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In Defense of GWB - Communication

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

“The Teflon President”…”Slick Willie”…”Lincoln” and “Jackie”…how the world loved these great communicators!  Compare them to GWB who didn’t take time off from fighting two wars, getting this nation pass two recessions, trying to use his political capital in 2004 to fix Fannie Mae and Freddie Max (and avoid what happened in Oct. of 2008) and Social Security (which will eventually come to bite us in the rear with a vengence), to convince his own party to support him or to sell his policies and decisions in the public arena.

Think of all the great blogs that could have been written, the talk shows that could been broadcast, if only GWB had allowed the Left and the Right media to pick him apart publicly…

Think of the ratings of Ingraham…Hewitt…Rush or Fox???

He could have, as this president is doing now, go on Jay Leno’s show and 60 minutes.  Of couse they wouldn’t have given him half a chance to explain his decisions and they certainly wouldn’t have given him the respect they are giving Obama.  But surely he could have taken a few days out of his leading this nation to entertain us…like bait among blood sport dogs.

The fact is that nothing GWB could have done would have ever stopped the bloggers, columnists, talk show hosts, pundits on both sides from attacking and blaming Bush. 

The proof is in the fact that GWB has been out of office 2 months and they are STILL attacking him. 

It is also a fact that unless the Right stops joining the Left in this obsessive need to blame Bush, Independents will go on voting for the party that at least has their own members supporting them.

In Defense of GWB - the War

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Bush’s greatest mistake was taking us into the Iraq war.

I find it utterly amazing how many people have forgotten that Sadam had made it perfectly clear that he intended to destroy America.  And he didn’t need WMD…he was the biggest supporter of terrorism, funding not just Al-qaeda groups but regimes in Syria and Libya; nations that upon seeing Sadam’s teeth being examined decided they didn’t want to mess with GWB and America. Don’t people realize how much money and lives were saved by these nations volunteering to end their nuclear ambitions? 

Then there was the Bill of Rights of Iraq and Afghanistan…the end of the rape rooms of Sadam’s boys…the incredible courage of purple fingers…

THESE were mistakes?

Millions of innocent civilians died.

Did you expect us to fight and win a war where no one died?

Innocent people were captured and taken to prison where their rights were violated and they were tortured.

And many of those prisoners were released, to go home to become a high level officer in a terrorist cell…that killed civilians and captured and BEHEADED innocents.

We have to be better than the terrorist; otherwise what makes us different from them?

It is the height of arrogance to hold non-Americans to a LOWER standard than the one we set for ourselves.  Why do we have to be extra-ordinarily good to the point of stupidity?  Why can’t we expect them to be as civilized as the rest of us–and punish them as we would one of ours that murder and terrorize?

Americans have nukes, why shouldn’t other countries?

Just because the sane has weapons, doesn’t mean the insane should have them.

GWB acted like he was the god of this world, he didn’t even try to reach out and communicate with the terrorists.GWB acted like the leader of the world’s sole super power.  The rest of the world thought he was god, blaming him for hurricanes, tidal waves, earthquakes, global warming. 

In Defense of GWB - the Economy

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, my belief is that we have got to stop the Bush bashing now if we intend to stop the Dems from bankrupting this nation and removing our satelite defenses.  The following are things said about GWB by Liberals as well as Conservatives who refuses to let go of blaming Bush even though we have a new president and the Democrats have all the power.

Bush left Obama a 1.3 Trillion dollar debt
Actually, the number was more like 150 billion dollars until the last few months where it jumped to around 1/2 a trillion.  Did you know that in GWB’s time, we had near nero unemployment?  That he dealt with 2 recessions (dot com and post 9/11)?  Most people barely noticed because it was dealt with quickly and correctly…GWB did not use the “crisis” to do some social engineering or to further a conservative agenda.
Speaking of the economy…did you know that Alaska has no income tax and that their governor, the GOP VP nominee Palin, got the oil companies to give the public rebates?  Did you know that she has managed to work with these companies for their profit and to increase jobs for Alaskans?
Did you know that McCain, the GOP presidential nominee, never took pork in his 20 something years in Congress and proved by being elected time and time again, that politicians don’t have to buy votes?
But didn’t Bush spend, spend, spend?Absolutely, on what a president is supposed to spend money on–the war 9/11 plunged us into.  He also spent money on the no-child left behind program which made teachers accountable for what their students learned; as long as the Federal government was into the Carter created public educational system on a Federal level, GWB wanted to make sure that teachers couldn’t just pass their students onto the next grade without learning what they should be taught in that level.  This did not make him particularly popular with teachers who felt it put an undue pressure on poorer schools with lesser educators.  GWB also refused to have Republicans be known as the party that would force the elderly to choose between spending their meager Social Security check on the new (and expensive) miracle drugs and eating.  He pushed forward and enacted a drug plan, that thanks to free trade drug companies vying for Senior Citizen’s business cost far less than originally expected.

