The Strange Hand of God

I’ve said it for near on 4 years: The GOP HAD to get rid of the Talk Show Mafia.

Since Harriet Miers was chosen instead of someone on their wish list, Ingraham, Hannity, Rush, the writers of National Review Online and Hewitt have had it out for G.W. Bush.  He had DARED to not do what they demanded of him.  That is when the term “real conservative” started being thrown around and worship of the fake Reagan began.

For two long years these elitists joined their Liberal counterparts in bashing Bush and all things GOP.  It wasn’t surprising when the rest of America took their word for it that the GOP congress was doing a lousy job.

And the ONLY party serious about winning the war on terror lost Congress; the body of power that funded the war.

But it was ok, really…because the GOP still held the White House–and any stupidity could be countered by the only man the terrorist fear.

Fast forward to 2007 and America (and the world) watches as Hilary finally makes her move.  She is all but crowned president presumptive–and nothing and no one seems to be able to stop her.

On the Right, many pro-lifers put aside their top issue for the only man they think can beat her: America’s mayor Rudy.  The TSM decides to put their money (and influence) on the only man that seems willing to allow them to control him. Everyone is looking for the second coming of Reagan–or at least the Reagan of ex-speech writers’ myth.  Some turn to an ex-preacher.  Others to someone so right, he offends just about everyone other than a Libertarian and a Constitutionist.  No one is looking toward an ex sailor who has so little capital that he’s running his own tables and holding his own signs.

The latter is the last guy on the TSM’s list.  The man who has done NOTHING they told him to do…except want spending cuts to go along with the tax cuts…who don’t take earmarks…who is a genuine hero…who has been right about this war and how to fight it.

They hate him with almost the same hatred the MSM hates Bush and perhaps for the exact same reason: they CAN NOT CONTROL him.

So they wage a war the likes the Right has seen only on the Left.  Their tactics reveal who they really are, elitists bullies intent on ruling via media manipulation.  Their temper tantrums and insistance on telling the public what to do show what little regard and respect they have for the public’s intelligence and understanding of issues.

And they lose.

And in so losing, so goes the hold on the “base” of the party of Republicans.  The GOP could not have survived another 4 years of the talk show mafia second guessing and bashing–and trying to control the White House.  Now thanks to someone that could have only won by divine intervention, REAL REPUBLICANS took back their party.

All of a sudden, the only party that is serious about the war on terror is back in the White House running.  The moderate, sane REPUBLICAN that just wasn’t conservative enough for the talk show mafia seemed pretty good enough for the other 80% of America that was NOT conservative.

But…surprising (and disturbingly) the woman we knew everything about is taken down by the only person who could have done so: a Black man with charisma.  A man so Left, he was one of the few to vote against the war. And there seems to be no fighting a man that seems a cross between JFK and Martin Luther King. Any negativity is met with charges of racism and any attempts to take a closer look is viewed as raining on the parade of hope.

Ironically, it is the Hispanic vote that keeps Hilary in the running.  Ironic because Ingraham, Hannity, Rush, Hewitt assured the base that Hispanics didn’t count…that those 12 to 30 million illegals had no family, no friends that could, with their vote, retaliate against all the south of the border hatred that called any attempt at a pathway to citizenship and legality as amnesty.  This group whose numbers rival and will exceed the Black vote held off Obama-mania until another “divine” card could be played.

Just when there seemed to be no way out of the box of political correctness, along comes Jeremiah Wright.  The spiritual advisor preacher to Obama turned out to be a Black racist in the tradition of the KKK–and America recoiled.

So now, the super delgates of the Democratic party may have to choose Hilary. 

But instead of presenting the annointed one, the first woman candidate for Commander in Chief will come across as second place, the substitution of a party that was left with very little option.

First there was the sure thing: “a Mormon in the White House”…with his money, his good looks, great family, and the backing of the entire talk show mafia.

Who took a huge hit from an ex preacher with no money.

Then a Black dream rock star that had woman fainting in the aisle not only put a wrench in the mighty Clinton machine, he brought her to a screeching halt.

And just might get taken down by another preacher.

Who says that God doesn’t take an active part in politics or try to save humanity from it’s own folly?

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