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The Man On The Hill - Tribute to President Bush

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

I have spent near 8 years either defending G.W. or attacking those who have mercilessly and unloyally attacked him. On this day, the time set aside to give thanks, I will spend a moment or two on the man himself and tell you why he has come to mean so much to me.

–I never considered myself particularly feminist.  I grew up in a society of strong women where two parent earners were the norm not the exception and most valedictorians were females not males.  Having never to fight the battle, I wasn’t overly sensitive to women who gave up careers to support their husbands either.

Then 9/11 happened and of course everything changed.  I saw women who were nothing more than sex slaves and a society that believed female second citizenship a religious right.  All of a sudden I understood how Americans must have felt like when the concentration camps of Germany was opened to reveal the depravity of the Nazi regime…so this is what all those emails were about.

And I bit my lip in anger–and deep tears, the kind that starts in your throat and make you swallow hard, began.  I was a proud American from a nation so blessed that female apartheid and gender subjugation was something most of us saw in the movies or read about in books.

Fortunately for my new found indignation, the president of the United State insisted on going into nations of two of the worst offenders of female apartheid–Afghanistan and Iraq–and doing away with the rape rooms and lifting the sex veil of women–many who had previously been professionals.  Yes, I know that going to war with Iraq had about as much to do with freeing females as it did with weapons of mass destruction…Saddam had signed a letter of surrender and after 9/11, no leader worth his/her salt could allow that man to have so much as a bb gun if it was aiming at America.  But the fact is, when the commander in chief of the world’s mightiest military took down Saddam, he ended the rape rooms of Saddam’s sons.

I remember listening to two prominent feminists tell America that G.W. was the Abe Lincoln of the females of Iraq and Afghanistan for he had done for them what Lincoln had done for Blacks.  Each may have had different reasons for what they did, but the results were none the less laudable.

–Like most busy Americans, voting was a duty, one reluctantly done every 2, 4, 6 years.  The idea that I may actually risk my life to do so is not just foreign but completely ridiculous; there are some among us that won’t risk saying anything politically incorrect for fear of offending somebody somewhere who may take it the wrong way and sue our butts.  And having anything over 51% of the population actually giving up their holiday-time to stand in long lines and vote for people many of them have never taken the time to research would be considered a near miracle.

Yet “Hell froze” when millions of Iraqis risked their lives and voted.  I remember a woman with her 5 daughters displaying their “purple fingers”–proof that they had voted, like a badge of honor and I thought, my God, what courage.  Thoughtout the years whenever someone would complain about the Iraqis helping themselves out and fighting, I’d remind them of those millions of brave souls who risked EVERYTHING to do what most people in the free world cannot be bothered to do.

If G.W. had never done another thing for the rest of his life, giving 2 nations the Bill of Rights and “purple” fingers should be enough to put him not just in the “great” category of presidents and leaders, but in that moral chapter that certain people given power have in the Book of Life.

–For all my education and my line of work, I confess that prior to that September morning, I had been detached from those outside my inner circle. Yes, I have dealt with the wealthy and the powerful and I have even spoken, on occasion with the very poor and somewhat dangerous.  But my world doesn’t have heroes or truly evil creatures.  To succeed, you learn the shades of lies and the art of omission.  No, let us be honest, to LIVE, just to make it to adulthood, you learn when and who you can tell some truths to.  Honesty has a price, the more given, the more extracted.  And with each bill, like a drug that continues to need a larger dose, concepts of heroism fade as the bar keeps getting higher.

I remember the first time I saw G.W. with the troops; he was like a boy among bigger than life real heroes.  The look on his face made every person stand just a tiny bit taller for it was a face of unadulterated awe and admiration.  Here was the world’s most powerful man staring at each of them like they were heroes, professionals on the highest level.

And I remember him on the hill, among the firemen, the policemen, and the emergency personnel–heroes in my parents time.  G.W. was just one man but he was backed by a host of real genuine heroes at a time when America needed to remember that we possessed heroes in mass quantity.

It was at that moment that I gave thanks–and continue to give thanks for a president that had the courage to stand, if needed alone, on a hill and face a nation awakening to the fear of terrorism the rest of the world has known for decades.  He didn’t give us flowery words or phrases that would be quoted for generations.  He simply said that the world would hear from us.

At a time when America felt the wind knocked out of her and shock and fear had paralized all rational thought, G.W. Bush, the nation’s leader and the commander of her great military told us that we still had a voice–and we would someday, soon, use it.

I have never been one of those who idolized the powerful and the beautiful.  You probably won’t see my name on anyone’s fan logs.  And most times, “thank you” has a “but” following it.

To the man on the hill on that day following 9/11, let me take this day to do the later of the above.

Thank you President G.W. Bush…for the females of Iraq and Afghanistan…for the human courage of purple fingers…for heroes.

For giving me back my world after 9/11 and a new world I can believe in.

And this time, just once, there are no “buts” that follow.

To Kill The Debt to The Piper

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

First of all, let’s be clear: the Liberals didn’t win the White House and Congress, Conservatives lost it.

The only major party that was serious about terrorism, our economy, fuel autonomy, and the rights of the unborn lost it by diverting their attention from the issues that concern ALL of America to those that concern a portion of the population. 

