The Race Card

Some years ago I was in the lobby of a very posh professional building having a discussion with one of our directors.  We had both worked quite late and a simple remark had turned into a literal shouting match.  So much so that the night security guard had approached us with a polite inquiry if there was anything he could do for us.  We both turned to him with glaring looks that advised him in no uncertain terms to butt out. The poor man was quite flustered because most of the occupants of this building pride themselves on their discipline and calm even among their most arduous clients and having to deal with two screaming females was not something he was used to.

Both Margarette and I have Hawaiian Blood which means that our children can attend a private school for children of Hawaiian Ancestry.  Margarette was from the old school of victimization that never forgave America for “stealing” the kingdom from Queen Liliuokalani–and through her, the Hawaiian people.  She believed that America owed “us” reparations, rental for the use of the crown lands (which was ceded to Hawaii upon statehood), and a separate nation like those of the Indians.

I dislike racism period.  I don’t understand how lands won in battle can be “stolen”.  I wouldn’t mind reparations if the money was coming from Spain or England, but taking taxes from me to pay to me seems ridiculous.  And paying rental for use of lands that belonged to a kingdom that had ceased to exist a century ago makes about as much sense as paying Mexicans rental for use of the lands of California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada.

I also have a great issue with this private school because while it was founded by a Hawaiian princess for the people of Hawaii, it is a school that is exclusive to the best and the brightest which means some brothers and sisters of the SAME family may not be accepted to attend.  This has cause great bitterness among families–many of my relatives for example.  The school is run by one of the wealthiest estates and could have, should have eons ago, opened up more schools across the state, instead of pulling this “choose one but not all” deal.

I particularly cannot comprehend why it is totally understandable for the Supreme Court to disband an all boys, all White school fully funded by a Southern man’s trust on the grounds that the school breaks Federal laws against gender and racial discrimination, but a TAX DEDUCTED school that bases it’s entrance acceptance on race is allowed to continue it’s race based practice.

Margarette contended that for many years Haoles (Whites) had the best education and that this was our Princess’ way of helping raise the standard of our people. Why then, I countered, didn’t her estate pay the tuition for private schools at Punahou or Iolani instead of denying so many because of lack of room at Kamehameha?

Round and round we went, and finally I said this–and I print it here as I feel it applies to the race card that Obama is slyly using:

“I find it highly insulting to assert the idea that children of Hawaiian blood NEED extra privileges in order to compete.”

I believe that McCain should say the same to those who would entertain the idea that we need to PROVE our racial tolerance by voting for someone just because he is Black.  I think he should also say:

“There is talk about picking Condi Rice for a running mate.  I hope you know that if she would agree and I should ask her, it would be because she would make a fine V.P. and a great president someday.  And if she should ever take the oath of office, it would be because she was the best and brightest…not because she was a token female or Black person. It is what America deserves, nothing less.”

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  1. TalkTop65 Says:

    Hi Malia: Wow, that is an amazing essay about the battle royal you and your friend had. To me, it’s worthy of being published in something like the Wall Street Journal. One thing you will notice, although the MSM can’t grasp it yet, is that Obama has done very well in many states that are nearly all white. Vermont is another example, and Iowa and NH (both 95%-plus white) are others, along with Kansas and Washington state. Meanwhile, Obama expects — and gets — 80%-plus of the Black vote. An amazing number of white people (Haoles?) are willing to vote for a Black man, but the reverse is not true with Black voters. In a way, I understand their thinking about the excitement of getting a Black man into the White House, but the voting patterns so far show an extremely tolerant America. I wonder if Obama himself understands that?

    steve maloney

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Steve, isn’t it amazing? A few months ago, everyone but my partner was saying that Hilary was going to take the WH.

    In order for a GOP to have any chance, the Talk Show Mafia (Rush, Hannity, Ingraham, Hewitt) had to be taken down. So McCain became the front runner and showed how really irrelevant the TSM was.

    Then came the Obama fever–and to break that and keep the Dems fighting, Goodbye Hilary had to take Texas and Ohio. And so she did.

    There is talk of McCain having to unite the base by repenting of the “amnesty” bill…only Hilary won because of the Hispanic vote in Texas.

    Tell me that God doesn’t have his finger in this…

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