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Explain to me

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The other day, some caller told Medved what was painfully obvious: the voters CHOSE Democrats because the Republicans had moved too far to the Right.  Medved disagreed saying that voters were given a choice between what was perceived as “Dem lite” and chose the real deal.

Now Medved is one of the very few talk show hosts that I believed has been practical and loyal to the party he claims to be a part of.  I like him and for the most agree with most of his opinions.  This idea of needing more conservatism to attract NON-conservative voters was very disappointing.

Will someone please explain to me why a Reagan DEMOCRAT or 9/11 INDEPENDENT would vote for a party that is MORE of what they are NOT?

True Conservatives

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

A question was posed to me about “evil” conservatives–and what exactly did I have against them.

First of all I am one of those 60% Independents that Karl Rove and Dick Morris talk about…the voter that leans Left on some issues and Right on others.  It doesn’t mean that I refuse to align myself with either political group, it just means that while I agree on MOST issues with Republicans; I do see merit in some of the concerns of the Left. 

In the last 3 years I’ve been more than extremely angry with the Right.  They could have had the WH and the Congress sewed up for decades, but people who had more in common with Libertarians began to push their views on the rest of the party of Republicans–and joined the opposition in bashing Bush and all things GOP.  In fact “Republican” became a dirty word.

Which brings me to my “beef” with conservatives who refuse to call themselves Republicans.

I find it incredulous that “loyalty” is not included in their principles.

Liberals are always demanding a test of America’s worthiness for their loyalty to this nation, which makes it how different from conservatives who are demanding a test of “true” conservatism before they agree to loyalty to the party of Republicans?

Every time I hear about what Republicans need to do to keep conservatives in their party, I ask why?

Why stay with a party you do not believe in who keeps giving you candidates you can not give your money or your vote to?

–Other than, of course, the FACT that the party of Republicans is the only viable party that will care, even a little bit, what conservatives think and feel.

I say it’s time to end this unhealthy relationship.  “True” Conservatives should create or join a third party wannabe that has zero chance of ever being in a position to actually do something about their issues.  And the party of Republicans can once again open up their party to those who agree with them enough to put the WH and Congress back into the hands of the only party serious about the war, the courts and the economy.

What If?

Monday, February 16th, 2009

What if Laura Ingraham had done what she asked her own listeners to do before the 2004 election and “trusted” the ONLY man to send our sons and daughters to war when he picked Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court?

What if Hugh Hewitt had remembered what he had told his listeners about how Proposition 187  (the California bill that would deny illegals social services) had banished the Republican party to the political wilderness because those millions of illegal Mexicans had American voting family and friends? Or when he had told his fellow talk show hosts that they’ve had their fit over the Miers nomination and to get back to supporting our GOP president who HAS nominating tons of really great judges including Roberts?

What if Bush had been able to spend his “political capital” earned during his 2004 re-election on fixing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Social Security instead of fighting his own party on the illegal immigration bill?

What if NRO, Rush, Hannity, Noonan, had NOT joined their Liberal counterparts in finding fault with Bush and everything Republican?

What if they had remembered that the GOP was the ONLY party serious about the war on terror, who believed in tax cuts, and who wanted to protect unborn children, the sanctity of marriage, and gun rights and continued, as they had before Bush was elected for his last term, to support the party?

What if they understood that these are people–politicians and not demanded a conservative standard that not even Reagan–high spending, deficit leaving, amnesty giving–could live up to?

What if conservative politicians felt that they would have to fight just one side, the Democrats, instead of being dictated to by the talk show mafia and the “base”?

Would we have right now, a Super Majority of Republicans in Congress?

The first Black AND female in the White House?

Or at the very least, an experienced Senator that never took pork, hates taxes, and a VP waiting in the wings that people in other states are asking to trade governors with?

Imagine that when we hear about the Super Democrat Majority’s spending spree and efforts to bring back the fairness doctrine, make the barbaric procedure of partial birth abortion legal again, and cut funding to defense.

And when the arrogant, totally unqualified Commander in Chief of the world’s greatest military turns his back on Israel and appeases those who want to see America and the world burn, remember the soft spoken, humble, gracious president that made Libya and Syria give up their nuclear program and returned not one but two economies (dot com bust and the 9/11 after math) to prosperity.

Feeling Conned?

