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I believe this election has shown that the market of politics have changed. What used to work no longer does.  Romney with all his millions could not win.  Voters are no longer listening to national talk show hosts or columnists, anchor folks, or entertainers.  They just may listen to dozens of bloggers, which is why I think the idea of a state by state blog is good. I also think appearing to be part of a big network will give comfort to those who may think they are alone in their support of McCain. 

But for MY blog, I don’t want the Ron Paul nuts…nor do I want to tap into Obama’s and Dean’s internet people. I want people who will think for themselves and who would bristle at the idea of required participation. 
I want the person who may be leaning toward a George Bush medium and who has neither the time or the energy to do a JFK/ MLK remake called Obama. Someone who has gone way pass the Black or Woman thing and just want someone that will keep them and theirs safe. He/She may have heard about McCain and decide to do what 75% of the people are doing to get their information…google.

<<Reasons to vote for McCain>> may bring up my blog. 

In other words, I want those 60% Independents and Moderates that Karl Rove and Dick Morris said makes or breaks an election.

For ME, on MY blog, I want them to go to sanity102@ipenglish and find answers to questions they might have about McCain and the TSM.  I want them to find ways to defend McCain.  I want them to find a place where they can challenge and maybe find a kindred spirit.  Someone passionate enough about foreign affairs to know that we cannot cut and run, but someone that hasn’t a clue who ran for what office, where, 30 years ago or what Reagan said to the GOP convention in the 1980s.

I do not want them to find just another place to make demands on their time, their money, their energies so I won’t have anything on MY blog that will ask anything from them other than to give McCain some thought and consideration.

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