After 9/11, GWB’s deficit was around half a trillion dollars.  By the end of his second term, mere months before the THIRD recession of his two terms, the deficit had strunk to a fourth of the post 9/11 and the deficit left by Reagan.  This happened because while GWB DID spend money, he also gave what those before him and Obama after him did NOT…TAX CUTS.

Did you know that McCain is famous for his demanding spending cuts?  And Palin has been accused of acting like the Alaskan tax money is HERS, because she guards it as though every penny spent is her money that needs justification and full accounting. Every time I hear about the trillion being spent here and trillion being spent there, I think of McCain and Palin and how these two would have given the Democratic run Congress a real accounting nightmare.

The Fight must begin with GWB

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

The Obama administration is hard at work trying to sell this economy as being “Bush’s”.  Now this is rather expected, the dot com recession had been blamed on Bill Clinton even though Clinton had a Republican congress.

The difference is that now, conservatives claiming to be the base of the Republican party is accepting and apologizing for “Bush’s failed presidency”.

Now, let’s start with some honesty here.  If Clinton had taken us pass two recessions (dot com and post 9/11), got purple fingers, put an end to female apartheid, made two nations give up their nuclear ambitions, presided over almost 8 years of economic boom, kept us safe for 7 years years, the Left would put any criticism of Clinton on a par with treason.  He would be liken to Washington, Lincoln, and Churchill all rolled into one.

But because GWB belongs to the party that has loyalty as an option, the first reaction is to agree to any faults and hope that Palin or Jendal or Romney can somehow escape the crucification of GWB. 

Let me tell you here and now, this is NOT going to happen.  Why?  Because it works so well.  GWB could be out of office for 20 years and the Dems will STILL be making every candidate with an “R” in front of their name answer for the “sins” of GWB.  I can understand that some of the base, aka Libertarians and third party wannabes, feel this justifies the making of a new party.  But they know that a party that represents one view point with no room for cross overs and Independents will NEVER seriously challenge Democrats much less win. 

Bloggers, Columnists, Talk Show hosts are fond of saying how they read Liberal material as if getting the Liberal viewpoint arms them to win points with the group that wins elections.  Who they should be listening to is the very people they are trying to win to their side.

That people, are Independents–125 MILLION voters like me.  And while it is true I lean more Right, I can tell you how Independents may view an issue.

In the case of who owns this economy, my British partner (and strong Tory) believes that most people don’t care who is at fault.  They just want their jobs back, their credit restored, their 401ks showing a future again. 

To some extent I agree.  Most people may blame Obama no matter what he says because he is the man in charge NOW.  But unless, the Right…pundits, bloggers, talk show hosts start RIGHT now to defend GWB, in 2 years or 4, voters will remember that Republicans make bad choices…that they leave impossible economies and wars that cannot be won.

All during McCain’s campaign, Obama attacked him for Bush’s decisions and every Republican has had to answer for GWB’s supposed sins against this nation.  Like it or not, to most Independents, Bush IS the GOP.  He can either be the GOP greatest asset or it’s greatest liability.

If you believe that Obama and his Congress is destroying this nation’s economy and weakening her defenses, then you need to use every means to defend the man who’s biggest sin was that he was a Republican, not a “real” conservative, not a Democrat. In any other time, GWB would be praised for what he did, instead of crucified for what he didn’t.  History, most people agree, will be kind to him. 

Unfortunately, America cannot wait for History.  Every attack on GWB is an attack on the only party that can stop the Democrats from destroying this nation. 

It’s as simple as that…it’s time to end the GWB bashing.

Belonging to another party

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Sandra Wise ( who write the blog “A word to the Wise”) replied to my post:


I’m so tired of hearing conservatives who are still saying Bush failed. I too miss his quiet strength, resolve and love of country.

It seems that conservatives contemplating running for President are running against Bush!

And then there are the talk show hosts…Today Glenn Beck on Fox, stated that everything we are going through now was started by Bush.

Another thing, Republicans have got to stop apologizing for “getting things wrong.” So, they weren’t perfect…When has a Democrat ever apologized for anything?

and this was my reply…

Every apology says “the party of Republicans make lousy choices” for it was Bush and McCain that Republicans put on their tickets.

And it’s catching…every day I hear “real” conservatives apologizing for Jendal, Steele, Palin.

If Bush had been a Democrat, we’d never hear the end of this great man…HE got us thru two, count them TWO recessions with hardly a wimper on mainstreet America…HE freed two nations and ended female apartheid! HE put fear into the hearts of our enemies and MADE two nations give up their nuclear weapons program…HE appointed Blacks in high places and most of his closest advisors are WOMEN!!

