Wow–the truth behind the illegal immigration issue

Hugh Hewitt comes on after Michael Medved and once in awhile, I catch a few minutes of his show.  Today, I allowed a little extra time because Karl Rove was his guest and I wanted to hear what this political genius had to say.

Somewhere in the interview about Obama and McCain, Rove said that in almost every speaking engagement, someone brings up the illegal immigration issue–and faults the lost of Congress on Bush’s adminstration’s failure to “secure the borders”.

Of course Hewitt was in total agreement, but Rove asked the same question he has asked everyone who has brought up the topic.  “How many illegals do you think this adminstration has deported since 2002 (after 9/11)?”  To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what Hewitt answered because he sort of did a “I’m a party guy” without being supportive (those who have heard Hewitt knows what I mean).  But Rove went on to say that most people answer, “around a hundred”.  One guy gave the answer “100,000″ to howls of laughter by the audience.

Karl Rove then gave the real answer: 1.3 million.  Yep that MILLION with a “M”.

He told Hugh about the triple budget increase for border control…quad increase in border guards and staff…and 12 times the amount of holding areas for illegals.

“I know,” he told Hugh, “what you and many of your radio talk show friends have been saying, but facts are facts.  THIS adminstration has done more in 7 years than the 30 plus years this nation has been dealing with illegals.”

I immediately called and asked a colleague the same question.  He had complained bitterly about this president and blamed the lost of Congress on Bush’s failure to secure the borders.  When I gave him the number he was silent.  Finally he said, “Wow, that’s a lot.”  He sounded young and a bit shaken.  He loved Hewitt, Ingraham, Rush, Hannity, Prager…the whole talk show mafia.

“Who gave you that number?”  When I told him Karl Rove, he asked what Hewitt had replied.  I told him the truth, that I don’t really know because I didn’t understand Hewitt’s answer.

“1.3 million,” he said again, “Wow.”

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