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Truly Stupid Moves

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

I am amazed and yet somehow not surprised at the truly stupid moves being played by the media.

And no, I do not apply this critique just to those on the Left.

Bill O’Reilly is supposed to be the attack dog; the champion of the consumer.  He broke into the public eye after going after the charities that was withholding donations to the WTC widows and children.  Since then, he has moved toward trying to straddle the middle, claiming to be neither Right or Left…and in so doing, has lost credibility.  Standing for “no spin” means sometimes standing on the Right, even if you do it 9 out of 10 times.   It doesn’t mean you have to divide your “spin” so that there are an even amount of times you stand on each side.

     **O’Reilly Stupid Move 1 : The day after his “big” interview with the elusive answering Obama, O’Reilly ran a talking point, telling the listener that the Right was making a big deal out of Obama’s lipstick remark because such a remark would be political suicide.  Obviously it wasn’t about Palin as that would mean that Obama was stupid and no one would claim that Obama is that dumb.

     O’Reilly ignores another possibility: Obama is arrogant.  And THAT is a claim that people would make about Obama.  Arrogant enough to believe that only the sophisticated would get his lipstick “joke”; that the back handed hicks would probably think being called a pig was a compliment.

     **O’Reilly’s Stupid Move 2: The next day’s “talking points” advised Palin to be a “bigger person” and take Obama’s word that he wasn’t insulting her–and move on. 

     I find this disingenuous in the extreme.  For years, the Talk Show Mafia has complained about GW Bush’s refusal to hit back when the MSM attacked him unfairly; his Christian turning the other cheek and taking the high road drove them nuts. The only way to insure that McCain / Palin isn’t subject to 4 to 8 years of media bashing from BOTH sides of the aisle is for Palin to make every attack upon McCain, the party and herself PR expensive.  The beauty of Palin is that she CAN get away with it. 

      And no, don’t start with the “don’t play the gender card”.  We are at war or we’re not.  If it the former then you use whatever it takes to win.  The sad fact is that there is only ONE card that has any chance of trumping the race card, the card that represents one half of the population.  It is the card that releases McCain, Fred, Rudy and just about any GOP guy to attack Obama; they are after all, just “defending” their women…all women.

It plays and it’s driving Obama and company nuts. The GOP would be truly stupid to set it aside.

The Call to talk issues:

     **Pundits and Radio Talk Shows Stupid Move 3: They are a growing number of “serious” political opinion makers who are calling for the GOP to get away from Palin’s personal life and focus on the issues.  They contend, as they did when they assured their “choir”, that when the GOP embraced their conservative ideals, they win.

     I hate to break it to them but the lost of Congress and Romney’s failed run for high office was due to this one FACT: most Americans are NOT conservative…or liberal.  Most Americans are Independent that lean Left on some issues and Right on others.   Palin may appeal to the Right because she is a pro-life, pro-gun, tax cutting conservative but her great appeal is that she is (1) a woman, (2) a working mom trying to juggle a number of responsibilities, (3) a partner of a supportive REAL man, (4) attractive to an American Idol watching public, (5) supports the million plus military with their–at the very least–four million family and friends, (6) understands special needs challenges and rewards which INCLUDE not just children but the elderly that is growing older and requiring more support from a society that doesn’t seem to value their wisdom or their existance, (7) from a small town and a non-elite college.

    EVERY TIME Palin is attacked, that is FREE time in the public eye.  It is an opportunity for Palin and her “men” to come out swinging and to tell the side of the Right.

     **Pundit and TSM Stupid Move 4: Appearing to want to help Palin, these seasoned entertainers have begun to “advise” Palin on how to handle the attack of the MSM.

     First of all, in telling Palin how to correct her behavior, the TSM ends up pointing out Palin’s “mistakes” and flaws–giving fodder to the MSM.  They REALLY need to sit back and watch.  Palin and whoever is advising her is doing a masterful job in handling the media and Obama’s gang.

     If they must, absolutely must get involved, I suggest they use all their talent and whatever influence they believe they have to do what they did in 2004 when they were actually trying to keep the WH in GOP’s hands and thus win the War on Terror: provide a counter point to the Bush (now Palin) bashing MSM.

The Left also suffer from the “we are the only ones who count” syndrome.  As the TSM thinks that everyone is conservative, so too does the MSM believe that everyone that counts thinks, believes, and acts like them.

     **NOW the Left wants to put away all those cards (ie race, gender) and talk “issues” Stupid Move 5: After months of putting aside issues like qualifications and experience for looking cool and international, the MSM thinks that they can turn the issue card on the GOP.

      This is a perfect case of the elite media not understanding their public.  Issues may be interesting to intellects that gather around the table to discuss what to do with “other” people’s lives but for the majority of people who know who won last season’s American Idol and what the shocking Super Bowl win/lost meant, the only issue that counts is what personally touches their lives…lost of jobs, cost of gas…even a war that is happening thousands of miles hold very little interest to a nation with an all volunteer military.

