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Sarah Palin - Major Contender?

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

As many who has followed my blogs may know, I was a supporter of Gov. Palin months before most of America had even heard of her.

Steve of the then CampaignVictory2008 blog had asked me to take a look at a possible VP offering on the GOP ticket.  A young college kid had found her while doing research on VP picks.  Like everyone else, my initial reaction was “huh?”  And ALSO like everyone else, the more I saw and read and heard, the more I liked.

For months I kept finding more reasons to add Palin to the ticket…but truth be told, I didn’t REALLY think someone would be smart enough to actually put her there.  I mean, come on…Palin was Governor of one of the largest states in the union…she had more executive experience than any of the two candidates running in the top seat…she was famous (in Alaska) for being so tight with the tax payers’ funds that it was said that she acted as if it was her money that was being spent…she was respected by both business and unions, managing to bring prosperity for both.

On top of that she was: 1) a woman  2) gorgeous with a beautiful family.

To put her into the 2nd spot and give her national experience, setting her up for 8 years in the White House was sheer smarts…and such political acumen seemed to have left when Karl Rove and Dick Morris retired.

Palin came out like the “White Queen” on the political chessboard that I had written about in my blog a year earlier, but with moves I had not foreseen.  Gone was the soccer mom that only a few people could relate to or the American Idol beauty that many would cheer (and later vote) for.  This was the old time politician that talked of good ol’ values when teachers like her parents and hard working union guys like her husband were looked up to and respected.  She painted a portrait of an America that could don Reagan’s cowboy hat and stand tall for what America represented and what America has done.

But she was fresh, TODAY’S woman…giving kudos to the feminists before her that gave one half of the population the vote and made it possible for a female to run for the highest office in the nation.  She told the woman of America that the battle begun decades earlier had one purpose…to allow woman to JOIN not supplant men in the eternal battle for a brighter future.

She gave voice to every female in America…from the stay at home moms to the diner waitress to the corporate CEO who made choices that either gave them no audience or expected too much.

She also allowed men to relax.  She was their mom, sister, wife…the woman they knew in their lives, not some hard nose elite who would cut off their arm for offering a hand and bite off their nose for ignoring their feminity.

For all of a week she was the darling of conservatives…and more importantly, Independents and cross over Democrats started taking a look at the GOP ticket.

So what happened?

The MSM went after her…but let’s get this straight, if we’re going to be honest…if Palin represents a real shot at winning in 2012, we need to take a hard look at what went wrong.

The MSM went after Palin the SAME way they went after GWB and all heavy hitting contenders.  And like with GWB, the people that was supposed to be on her side, folded.

From Peggy Noonan to Kathleen Parker and bloggers everwhere JOINED the MSM in painting Palin as a small town hick that had no business in the major leagues.

Months later, they are STILL attacking Palin and STILL conservatives are trying to argue style not substance.

I have said and I still maintain, UNTIL bloggers that claim to support the party of Republicans understand that this battle began and has to end with GWB, Palin and all GOP contenders will not stand a chance.  UNTIL bloggers and pundits start to argue issues such as the War, the Courts, the Economy…issues that GWB AND Palin IS GREAT at and stop all this rubbish about what was said or NOT, the MSM will continue to crucify and ridicule Palin and her family.

They will because it works and like all bullies, because THEY CAN.

Catching up

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

For a while I was blogging solely on my Townhall blog “Outside of the box” but I’ve been told that this blog has been getting a number of hits so I thought I’d repost my articles on here.


In answer to “How to attract minorities”

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The following was in answer to an email that was sent to me asking “how do we get more minorities”.

