Will Someone Please Tell Them

that McCain is not running for President of the Conservatives??

Hewitt is in the Amazon and had a female guest host running his show.  Despite assurances that they (the Talk Show Mafia) speak for the “base”, they have been unable to produce victories for Santorium, Hayworth, Tancredo, Hunter, Romney.

Yet not a day goes by that they don’t continue to tell McCain what HE MUST do to gain their support.  Today’s guest host asked the females in the audience to express their requirements–aka demands–for the GOP standard bearer.

One by one, females came on to tell McCain that forgiveness was possible IF he admitted all his sins (especially McCain/Feingold and torture.) 

And of course, illegal immigration.

It NEVER occurred to these women that those issues–so vital to the fanatical Right, may have been the very thing that made all their beloved REAL conservatives LOSE.

Conservatives have got to grow up.  Honestly. 

McCain does not need YOUR permission to run for president…to win the nomination of the party of REAL Republicans.  He’s done it without you, DESPITE you, and has proven without a shadow of doubt that the majority of Americans DO NOT SHARE YOUR CONSERVATIVE beliefs.

So here’s the bottom line.

We live in a country of two viable political parties that have completely different ideology.  If your party cannot garner the majority of voters to support your agenda, the other party gets to push THEIRS.

Hewitt, Hannity, Ingraham, Noonan, Rush…they put it all on the table for Romney.


In the world of cards, your two aces are worth 22 or 12 or 2.  Bust, not quite, or no way near enough.

Stop trying to act like the big roller.

Either give your aces to someone who can win or watch as Obama turns the nation into a “let’s make a deal” with the terrorists.

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