a guy who a year ago was getting his own coffee and answering his own phone had stared down an alternate media who believed they had replaced the MSM.

For months, they flanked the battered, old king the GOP seemed to drag out from some old war chest. They attacked the shiny pieces across the board who was battling for top billing.  And lo, the queen was dismissed as the opposing king believed he no longer needed her to win.

The old king McCain waited for the new shiny piece to have his day in the hot lights and in the morning made his move…he played the White Queen.

I was excited when I heard the news.

I watched as her name was announced.

And then sat there saying…”what happened?”

See, my main reason for believing that Palin would be a great VP choice was because I believed she would appeal to the American Idol set…the millions who week after week voted for their favorites.

But the woman who made her way to the podium looked like…someone’s mother.

No, I don’t mean fat and dumpy.  I don’t mean someone unaware of a world outside of house and home.

I’m talking about TODAY’S mom.  The woman that can…how did the song go?  “Make the bacon and take it home and serve it up?”

The mom that kids say ”you better not mess with her”.

“Glamour” may have played in rural Alaska, but on the national stage, a woman that looks like she can and will go up against corporate America and Russia to guard her own…who can make the money and will damn well have a say in how it’s spent…who has a supportive marriage and really good kids…

THAT is a queen piece that has come of age.

And when the final moves are to be made, the shiny new chess pieces may find that there’s something to be said about an old worn piece whose checkmated a few times…and knows the value of a White Queen.

The Future of Conservatives

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

First to anyone who has been actually reading my blog, an apology and an explanation:

Blogging for me was never intended to be a daily thing.  I’ve never been great at keeping diaries or journals…too much going on in real life and too little time.  My main purpose for blogging was to have my say about all the truly stupid things that Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt was saying on their talk shows. 

Two things happened that made blogging less than compelling:  the radio station changed from live to delayed and I stopped listening to both (with occasional lapse due to Hewitt coming on after Medved–my favorite TSH).

I still however, keep up with other people’s blog and continue to receive mass mailing from Conservatives.  The following is a reply I sent to Steve (click on “Steve’s blog on side list). 

First of all…conservatism ALWAYS has a future.  The old saying that “if you’re not a Liberal by the time you are 20, you have no heart…and if you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain” is simply this: Liberals are idealists, they demand a world that SHOULD be.  Conservatives are adults who know that to get the kind of world they want takes hard work and maybe too much effort.
Second, Republicans have got to STOP wanting Reagan.  The revised Reagan is like the revised JFK: neither man existed.  I remember your great one liner: people are looking for the second coming of the old Gipper.
Third, the American voter isn’t Liberal or Conservative.  They are a little bit of both, leaning Left on some issues and Right on others.  Insisting on strict adherence to conservatism as though there are no Liberals or Independents in your city, state, nation is a sure way to LOSE.
Fouth, Obama will lose because he has spent too much time trying to make 90% of the Black people think that his presidency will give them all the special privileges they think White folks get…only the majority of Americans are NOT Black and are just a bit sick and tired of reverse racism.  They may not say it out loud but power based on the color of someone skin scares them.
Lastly, this is a new world Steve.  Campaign funding isn’t what it used to be.  Remember McCain?  The guy was down to serving his own coffee and waving his own signs.  He won by going to townhall meetings with NO ONE to introduce him.  Yet he beat multibillionaire Romney with all the talk show press backing him.
Most people get their news via the internet. 

What they will say about G.W. Bush

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I’ll be blunt; prior to 9/11, I had little time for or interest in politics.  My time is still extremely limited but 9/11 was a turning point for me, the day MY world changed. 
What JFK and Martin Luther King meant to the 60’s generation and Reagan to the 80s, Bush has come to mean to me.
And I’ve got news for the nit picking media, I believe most Americans feel the same.
That ‘Ask not what your country’ and ‘I have a dream’ and ‘tear down this wall’ speeches pales to the ‘“I can hear you. I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.”
The rhetoric spoken by JFK, MLK, Reagan was meant to inspire–to spin hope for a utopian world not yet realized…Bush’s words went straight to a nation needing more than comfort.  Like a rising phoenix, Bush reminded America that she was more than a flashy rarity in governing experience, she was a nation capable of horrendous retribution and one that for all her desire to be one of the ‘good guys’ could set the world ablaze if pushed.
I never forgot–and despite the years of safety that gave us back our self-centered world and allowed us to go back to blaming the powers for everything–I don’t think most Americans have.
Do I underestimate Obama?  Not at all. 
What I don’t do is underestimate America.
In the end, she will put aside her self-absorbed, busy concerns, google the two candidates, cross what they read with what they remember hearing.
Obama: In Europe.  A graduate of prestigious schools, with a highly educated wife and adoring children.  Sounding like a throw back to the pre-9/11 ‘I have a dream’ remake…as though the accomplishments in civil rights had never occurred…knowing little about our lives and our concerns TODAY.  
McCain: Old like most of the voters who actually take the time to vote, ex-military who served in a war that millions got shafted over, with a second wife who find no need to be anything more than supportive and kids that are serving in the military–just like NORMAL people.  True, the guy isn’t charismatic…he doesn’t have people fainting in the aisle.  You might say he’s another Bush–without the let’s blame him for everything factor. 
But what the media won’t tell you–probably because they see only their own world and pay little attention to anyone outside of it–being another Bush is good.
Years from now, people are going to look back at the near 8 years of Bush’s watch and it’s 7 years of record breaking great economy (before Congress was handed to the Dems), when TWO nations (Afghanistan & Iraq) were given the Bill of Rights and did away with female apartheid, and NO MORE attacks on US soil; something NO ONE expected or dared hope in the days following 9/11.
Someday GWB’s legacy will join the other 3 mentioned men–only his will be earned and thus harder–but not impossible–to live up to.