And McCain would be up for a belated Congressional Medal of Honor…his every moment of torture required reading…his no taking pork and his ability to work across the political aisle would be lauded as the ultimate statesmanship, an American Churchill!

Jendal and Steele would be proof of the parties respect for minorities and the reward of a good educational system that MUST be government supported forever.

Palin would be the first “serious” female candidate and her rural upbringing, her union husband, and her teacher parents would be examined and fawned over…

But they belong to the party where loyalty is an option…and thus, apologies are a requirement.

In answer to “Why Bush Failed”

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

GW KNEW that the war could be a presidency killer, but GW had never been in it for the power or the glory.  A Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Newt, Fred Thompson, Romney…yes, they would have played it “smart”.  But GW is the other side of the same coin of Obama…willing to bet it all on their passions.  America was lucky that GW’s passion was THIS nation.  Unfortunately, those who worship at the altar of communication got their “great communicator” and HIS passion is to change America into a Liberal Utopia.

The day that Israel attacks Iran and terrorist emboden by Obama’s incompetence attacks America, most Americans are going to wish for the quiet, humble man who may not know how to give a good speech but knew how to roll up his sleeve and get the work done.

The fact is that GW’s presidency did not fail…America survived not one but TWO recessions…America became the undisputed sole super power…America gave two nations the Bill of Rights and ended female apartheid in those countries. You and I know that If GW had been a Democrat, we would right now be measuring his likeness at Mt. Rushmore for all the things that had been accomplished during his two terms.

What DID fail is the American people’s gratitude…if someone had said that GW was going to keep us safe for 7 years, people would have made bets that if he could manage that, just THAT MIRACLE alone, the whole nation would love him forever.

Who knew that 7 years later, many of those same people, some from his own party would instead be lamenting his inability to “communicate” properly…

How the “Middle” see Democrats

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Even before the lost of the 2008 election, conservatives have been pondering why Liberals seem to get away with so many “sins”.  Surely, the hypocrisy and the bias of the Left is so obvious, good and decent Americans should reject Democrats at every poll!

Only, most Americans stand in the middle, leaning Left on some issues, Right on others.  Most Americans do not pay attention to politics.  Most couldn’t tell you who the Vice President is; what state Nancy is from, and exactly what are the 3 branches of government.  They are more likely to know who was eliminated on American Idol, who won the Super Bowl, and how many Mission Impossible movies there are.

Now, as perhaps the worst president to ever occupy the oval office finishes his first 50 days, many who would like to see the GOP take back Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2012 are starting to understand that ideological purity is a luxury serious grown ups know they cannot afford–and that only the winner gets to decide who defines marriage, gun rights, how much to spend and where to spend it, and what kind of defense this nation will mount if attacked.

And most importantly, they are finally beginning to comprehend that despite all the claims to the contrary, NEITHER Democrats or Republicans can win WITHOUT the middle.

So it’s cram time: to win the middle, you need to understand, REALLY understand just how the middle views Democrats and Republicans.

I have written many posts trying to get conservatives to see that from where I sit (and I believe most Independents), if the base of the GOP has loyalty as an option, it does NOT bode well for Republicans…loyalty, yes even blind loyalty is what we expect to give to the company that signs our paychecks, to the family that nurtures us, and to the nation where we live.  It is the least of the requirements of decent folk–and to view it as something that is optional makes all claims to having ”values” and “principles” appear empty rhetoric.

But, conservatives love saying that surely those on the Right are much more morally superior than the Left.

They say that because they see Democrats thru the eyes of conservatism.

So to win the middle to the GOP in 2010 and 2012, let me tell you how Democrats appear to most Americans.

–When Democrats close ranks and defend one of their own, they appeal to every voter who want and expect “true” friends and co-workers to do the same.

–When Democrats want to take everyone’s money and pay someone to take care of the homeless and the sick, voters who are a pay check away from losing it all thinks it’s a good idea.

–When Democrats want to take care of grandma and help our children pay for college, voters know that without these social programs, parents and grown children may have to come and live with them–and baby boomers (the largest voting block) like their freedom and the idea that the family obligation of previous generations can be “shared” by all.

–When the MSM shows bias toward Democrats, voters find it hard to see bias since there doesn’t seem to be another side to the story when conservative pundits, bloggers, and talk show hosts start every half hearted defensive of the GOP and Bush with the words: “I don’t agree with everything that he/they’ve done but…” and “I agree with you that Bush failed/did wrong/spent too much/should have but…”

–When Democrats get caught in a lie–or doing something unethical, voters think, well they ARE politicians, not nuns–and haven’t we ALL sinned, lied, did something that was not quite right?

