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Paying The Piper

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

The major Talk Show Mafia hosts (Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh) and their gang (Peggy Noonan, Kathleen Parker) played a huge part in replacing the GOP majority with this congress and letting the genie out, may well cause the 3 branches of power to be occupied by ardent, hate America liberals.

You cannot join the Dems in blaming the GOP president for 3 long years and expect the busy American voter to differentiate between G.W. and Congress.

You cannot say that the GOP must be thrown out of power for not being conservative enough and expect the voter to now put them back in because they are less liberal than the Dems.

You cannot divide the GOP among the Reaganites, the Buckananites, the Ron Pauls…and the so called RINOS…and expect to win against a united Dem party that has been built on UNIONS that have learned to stick together.

Most of all you cannot tell people that nothing matters…not abortion and the courts, not the economy, and not the war…just job protection via the illegal immigration issue.  And be surprised and lose sleep that the White House will be occupied by someone who will put judges that will bring back the barbaric partial birth procedure, tax the economy back to the stoneage, thinks he can “reason” with dictator thugs who wants to destroy us AND give illegals drivers licenses.

Sorry, but the Piper wants to be paid.

And if the check is never presented…if God decides to bails us out one more time and McCain-Palin wins… for the love of a brain, can everyone who listens to these Talk Show Mafia let them know loud and clear that they need to leave the bashing of the war time president and his VP that could sew up decades of GOP in the White House to the OTHER side.

Can you tell them that “loyalty” is not a bad word, nor a word that means “stupid” and “brainwash”.  It is the first rule of the family unit…the school hierarchy the employment arena…and finally, the governing rule of survival.

Why Vote For McCain & Palin?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

It’s time for the bottom line.  No matter what you hear from both sides of the political aisle, the fact is that there are only two issues that the majority of Americans care enough to bother voting over.

1.  The Economy. 

At this point, it really doesn’t matter what caused the crisis or who’s to blame.  If you’re Liberal, you hate the idea of “bailing out the fat cats of Wall Street.”  If you’re Conservative, you hate the idea of the government getting involved with free enterprise and the people who took the risk not taking personal responsibility for their mistakes.

At this time, I doubt there is very much anyone could say to you that will change your mind, but let me ask you this: when the dust settles and the anger cools, who do you want to clean up the mess?

For weeks people have been asking what happens if McCain dies…in the case of the economy, the one stepping up is the only one of the four that actually has practical experience. Trying to compare the 3 senators to Palin’s stint as mayor and governor is like comparing people in the accounting department that juggle numbers and move columns so the sums balance to the manager that is responsible for producing the numbers.

McCain, unlike the other two, did not attend expensive private schools or live the privilege life of the wealthy. McCain knows first hand about hunger and fear and has faced both with steely determination to overcome. Yes his wife’s money has afforded him and their children a comfortable life; but like most people who have had to work for their success, McCain will be forever tempted by the urge to clip a coupon to save a buck or get 30% off an item. (In the case of a U.S. senator, that means saving the tax payer and trimming off pork from government spending.)

2.  9/11 and another attack on U.S. soil.

Like millions of other Americans, before 9/11, I paid little attention to politics and the world outside of my own little universe.  Islamic Terrorism was a rude awakening.  Now I have written about that awful day, when I “grew up” and understood for the first time that people that didn’t even know me could, in the blink of an eye, when I was asleep, destroy all that I knew and all that I held dear.

I have also written about G.W. Bush and how grateful I was–and am for him. I suspect that I am not the only one.  Not a month goes by that I don’t read or hear, almost defiantly, someone ”confess” that they like the president.  I tell them bluntly that I feel the same and for very selfish reasons.  Sure, as a woman, I appreciate his ending the female apartheid of Iran and Afghanistan–like tons of other internet users, I used to get all those emails about those poor women with no rights, virtual sex slaves.  And yes, if he never did another thing in his life, giving two nations the Bill of Rights (which would have had the media measuring a place for him at Mt. Rushmore if he had been a Democrat) assures my good opinion of him forever.

But the reason I like G.W. Bush, the very personal reason, is that he returned MY world to me.  There was no food rationing like in other wars…the empty streets of my town returned to raking in tourist dollars and airline fares got cheap enough to visit relatives several times a year.  My company made money and hired more people and my neighbors sold their house and moved up to the more expensive homes on the hill.  Computers got cheaper, our football team went unbeaten, and the final book in that fantasy series got written.

We went back to nit picking and each side of the political aisle tried to tell the rest of America that everyone agreed with their point of view.

But you and I know that someday there will be another September morning when the world as we know it will come to a screeching halt.  It will anger/scare/depress us more than what’s happening to our economy.  It won’t matter if you are pro-life or pro-choice…pro-gay or pro-marriage…for gun control or gun rights…anti-illegal immigration or pro-African American.

We will all glue ourselves to the t.v. sets and radios.

The question is therefore…who do you want standing on that mound at ground zero?  The man who wants to talk to the enemy and negotiate or the man who will put fear into their minds–and hope into our hearts?