The Flawless Diamond

In every group I have ever become involved in, there is almost always a period where a number of people will try to put down specific rules that end up alienating almost everyone.  This happened with radio talk show, discussion groups, and is now happening with ”grass roots” internet bloggers.

Before we get into the rant, let me first explain the why.

I am an observer; it is part of the tools I use to determine the target market of products being pushed.

In the case of the people on the Right and the “product” of conservatism, most have never been part of the inner circle in school, on the play ground, in any social environment.  This is primarily due to their lack of being “average” or should I say, their uniqueness.  People that lean Right in ideology tend to see the whole picture not just the flavor of the month.  They are frequently the first (and only) one to say, “but why?”  The socialist accept and as such are more likely to be accepted.

For many on the Right, talk show and forums like Townhall was their first real venture into the world of social fellowship.  It is literally as though they were in a foreign land and came across one and then dozens of people who spoke English!

At first, it’s a party and life is full of intellectual stimulation.  They end up spending hours blogging, chatting during what should be family time and then checking emails during reports and presentations.

Eventually, someone remembers the great Liberal accomplishments, tasks only possible through unification of the masses.  Imagine what could be done if we combined the intelligence and talent of OUR people…!

And they start to “suggest” and one rule is laid down…followed by another…until words like “real” and “true” start to creep into the body of emails and post.

They do not understand the market.

People on the Right and those who lean toward that ideology are by nature strong and independent.  In order to do what the Left does, you need one or two strong people…and a whole bunch of people willing to follow.

For far too long, the TSM (talk show mafia) has pulled a Liberal on their listeners.  I have said over and over that the GOP would be sent to the political wilderness unless these people are taken down.  It looks like this is finally happening.

Not a moment too soon is my heartfelt belief.

In it’s place seems to be growing an effort to unite and “do what Obama’s people do”.

First off, Obama’s people isn’t the grass root, pajama blogger trying to spread the word across the net.  Obama has Oprah for God’s sake.  And half of people who make Romney’s check book look silly.  We couldn’t “do” what Obama’s people do if we tried.

Second, the TSM has tried the guilt, the exclusion, and then the threat thing.  It DIDN’T work for Romney.  I am known as the person to see if something absolutely has to be done.  My “services” comes with a price tag…I don’t do “push” well.  Tell me what you want and IF I agree, leave me alone to do it.  Treat me like an adult that you trust to get the task accomplished or go see a kid that you can micro-manage.

Third, in the world of retail, the jewel, the “flawless diamond” is the consumer “word of mouth”.  A quarter of a century ago, a little film trailer ran before some movies in the theater; they did not run t.v. ads.  It was different…kinda fun…and some people who like that sort of thing, went to see it.  Five or Six sequels later, Star Wars continues to make zillions for George Lucas.  How did this phenomenon occur?

Word of mouth.

In this, the net is tailor made.

Fourth, it is HUGELY tempting to UNITE unknown little bloggers.  Look what they did to Dan Rather and the MSM.  The problem comes when uniters keep trying to be like their failed counter parts instead of customizing the product to fit their unique market.

Most blogs on the Right are a fiefdom unto their own.  They love being agreed with and quoted; some even enjoy great disagreements and discussions.  They will write reams and reams of post if encouraged and comment on tons of other blogs to continue the network.

But they will not be dictated to.  Not even for “uniformity” or “professionalism”.  Most are like the small time preacher, who would love a large white stone building to give their sermons but would be happy enough to preach on the street if they could avoid asking for donations.

Once upon a time, most of us had one overwhelming focus…9/11 and making sure that it never happens again.  We were one nation then and when half forgot or rather, put their influence before the good of the nation, the TSM was only too happy to keep hammering away the message.

But some where along the line, Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Hewitt put ratings above the safety of this nation and joined the MSM in bashing the only man the terrorists feared.

In February of 2008, McCain and the REAL Republicans and practical Independents took back the GOP.

Let us not, in March of the same year tearing it apart.

Let us remember who and what we are.  Small time preachers happy to spread the word of McCain and his determination to win the War on Terror.  We can do this without asking for donations to the cause…if you leave us alone, we will GIVE you the most precious gift we have, the flawless diamond known as word of mouth.

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