You don’t get this, you really don’t.  This compulsion to be “honest” about Bush’s and McCain’s failings says nothing about them; it says everything about YOU. 
To those millions of Independents, minorities, women…all of which I AM.  What you’re basically saying is…WE OFFERED YOU A MISTAKE FOR 8 YEARS.
And in 2008 we offered you a mistake (McCain) against a really great cool operator (Obama) who is now running this nation broke.
But vote for our candidate (Palin, Jindal, Romney) because this time we will have it right.
Sorry, they aren’t going to buy because you offer NOTHING but a hope and a maybe.
The issue isn’t the product…it’s the GOP’s LACK of belief in the product.  You cannot sell what you don’t believe in.
Telling voters to trust you one more time after they bought the bridge twice and had to hear for the last 4 years how that was all an error in judgement… conservative judgement…is the ultimate in fantasy.
I am suggesting telling voters the truth…when it came to what really counted,  keeping us safe, cutting taxes to go with the spending that was needed because we DID NOT have a super majority, and putting sanity in the courts…Bush, McCain, AND the GOP produced all this in spades.
And I am saying that unless you stop bashing the product, you will NEVER sell your candidate, because every time you tell the voter how the GOP messed up, every time you ignore the things that Bush and company DID that was actually remarkable…like purple fingers and the end of those rape rooms and two recessions that no one remembers…you give the voter…the Independent, the minority, women…NO reason to vote GOP.
All the fancy slideshows and rhetoric about listening to minorities isn’t going to cut this one fact (according to you)…the GOP offered nothing but failures for 3 elections.
Good luck in getting Palin, Jindal, Romney elected or getting the GOP to take back Congress and stop this insane socialism.
I am saying to everyone that will listen about the really incredible things accomplished by Bush…I am reminding them about the empty towns and the lay offs in this tourist town (and Disneyland, Vegas) and how in less than 6 months that was turned around by a president that went to the people and gave them confidence to go back to living…I talk about the zero unemployment when our greatest fear was having our people stolen by a competitor and the two recessions that no one remembers.  And how we checked daily to see how much our stocks went up instead of how much longer it will take to retire because our stocks are worth next to nothing.  I talk about the end of that barbaric partial birth abortion and how the elderly didn’t need to choose between life saving drugs and eating…and how gracious Bush and Lady Laura was to our visiting allies…
And how all that is changing now that we have a real spender in office who acts like a kid that has gotten a hold of their parent’s charge cards…
By the end, I have them yearning for the “good ol’ days”.
THAT’S how you sell the GOP. 
We’ve been thru this before. The choice is yours. You can continue to be negative and hope that the same negativity doesn’t continue with Palin/Jendal/Romney. 
For my part, I will continue to tell people why the GOP is their only chance of  holding on to the American dream, that they need to start paying attention to what has been accomplished and what can be accomplished if you have people in office who knows what they are doing and are willing to take the political heat for doing so.
And I will NOT apologize for what Bush and the GOP did NOT accomplish. I am done with apologies…I won’t apologize for America…for slavery…for offending someone.
And I believe I am not alone in being fed up with all this self flagellation. 
If it weren’t for 9/11 and my political awakening…I would stay as far away from the GOP and their negativity.  The question of how to get more voters for the GOP was asked…and I gave my opinion.  The choice to listen is truly up to you. 

In answer to “selling the GOP”

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The following is in answer to an email regarding how the GOP can win elections.  The original email is expressing the belief that once again, it is GWB  fault for not being a good “salesmen”, that Bush failed to sell himself…

As someone who has been in retail all my life, I agree, you need to sell the product.  However, and here’s the big but.

Imagine if you will, bringing in a contractor to maintain your data systems. 

For most of 8 years, the contractor does a good job despite having his competitor AND the contractors’ employer critiquing his every effort. 

 Now, at the end of his 8 years, something goes wrong and you decide to give the competitor a chance.  The competitor rips out your entire computer system because ”the other guy did such a terrible job” and the previous contractor’s employer is agreeing that the guy did a terrible job and probably was doing so for the entire 8 years.  Now four years later if the system is still a mess, will you go BACK to the previous contracting company and give them another chance to send someone to mess up your system or will you look for someone else?