–When Democrats want to talk about domestic issues (aka social programs), voters see Democrats as taking care of business at HOME.  Most voters have never been to Europe or the Middle East and couldn’t care less what was going on half way around the world.  The tremendous courage of purple fingers only made a fleeting impression, like the high of winning a come from behind game or watching someone from your home town win a gold medal at the Olympics. 

Does this mean that the Dems can’t be beat?  Of course not.  But to beat any opponent, one must learn the first rule of any competition: KNOW your opponents’ strengths…respect them and never underestimate them.

My next post will deal with their weaknesses–and how Republicans can exploit them.

Why the GOP REALLY won in 2004

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

From 2000 to 2004, we had a GOP in the White House…he gave us the “no child left behind” and “drug plan for the elderly”…there was no line veto…no grand communication with the American people.

We had a GOP Congress that spent tons of money…that didn’t solve a 3 decade illegal immigration problem…that continued to work with Democrats instead of launching the “nuclear option.”  We had senators who gave birthday wishes at a private party that might have, could have meant, seemed to imply, something racist–well sort of.

Every complaint conservatives accused Bush and the party of Republicans of was true before the 2004 election.

Yet the GOP managed to swell the number of seats in Congress, on the State and local level AND keep the White House.

If all the above “sins” caused Republicans to lose in 2006 and 2008, why did they win in 2002 and 2004?

And if NONE of the above bothered most voters, then exactly what issues moved cross over Democrats and Independents to join Republicans into voting GOP?

Or maybe the question that should be asked is what turned these voters off in the last 2 national elections?

As one of those Independents I can tell you the “why” pre-2004 and after:

pre-2004: the courts, the economy, and most especially, the war.

After: what turned me off and almost made me want to stay away from politics period was the sanctimonous demand for conservative purity of politicians of all people!  This is so unrealistic, it borders on irresponsible stupidity.

Obama and his gang is practically gift wrapping 2010 to the party of Republicans.  The only thing that could mess up this is allowing conservative purist to once again decide the tone of the party of Republicans.

Right now, each conservative has to ask themselves if their “principles” are more important than the survival of this nation.  If it is, then END the unhealthy relationship between they and a party they have no faith in and cannot feel any loyalty to.  If it isn’t, if they understand the destruction the Democrats will bring down on this nation, then DEFEND the only viable party that can stop and undo all the damage…defend the GOP against anyone that would bring it down as you would against anyone attacking America.

And if that little voice would object about giving “blind” loyalty to a political party, remind it that “blind” loyalty is given to an imperfect America that sometimes make bad decisions…and that only Liberals seem to have difficulty understanding that type of loyalty.

Principles vs. America

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

As Obama gives conservatives a “real” reason to complain about government spending…

As “real” national security takes the form of removal of the missle shield, bribing Hamas, dissing our friends and pandering to our enemies…

As courts redefine marriage, allow babies to be experimented on, and relegate gun ownership to military militia…

Many conservatives are foretelling the doom of America as we know it.

So tell me conservatives…

Is YOUR conservative principles worth the death of this nation?

Life has always been about choices…especially in a free society. When you choose to join the Liberal counterpart in bashing Bush and all things Republican…when you gave the American voter only ONE side–and that was Bush and the GOP is bad and cannot be trusted…when you refused to support enough “R”s to give the GOP the majority…when you refused to vote for the GOP CHOICE on the Republican ticket…

You put YOUR principles above the survival of America.

I used to hear you claim to be a conservative first, a Republican a distant second or not at all.

Now, tell me…does being an American trump being a conservative?

Lies told

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

There’s a saying that if a lie is told often enough, it becomes the “truth”.

Two particularly nasty pieces of lies will doom the party of Republicans to minority status for generations.

1- The GOP lost Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008 because they spent too much money.

How quickly people forget the near zero unemployment and the overflowing coffers of local government in most of Bush’s terms and the GOP majority.  There were a number of reasons for the lost, but making deals to fund troops and to take off the political table the senior citizen issue and education was not it.   Remember, conservatives and their focus on spending and tax cuts number are at most 35% of the voters, which is why “real” conservatives don’t run their own party nor do they win elections. 

2- “Having an ‘R’ in front of their name isn’t important.” 

Ok, here’s some basic reality.  When it comes time for figuring out who gets to run committes or which bill gets heard, no one counts “real” conservatives or “real” liberals.  All they count is the Rs and the Ds and if there are more Rs, YOU get to make the rules and YOU get to push your agenda.

Now here comes the hook…a food for thought to those who wanted Bush and every Republican in Congress to cater to THEIR concerns and TO represent THEIR viewpoint.  You should be very proud of Obama and company…for they are doing exactly what you wanted from Republicans…they are catering to their base and pushing the Liberal agenda–instead of taking care of the rest of America.