Friday, February 13th, 2009

A few weeks ago, Hugh Hewitt ran an ad telling his listeners how the GOP can start winning elections again…number one on his list: DROP BASHING ILLEGAL MEXICANS.

Yesterday, in the middle of a tirade about this spending bill and California’s rush to tax he and others out of the state, he said, “we have serious problems and all you wanted to talk about was ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!

Excuse me?

This was the man who based on hearsay, went on a personal crusade to dump the GOP created “amnesty” bill.  Didn’t matter that tons of guest (including Senator Kyle–one of the most conservative politicians in Congress) explained that the bill was trying to correct holes in the present immigration laws…all Hewitt and company wanted to hear was that the Mexicans were going to be round up and carted back to the SOUTHERN border.  Anything less was, AMNESTY.

It wasn’t as if Hewitt didn’t know better.  He spent a good portion of 2004 telling his listeners about the GOP being sent to the political wilderness in California after trying to push thru a bill that would prohibit social services to illegal Mexicans.  He KNEW that those 12 million illegals had American voting family and friends and the kind of vitrolic rhetoric wasn’t going to go over with a generation that had grown up with the Berlin wall and seen clips of people being “rounded up and taken away”.

He KNEW that the Dems would raise taxes, find constitutional reasons to ban guns and support gay marriages.  He knew that a Dem president would cause another 9/11 by his refusal to take the war on terror seriously.

He was counting on “smart” conservatives to have their little fit and come together when it counted and vote GOP.

He is now counting on those same conservatives to forget that he was right there in the middle of making Bush and the GOP focus on illegal immigration instead of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Social Security…and writing a column of the wisdom of teaching the GOP a lesson by having a term or two of a Democratic Congress.

I’ve even heard him say NOW how he likes Ingraham and Coultier…but perhaps other women, strong GOP moms pushing less caustic issues might bring people back to the GOP.

Feeling conned?

Yeah, you were. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I am glad that Hewitt and others are coming back to logic and sanity.  But they have a lot of credibility to rebuild.  They should begin with…I was wrong…and I will make sure that I never stand on the wrong side again.

Tell me again

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Beck is all upset about this ridiculous trillion dollar bail out.

Ingraham, the NRO, Hannity and the “great one” are screaming about the “fairness doctrine” and witch hunt hearings led by a Democratic Congress and sanctioned by a Democratic President.

Did they REALLY think that they could bash Bush and the only party that was serious about the war on terror and they’d be little or no consequences?

Tell me again how important rounding up a bunch of people who had a vested interest in seeing the nation they were trying to make a living from survive and sending them home is? 

I made a promise…as each of the 3 issues I kept trying to keep the Right focus on was stripped away: the budget, the courts, and the war, I would come back and ask:

Ask the person in the mirror

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Experts have been telling us that all economies go thru cycles.  There was the boom of Clinton and the bust of dot com when Bush took office.  The screeching halt after 9/11 and the crazy climb of the prices of homes 3 years later. The bad one that hit at the end of September after months of high gas prices could have leveled off but the MSM called it the worst economic crisis since the great depression.  The media on the Right was no better calling our once every decade rescue of some financial institute a “bail out” NEVER seen in America’s history. Both sides knew it wasn’t true, but the Left rode the crisis to a November win and the Right felt obligated to sit on their “true Conservative” demand for government not to spend money for anything but getting rid of Mexican illegals.

After the big Democrat win, the economy was “still bad” because the Dems wanted to put together a Liberal dream bill that would insure Democratic wins for decades.  When Obama says this bill is necessary to bring back prosperity to America, he means it.  They told America that the economy was bad–and all they had to do, they figured, was TELL America it’s fine and the consumer confidence will be back and the crisis will be over. But they weren’t going to “tell” America anything that positive until they got their big spending, government expanding bill.

The Conservatives, fresh from their shock of losing EVERYTHING, is telling themselves that Obama and the Democratic Congress will mess everything up and in 2010, a new “contract with America” will be drawn up with a whole crop of “real” Conservative “leaders” ready to take their cue from talk show hosts and the “base”.

And while the Left tries to hold on to the power and the Right makes plans to regain it, two more restaurants in my town shut down, thousands lose jobs, and hundreds say goodbye to their dreams…of running their own businesses, of owning their own homes.

And as I sit here listening to all the fear, anger, and despair, I can’t help but once again ask…was the illegal immigration issue that Bush and the GOP congress forced to deal with instead of repairing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Social Security really worth it?