Libertarians aka ”conservatives” are hoping to be that someone else.  That is why they have spent the last 4 years telling the American voter what lousy leaders Republicans choose.  It is why Palin never stood a chance or will stand a chance if we continue to look at who is selling the product rather than who is actually trying to undercut it.  It is why they are demanding that the only Republicans with any power join Specter and leave the party that they hope to take over like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The biggest problem with the below list is that none of these people are salesmen. 

 It is welll known that Reagan was an ACTOR surrounded by fabulous speechwriters that rewrote his legacy AND SOLD his revised conservatism…the guy who out SPENT the Russians remember?  Who gave REAL amnesty to illegals….and a whole bunch of things that would have had him labeled a RINO today.

Obama can’t speak without his teleprompter–and he doesn’t write what’s in it.

You can’t blame Bush and McCain for being lousy salesmen but excuse Palin and Romney by saying the media did them in.  Remember the SAME Bush who won and carried a bigger Congress in 2004 is the same guy on the list of bad salesmen…should he be in BOTH lists?

The fact is Bush didn’t fail any more than Palin…it is WE, those of us who CAN write and communicate that failed to push the issue.

If we had done what we had done prior to 2004 and did a counter point to every Democratic attack, the results would have been as it was in 2004…and we’d be looking at the demise of the Democrats.

One of the first things we are taught in Retail is to look at your product honestly.  If you can not sell it, then leave.  If you can, then you fight for that sale and you do so by understanding who and what is trying to undercut you.

In the case of the Republicans, it is the conservatives aka Libertarian.  And you can tell who they are when they talk about being moderate like it’s a dirty word.

I’m having a big discussion about Ronald Regan not having to give up his “principles”…that he brought voters to HIS conservative values, not moved to theirs.  The fact is that the big spending, amnesty giving Reagan didn’t have to give up anything to attract the American voter to his side.  He was, by today’s standard, a moderate conservative.

He was, in other words, a REPUBLICAN.

It is way pass time that Republicans took back their party.  Think of this as getting rid of the sales people that want to take over and fight like you would if your company was going to lose some hot shot salespeople…like Palin…Jendal…Steele…

Because you WILL if you continue to expect the worker to be the salesmen too.

Why the GOP lost–really

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Dennis Prager had a challenge today…he wanted to know if his listeners believed that the Republican party had moved to the Right.  And if yes, then to give examples.

Now, I admit that prior to 9/11, I had very little interest in politics but that only makes me more qualified to say how those 125 million Independents saw Democrats and Republicans. 

For many years during the GOP Congress and WH, Conservative media told their listeners that the more Liberals listened to, the more American voters would reject the Democratic party.  Well somebody must have listened because Democrats started running and backing moderate Democrats.  At the same time, Conservative media, feeling their oats, started badgering Republicans to the Right.  The following are a few examples:

1- Republicans understood spending and deficits for things like defense and appeasing the other party to get funding during Reagan’s time but became allergic to ANY spending by Bush during a time of war.

2- Republicans had priniples, now they have ideals where basic principles like loyalty is an option.

3- Republicans used to believe in live and let live, now they believe in rounding up illegals, giving blank checks to build a Berlin type wall, and shipping back to Mexico the friends and families of the largest growing racial voting block.

4- Republicans used to be plain spoken people who had pride in their down to earth style, now Republicans want slick communicators that will win the word games of twisting meanings the Democrats excel in.

5- Republicans enjoyed their individuality, now they agree with those who attack their leaders and use the party of Republicans but refuse to take the name “Republican”.

6- Just 4 years ago, Republicans presented the American voter with two sides to every issue…now Republicans join their Democrat counterpart in telling the American voter how crappy the Republican party is.

7- Republicans used to hold their candidates to the same standard as all politicians, now those running under the GOP standard are expected to walk on the waters of purity and ideology.  In fact any fall from grace…as in Jendal’s delivery of his speech…Palin’s and Steele’s less than stellar interviews…will cause Republicans to dismiss such imperfect politicians.

Do you want to know why the GOP lost…really?