I have spent the last 3 years warning people that you cannot continue to find fault with Bush and all things GOP…you cannot say that you are a Republican–2nd or maybe…you cannot demand complete adherence to an ideology and worship at the Reagan shrine that no one can possibly live up to…you cannot push for less spending for some concerns and a blank check for a wall on the Hispanic border but little or none on the White Canadian border…and expect to win.

The fact is that Obama and company didn’t sell the people a bill of goods…Ingraham, Hannity, Rush, Hewitt and their minons did.

The illegal immigration issue that told Hispanics that GOPs didn’t like them anymore than Barry Goldwater’s rhetoric told Blacks that Dems were their supporters was the deciding factor in this last election.  Almost the same amount of Blacks and Whites that voted for Bush in 2004, voted for McCain a couple of weeks ago.

The lost of illegal immigration issue candidates: Santorium, Hayworth, Hunter, even Romney should have taught the so called “base” something.  But the complaning continued..and the piper came a calling.

So what do we do now? Well, most people on the Right believe that after a few years of hard Left politics, the people will be running back to the GOP.  Some, more pragmatic, think that the economy will naturally turn around, Obama backed by the media will take credit and in his second term, bring on the huge socialist programs he talked about.

I happen to believe that Obama won’t make it past his first two years and in 2010, Congress will return to the GOP. 


The one thing the MSM cannot spin is another 9/11 and the American hating terrorist will not be able to resist turning America into another weekly bombing Israel.

The first attack will make EVERYONE, Left and Right, remember the main job of the president…to be commander and chief and keep this nation safe.  In this, Bush has been excellent.  Obama’s ideology prohibits Obama from doing the same.

It will be check mate.

Unfortunately, if the GOP does not kill the debt to the Piper, we will be right back where we are in 2012.

Here are a few suggestions on killing the debt to the Piper in the next two years:

1- Focus (as Medved likes to say, like a laser beam) on the issues that concern ALL Americans, not just those that share your political ideology.  Illegal immigration may be YOUR top concern but in the only poll that counted, this concern was NOT shared by the rest of the voting public.

2-Know the difference between Loyalty and Brainwashing.  Disagreeing isn’t being independent if it’s not accompanied by some acknowledgement of something positive.  And there is a reason that your mama taught you not to air the family’s dirty laundry.

3-The United States is built on compromise and unity.  Both of which is necessary for 50 states with different cultures and people to come together.  The only other way is for one people…one party…one ideology…one type of principle to so outnumber the others as to be in effect, deny dissention. The latter was ok with conservatives–until they found out that it isn’t their people, their party, their ideology that is the majority.  To avoid having to relearn this lesson, conservatives have to learn to close ranks and unite for a common cause.

4-The Piper doesn’t choose who will pay.  I know someone who is dealing with the lost by assuring himself that the nation will go into a dark depression, complete with famine and illness.  I pointed out that a financial setback would affect ALL of us, not just those who voted Democrat.  The next person who complains to you about the damage done by Obama and the Dems, remind them about their dissatisfaction with Bush and the GOPs and ask them if they want to ever lay that debt to the Piper again. 

4-Like all debt rehabilitation, start cold turkey by cutting up those “credit cards” of negative whining.  Don’t you know that your enemies are all too willing to tell you what is wrong with your side; the smart person looks for the positive.  Imagine what Bush and the GOP congress could have accomplished if they at least had their own side backing them up?  Sure they over spent but they also gave the military the ability to win the war on terrorism.  And yes, I would have liked Bush and company to fight back against unfair journalism and got the message out of why we went into Iraq, but Bush kept the tools (patriot act etc.) to continue something that no one thought possible…prevent another attack on American soil.

5-Elitism was rampant on the Right.  How many times have you heard Hewitt ask, what do you do for a living?  How many times has people’s opinion been judged by the degrees they have or the amount of money they earn?  For all the talk about the heartland and average joes, anyone with a different opinion who could not put a title or a certificate of an ivy league school next to their names was dismissed. In fact, anyone who disagreed was condemned as not being a “true” conservative.  The tent that gave Reagan and Bush majorities were not all Right wingers who shared ALL ideals.  In demanding purity of thought, Conservatives drove out Independents, Reagan Democrats, and those willing to put aside most of their Liberal leanings for the war and the courts.  They need to remember that killing the bird in the hand for the two in the bush can get you just…one very dead bird.

6-Let the GOP be who they are today.  The next GOP congress and next GOP White House must be allowed to maneuver among the Dems without constant harrassment from the talk show mafia and their minions.  The bar of conservatism being held in the last 3 years was so high that not even Reagan would have passed. Know that the only way to get that conservative utopia is to convince the rest of America that conservatism has room and tolerance for ALL Americans, not just those who walk the straight and narrow.  Does this mean you give up all your principles and values?  No it means, CHOOSING which values are worth dying over and which can wait for a better hill to fight on.

The Piper will always be paid.  But if we are smart enough, patient enough, and practical enough to understand that you cannot win unless you get to play the game, the next time the Piper comes along collecting, it will be the other side that has to pay.