    When you talk about how little experience Palin has and question if it is enough to be a heart beat away from the presidency, you better have someone with experience that isn’t subject to interpretation running for the top spot.  When you take delight in the pause of Palin’s response to the “Bush doctrine”, you had better hope that no one was watching or will google the net for an interview with an “um”, “ah”, “duh” Obama.

     **Oprah Stupid Move 6: Oprah’s refusal to have Palin on her show told her majority female base that Oprah cared more about race than she did gender.

     Oprah makes tons of money endorcing products that her legion of women buy just because Oprah said so.  No it’s not blind, mindless following; Oprah has managed to get a group of people to TRUST her.  She’s like them, a female in a man’s world–and every success was their success.  She took this trust seriously so that when she made a mistake, she came out and asked forgiveness (she was once conned into endorcing a book that turned out to be fiction) and of course her audience forgave her…she was one of them.

     Now another woman has the opportunity to gain the highest office in the land and Oprah refuses to help.  She is solidly backing a man for no reason other than they share the same color of skin.  This may or may not be true–Oprah may truly believe in Obama’s ability to change the world–but the perception is that Oprah will not give a chance for another successful woman to be heard.

     Oprah risks her base.  This is stupidity in the extreme.  But perhaps it is time.  The entertainment business has too long tried to muddle in government affairs as though their talent and their wealth makes their opinion relevant.

     **Gibson’s Frown Stupid Move 7: Gibson got the interview of the moment; beating out O’Reilly’s Obama “confrontation”.  Unlike O’Reilly who at least pretended to be interested in Obama’s replies, Charles Gibson looked like he didn’t like Palin, didn’t believe her, and felt she was a waste of space.  His questions showed his contempt for her small town background, her non-elite education, and her motherhood.  He acted like a man who could not believe that this woman was seriously reaching for the second highest office in the land.

     This was stupid on so many levels, I scarse no where to begin.  The very first thing that the viewer felt was the desire to defend Palin.  She was like a million moms who has gone into a school to discuss their child and ran up against patronizing and impatient school bureaucrats who couldn’t see how a mere mother could decide what was best for her child.

     Then there was his sophomoric questions that was like low balls meant to walk a player off the field; giving no chance to hit a home run. He might as well have asked if Palin thought women should wear pants or heels.  “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine???” How about, “How will the McCain/Palin doctrine differ from the Bush Doctrine?” or “You talk about change, exactly how would you change the status quo?” or even a “Do you actually think you can move this nation to energy independence without sacrificing World Trade?”

     Or if you really want to know what she thinks, ask her “If you were to pick one person–not God, not dead–that you think is truly smart and someone that you might listen to, who would that person be?”

     Questions like those would have given Palin the respect a V.P. nominee deserves–even if she is a woman, a mom, an ex beauty queen, ex jock, a soon to be grandmother.

     And in so doing, given respect to the person doing the interview.

The Bush bashing continues:  Many in the media suspect that the day will come when Bush is validated as a good if not great president.  Many will forget that he didn’t say or do what they thought he should.  Like Reagan, old speech writers will remember that he did his primary job…to keep America from being attacked again and until Congress was lost in 2006, gave America her greatest economy in 50 years…and do a rewrite. 

     The only ones that will cling to the old Bush are the ones like those who protested Vietnam and continue to hold it as our greatest defeat and mistake.  Already, many of those who joined their Left counterpart are saying how they always liked Bush.  These pundits and TSM are hailing Palin as the reason for their forgiveness of McCain and how in that one act, McCain has redeem himself and come back to the “light”.

     In this, the TSM on the Right is showing their own elitism.  The American public may have a short attention span and yes, they may not pay particular attention to the “serious” issues discussed around coffee tables.  But most Americans understand the concept of loyalty and trust and reasonable logic.

     And what they’ve seen from both sides are very little.

     In the end, they will take bits and pieces of what they’ve heard among the fighting chatter and make a choice.  Right now, this is what they know:

    Obama: Black, Media and Oprah likes him…wife not proud of America…funny preacher and from Hawaii (that’s in America but not really IN America).

    Biden: Some White guy.  Must be boring because haven’t heard anything about him.

    McCain: POW in Vietnam, gorgeous wife, kids in Iraq, Right TSM hated him.  Old.

    Palin: Lipstick hocky mom, mayor of small town, govenor of small state that no one visits–too cold, daughter pregnant, youngest is not perfect, good looking.  Drives Democrats nuts.  Oh yeah…wants to drill in her state so that my gas will go down. 

Now if the media wants there to be more added in Palin’s paragraph, they need to (if you are MSM) stop giving her FREE moments of opportunity to sell the GOP ticket….(if you are TSM), TRUST someone other than yourselves to play the game. Palin is not just a natural, she is handled by people who rarely make truly stupid moves.