Think about just 3 years ago…the Democrats had lost 2 elections and was looking like the Republican party is today…facing dissolution.  Hillary found her Christian roots and many Democrats were talking about the tragedy of abortion and perhaps it should be discouraged…then they went out and found Bluedog Democrats to run.

In otherwords, Democrats moved to the middle.

Republicans moved to the right.

The former won back Congress and the White House.

The latter LOST.

Get it?

Explain to me

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

It began with a discussion on the first 100 days of the Obama administration…and evolved into, again, Bush.

What he did wrong…agreed to by the talk show host…what he didn’t do right…agreed to by the talk show host.

Can someone please explain to me what purpose raking Bush’s presidency over the coals is serving for people who claim to be the base of the Republican party?

Does anyone really expect all this insistance on being “honest” about Bush to somehow make people vote for the party that nominated Bush twice?

And as they go from Bush to the rest of the “sorry” lot…McCain, Palin, Jendal, you name the Republican…and how somehow, somewhere we have got to find REAL conservatives who will be the kind of president that only real conservatives would love…tell me exactly how all this bashing of Bush and the GOP supposed to get rid of Obama and his Democratic Congress?

Does anyone realize that the man is gone…really, he’s honest to God not president anymore. 

This constant parading of Bush’s supposed sins serves what purpose?

I’d really like to know.

Why would an intelligent Independent support the GOP?

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Someone once called me a “pragmatist” and I thought that described me perfectly. 
I believe in God because it is practical to believe that a higher being created our bodies, ”machinery” so complex, scientists and doctors are STILL trying to figure out how to repair it when it breaks down.
I am pro-life because I believe that a civilized society cannot afford to allow the criteria of being “wanted” to decide who lives and who dies.
I am for lowering taxes because I am one of those that actually pay them, but I realize that as a society that has been blessed, Americans will never tolerate hungry and homeless people.
For many years, I voted mostly GOP primarily because of their pro-life stand.  Yes, many times it was mere lip service and it angered me when Republicans allowed their opponents to get away with announcing their “pro-choice” stand as though being “pro-life” was somehow unAmerican and anti-woman.  But being “practical”, I choose politicians that would give me lip service instead of those who would insult my values by implying that they shared mine.
Then 9/11 happened–and the idea that my world, my comfortable little world that I had worked hard to create, was going to come to an end and that politicians’ decisions really can affect that world–put any other issue I may have thought important on the back burner.
I took moments from my busy life to hook up with the only party that seemed to be taking the war seriously.  For a period, I even flirted with the idea that I may in fact be a conservative.  But I have never been one to cut off my nose to spite my face and conservatives seemed bound and determined to shrink their number until the party they claim to be the base of became unelectable.  And “winning”, “succeeding”, are fundamental traits of non-losers.

I would not become a loser.

Still I tried for 4 long years to get conservatives to comprehend one simple fact, the only way you can get a GOP president to be ONLY a president to conservatives is to have a nation only of conservatives.

We are NOT a nation of conservatives.  Conservatives don’t even make up the majority.  Neither do Liberals.  The party that rules is the party that wins.

Let me repeat this: the party that WINS, get to make the rules.

And if they win big as the Dems did, they get to ignor Republicans and spend money like there will always be a tomorrow and wealthy kids willing to foot the bill.  They get to make criminals of our troops and strip safeguards that make our nation safe.

If they have slight majorities as GWB had, then they have to deal…and yes, here comes the grown up word…COMPROMISE with Senators and Representatives that represent Democrats.

For 4 years, I, the Independent, has shown more “loyalty” than many conservatives…why?  Because in the end, MY world depends on the survival of this nation…and this nation’s survival depends on the only party able to stop the Dems.

It’s as simple and as practical as that.

Lies Told to Conservatives

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

1- The Contract With America won Congress for Conservatives

Let’s try and understand exactly what would be needed for the above statement to be true.  This document, made by POLITICIANS, was actually BELIEVED, so much so that American voters gave Republicans the majority in Congress and later the White House?  When has anyone actually believed what a politician said, much less promised?

