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Sotomayor-how I would have played it

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The consequences of Hispanic bashing aka the “illegal immigrant issue” was that many Republicans felt unable to vote against Sotomayor.

The Dems literally put the GOP in a box.  No matter what was said, Republicans APPEARED racist with a no vote.

But what about Miguel Estrada? Surely HIS nomination shows Republicans have no problem with Hispanics right?  Unfortunately the American public has a notoriously short memory AND the Dems played his nomination right.

To be fair, the Republicans ALSO tried to dismiss the racial background and gender of the Sotomayor, but they were up against a long history of “progressive” vs. conservative…and the last 3 years of vitriolic ranting against the illegals to the South, not anywhere else (and sometimes not necessarily illegal, just Mexicans period.) put any opposition in the no win catagory.

Saying all of that, let me say that I am actually proud of those Republicans who DID vote “no” against Sotomayor.  Yes, I know that a good many of them voted that way to keep their conservative base happy.  Still, it takes some courage to face a battle you cannot win and take a hit for those who stupidly helped the Dems form and use the race card to include Hispanics.

If I was one of those minority senators, I would have made this little speech:

I refuse to vote for Judge Sotomayor because she is a Hispanic or because she is a woman because I am neither a racist or a sexist.  I am charged with confirming a nominee to the highest judiciary court in the nation, one whose opinions will touch the rights and lives of every American.  I vote “no” because the evidence presented to me has shown Judge Sotomayor to be a judiciary activist and I believe that confirming her would harm the constitution we have all promised to uphold.

Then I would have gone home, had a couple of drinks, and then prayed to God that the next time the Dems play the race card, it is negated by a Black president who’s ratings are in the tank.

Sotomayor: GOP racism?

Friday, August 7th, 2009

Dennis Prager asked his listeners if Hispanics believed that conservatives voted against the confirmation of Sotomayor because they were racist.  Upon learning that many Hispanics did in fact, believe the Republican party was racist, Prager first sighed and then ranted about how unfair that perception was.

A caller tried to explain that the vitriolic rhetoric about Mexican immigrants were a big part of that perception and THAT is unfair because everyone, unless an American Indian, was once an immigrant.

Prager of course pointed out that his ancestors and most GOP came here LEGALLY.

“But when your ancestors came here,” the caller pointed out, “there was no immigration law; thus coming here was a matter of signing up.  You got here, here you were able to stay. Many Mexicans aren’t so lucky.”

Prager said “Fair enough” –and ran out of time.  The next hour was his hour where people came to him to seek his wisdom in the man-woman’s hour or whatever segment where Prager gets to play wise sage.

Our radio station carries all of the talk shows a couple of hours after the fact; which means that I could not call him and tell him this:

For over 3 years, conservatives have been obsessing over Mexican illegals….not illegals from the north or the boatloads arriving in dozens of ports…just their HISPANIC unwanted neighbors to the South…and now you’re surprised that conservatives are perceived as racist to Hispanics???