Mrs. Obama’s Gift to the nation

Mrs. Obama almost single handedly, may have given McCain what money cannot buy…a reminder of what it would be like to have a Lefty in the White House.

A whole generation has been raised on the concept of racial inequity–a kind of backward racism that benefits Blacks.  They have willing curtailed their right to free speech by never uttering the “n” word; and to be extremely careful in denying a Black person anything.

This woman, who has benefited from being both Black and a woman, little “slip”, told the people of America that they will NEVER be racial equality…that the debt of humanity’s sins (wrongs committed by the entire world and STILL practiced in 3rd world countries that no one seems to care about because they have no money to pay reparations) will NEVER be paid.


That a holiday, decades of affirmative action, awards just for Blacks, and the highest offices of power will never be enough.

Mrs. Obama’s “I have never in my adult life been proud of America” just may get a lot of people asking, “if you don’t find anything to be proud of this country, why do you want to be our First Lady?”

And, “is this what the next 4 to 8 years is going to be about, race and apologizing to Blacks and the rest of the world?”

Kerry’s little derogatory slip to the military cost him his bid for the White House…Mrs. Obama’s slip may cost her husband the same.

How ironic.  Mrs. Obama may very well be a believer in her husband’s dream in changing the landscape of America but it may be she, herself that creates the change.

A NEW America that is so over the race thing and says ENOUGH, already.

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