Checkmating the race issue

There’s a lot of people on the Right that is hoping that the old Clinton machine pulls off a win because they see Obama as almost impossible candidate to beat.

All Obama has to do is be what he is BLACK.  That alone insulates him from anything the media, both Right and Left throws at him.  He can say the most asinine thing and we all have to smile and be very careful how we object.

Well I for one am getting mighty fed up with all this backward racism–and I bet so are the majority of people INCLUDING Blacks who have made it and hate the belief that they made it only because of the color of their skin.

If I could advise McCain, this is what I’d tell him to say the next time the Obama race card is played:

“I don’t think America should choose a president to fulfill some kind of quota.  I don’t think we should spend the next 4 years afraid to criticize our leader because of the color of his skin.  I don’t want America to continue to have to apologize to the world for being powerful and wealthy. And I certainly  believe that the person that commands the greatest military the world has seen should at least understand the challenges and the sacrifices the men and women who serve make.”

“Is America ready for a Black president?  I say America is ready to pick a president because of his qualifications, his character, and his abilities, NOT because of the color of his skin.” 

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