2- The GOP lost the last two elections because they weren’t conservative enough

It is a political reality that neither Democrats nor Republicans can win without the 125 million Independents.  It is also well known that Reagan, Clinton, and GWB won with cross over Democrats/Republicans.  Now does it make any sense that being MORE of what Independents and cross over Democrats are not (conservative) will help Republicans win?

3- Reagan was the perfect Conservative

Reagan accomplished a great deal and gave this nation her pride back, but he also spent tons of money, left Bush senior a huge deficit, and gave illegals amnesty.  Which made him, per the “real” conservatives of today, a RINO.

4- GWB’s presidency was a failure

Bush kept this nation safe for 7 years, a feat no one thought he’d accomplish.  Most of Bush’s years had near nero unemployment.  He brought down two terrorist regimes, gave two nations their own Bill of Rights–and purple fingers, ended female apartheid in those nations, and convinced two more nations to give up their nuclear ambitions.

NO presidency that accomplishes all of the above, can, be any stretch of the imagination, be considered a “failure”.

5- Liberals and their MSM coharts caused the GOP to lose.

Yes, the MSM was unfairly bias and yes, they picked on GWB unmercifully.  But very few people expected different; Democrats ARE after all the competition.  What hurt the GOP was when their own people, the ones that was suppose to be on their side, decided that LOYALTY was an option. 

6- The only way to show our moral superiority is to be honest about our own people

Ever notice how many times a person will use the excuse of “being honest” to hurt and destroy the person they claim they MUST be honest with? The fact is that your friends do not need to be honest about your faults; your enemies are only too glad to point them out.  A true friend, someone who really does want you to succeed, spend most of their time finding and magnifying your virtues.

When you donned that “mea culpa” hair shirt and aired the Republican leaders sins, you didn’t convince Independents to trust conservatives, you validated the fact that conservatives make lousy choices.

7- Everyone, including my Hispanic friends, was against illegal immigration.

Only FOUR states border Mexico and even the towns directly on the border had no wish to end cheap labor or the commerce generated by illegals.  For most Americans, illegal Mexicans wasn’t the big issue.  And most LEGAL Mexicans resented the racism implied in the effort to stop only illegals to the South.

8- Illegal Immigration was all about national security

Right, which is why the wall being demanded to be built was to the South NOT the North…nor was there an outcry to stop illegals from arriving by the thousands of ports on both oceans.  It is why all the vitriolic rhetoric was aimed at Mexicans that had a financial vested interest in the survival of America and NOT at the Canadians who join their European cousins in looking down their noses at Americans.

9- We need to follow the intent of the Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers were great men who created a truly impressive document.  But they lived in an era of slavery, child labor, and gender inequality.  We cannot demand strict adherence to their wisdom and cherry pick their morality.  If these men needed future generations to correct inhuman injustices, then we must accept the idea that the wisdom of governing wasn’t the exclusivity of the Founding Fathers and that the greater wisdom may have very well been found in our time.

10- “Compromise” and “Cooperation” are dirty wordsShow me a person who has never had to compromise and cooperate and I’ll show you someone who has not grown up–or someone very lonely.  Show me a group too proud to compromise and cooperate and I’ll show you a group that loses every time and fails to build anything of worth. 

Republican stories to tell

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

I am in retail.  It is my job to understand how the average consumer thinks.  In the case of politics, that “consumer” is the voter.  One of the tools used to make a “sale” is the telling of “tales”, little antidotes that foster a connection, and a little bit of trust between the person trying to make the deal and the person making the decision. It is in this context that I have been trying for nearly 4 years to get conservatives to comprehend what happens when they insist on being “honest” to the point of talking themselves right out of making the “sale”.

The following are two antidotes that can help bring the consumer back to the Republican “store”.

Getting “Capitalism”

The other day, a caller told Michael Medved’s substitute host (Medved was on passover leave) that he was leaning toward socialism because he had built a mountain of debt in student loans in pursuit of his M.D. Now the doctor was injuried and would not be able to make use of his degree or pay off his debt.  If America was socialist, the debt would not have been made as Medical School would be free. 

