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The Truth about The Tea Party

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

On Tax day, a local conservative Radio talk show host had on a guest from the national tea party.

It began with the usual discussion on taxes and the role tea party groups’ hopes to play in getting our leaders to listen to the ordinary tax payer.  It wasn’t ranting or even complaining; the guest was calm, articulate, and rather professional.  She stated simply that a large group of Americans do NOT pay income taxes and if there should be a redistribution that is FAIR, the method of personal income taxation needed to be overhauled.

As I mentioned, her approach was very matter of fact, stating data with very little opinion, allowing the listener to draw their own conclusion. At the end, she also shared a piece of unexpecteed information: it seems that the tea party organizers had spent months running an internal poll among those attending townhall meetings and protest marches as well as those that emailed and donated money.  These were the results:

1- Most did NOT claim affliation with either Conservative nor Liberal parties. 

I have written that I believe most tea partiers are INDEPENDENTS, that majority both Dick Morris and Karl Rove have mentioned needing to win elections.

2- Most do NOT share the passions of conservatives…some are pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-gun, but not to the point where these issues would be a voting deal breaker.  The 3 issues they DO care about, the issues that bring them together are: Healthcare (makes sense since the average age of tea partiers is 56 which makes them knocking on the retirement door), trillion dollar deficits, and terrorism.

Strangely, these are the 3 issues that the GOP and Bush was great on.  Yes, even the deficits…remember that GWB’s 8 years saw us thru 2 recessions with the best economy in a quarter of a decade and near zero unemployment.  Remember also that the fall of the economy in 2008 was foreseen and that is what GWB wanted to spend his political capital on instead of illegal immigration. 

 3- They LIKE GWB!!! 

Yep, a majority liked GWB and miss the stability he brought.

It was the last bit of news that most disturbed the host as he, like Hannity and Hewitt had spent the last 5 years “being honest” about GWB’s sins. (see my previous post about conservatives believing that if they turn on their leaders, the liberals will do likewise). 

And now, he and a number of conservatives know…those years when they were “smart” enough NOT to dump on Huckabee, Romney, Palin, Rudy, and a host of other conservatives for fear of offending their supporters…the group that they SHOULD have feared offending were the Independents…who LIKED GWB…

And it is often mentioned, the group LIKES McCain.

Anyone involved in getting out the vote for Republicans KNOW that they cannot win without this group.  Let’s see if they can now get off “stupid”, close ranks, find “loyalty” among their principles, and put the party of Republicans back into running this nation.

The Conservative-Liberal Mentality

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

It took a long time for me to comprehend the logic behind conservatives JOINING the Left in bashing Bush and the GOP.

Oh I heard all about “honesty” and “principles” and how being one excused the lack of loyalty being in the other.  But logically speaking, it made zero sense to try to sell a product (the GOP) while trying tell the customer (the voter) how really crappy the product was.

Then Obama came up with his nuclear concept of disarmament and all of a sudden, a light went on.

Obama believes as an old Leftist friend of mine said, “How can we tell others to not have nukes when we have them?”

Conservatives believe that we cannot tell Liberals to turn against their leaders and admit their faults unless they turn against Bush and the GOP and proclaim their faults to the last detail.  Like Obama and company, they believe that if they are honest about their party, this will encourage Liberals to do the same.

This is what I told my “friend”…”Just because sane people have guns (or nukes), does NOT mean we should allow INSANE people to have them.”

And this is what I am telling all those who insist on being an example of honesty:

That mushroom cloud you see…it’s our trillion dollar debt, health care, and soon to be chemical and dirty bombs dropping on our cities.

It’s also those millions of babies that could have been saved if our President had been a life time pro-lifer appointing his second Supreme Court retiree.

Harsh?  Oh but I’m being honest.