The host asked if the doctor had NOT been injured, would he have paid off his loans?

The man quickly answered: “Of course.  But–”

The host interupted, “And would you have then gone on to CAP your wages?”

“What do you mean?”

“CAP…say the average person made $60,000, would you agree to also accepting $60,000 per year?”

“Excuse me,” the man replied, indignation all over his words,” $60,000 for a man with my education??? That’s ridiculous!”

The host said: “So you DO get capitalism”.

The Ace in the Race Card

I used to get into huge “discussions” with a Liberal colleage in Britain (obviously not my business partner) after 9/11 when I no longer would tolerate America bashing.

One day, we were watching on t.v. Colin Powell discuss America’s plans in the war…and Simon (the Labor colleage) got real quiet.

“You know,” he said finally, “that would never happen in England”.

I was about to go off on him and what I thought was going to be his “Britain always does it better” tirade, when he continued. “We pay lip service to Blacks, but we’d never let a Black man get that high up in the government.”

Liberal Liabilities

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

A few posts ago, I promised to write about the vulnerabilities of the Democratic party; positions that are their weakest point–and should, be pressed at every opportunity.

The Race CardMost of our mega bucks athletes are Black.  They are the highest paid t.v. talk show host…generals…CEOs…stars of music and movies.  America even voted a man with zero experience to the highest position in the world because she wanted to have the first Black president.

Independents bristle at the taboo of any but Blacks to call a Black a derogatory name. They are told they can’t even think it.  If they must use it, it must be with a letter aka “the n word”. Independents hate the implied apology in anything having to do with Blacks, the idea that just because of the color of their skin, they share guilt for something that happened before many of them was born and before many of their ancestors arrived in America. They cannot comprehend how a whole generation has grown up expecting Blacks to be given preferential treatment but this generation is being asked to pay for the sins of humanity.  A sin that was shared, in EVERY nation, in EVERY culture, the evil that is slavery.  They do not understand the logic behind EQUALITY in all races, yet Blacks NEEDING the government to give them priority in attending the better colleges and getting the better position in a company, as though Blacks cannot do it on their own.

The “race card” is coming to the end of it’s usefulness.  The Liberals know it, but they also know that the Blacks will never allow them to give it up.  Why should they?  They have used it to climb the highest position in every area of American life. 

But there WILL come a time when the accusation of being “racist” will cause the same rolling of the eyes that the cry of being a male chauvinist causes.  

When I get accused of “not giving Obama a chance because he is Black”, I reply that I am condemning his inaction/action BECAUSE I am not racist; because I hold him to the SAME standard I do anyone holding that position.

Independents are more and more, simply saying…”Oh pah-lez”

Owing The World An ApologyI’m sorry…so sorry…please, accept, my apology”.  Liberals LOVE to show their moral superiority by apologizing for America  being richer and more powerful.  They are the first to admit to the “sins” of our military, first to condemn our laws of justice, first to condemn our sense of humor and our colorful culture.  They see “millions” of slaughtered civilian lost in the effort to stop the rape rooms that terrorized millions of Moslem women and ignore the graves of children whose parents didn’t “cooperate” well enough with dictators.

Liberals celebrate those who will bad mouth a leader of a free nation where they have all the rights of free speech, but look away at the purple fingers and the true courage it took to mark themselves as free people voting against terrorists who threatened their very lives.  They do so solely because GWB is given credit for that extraordinary event.

The problem is that because GWB was our president at the time, his glory was America’s glory.

I think most Americans stood just a little bit prouder–and grinned when pictures of what was second class citizens–women–PROUDLY displaying their courage.  GWB may not have said anything cool like “tear down that wall” or “ask not what your country can do for you”, but that vision of “true grit” will be in the minds of many of Americans for many years.  It will be the most powerful rebuttal to a Liberal feeling the need to say “I’m sorry”.