Obama’s Big Con

First let’s get this straight: Obama has about as much knowledge of racism and poverty as Mitt Romney.

I live in Hawaii and Obama’s little anecdote about his racist grandmother would play anywhere but where his grandmother raised him.  The 50th state is a place of mixed races.  Believe me when I tell you that his White mother/grandmother would be far more likely to experience some type of racial negativity than his Black father.  Hawaii’s people are mostly brown skinned and a Black person would fit in far easier than a White person.

And while it is true that Whites have a long history in Hawaii of being the more elitist race, I even question the idea that Whites experience any particular racial tension. The 2nd generation Japanese immigrants who fought and won tons of medals in American’s most decorated battalion sent their children to college to become doctors, lawyers, and teachers–and they spent the next two generation matching and exceeding Whites in wealth and power. 

As Obama himself had written in his autobiography, Hawaii is a land of racial tolerance–and I am betting that Wright did more than just turn Obama on to Christianity…I believe the Black bigot taught Obama to hate and blame Whites and America.

Another reason for Obama’s “black history” not quite playing right is that the prep school Obama went to is the best school in the state with a tuition that rivals colleges.  No one goes to Punahou (with the exception of a soon to be NFL football star) without the funds and the connection of the most elite and wealthiest families in the state; there is just too much competition to attend.

And ah no, there is no affirmative action in the top prep school.

Jeremiah Wright may have all kinds of reasons to be angry with America, but for the Black kid that went to an exclusive private school, attended an ivy league college, owns a million dollar house, has a well educated wife and beautiful children, such anger should be as foreign as his golden life is to the vast majority of White Americans who just makes it from pay check to pay check.

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  2. TalkTop65 Says:

    Malia: I’m going to send your piece to my Black conservatives and reprint it on my blog. It’s a wonderful piece. A few of the Black conservatives argue that, even though Obama contradicts himself in his speeches and his books, that he must somehow be telling the truth about the situation. However, you can’t tell two distinct stories about events and situations and be something other than a liar. The life before the Trinity Church of Christ and the life after are something very different and I believe Obama has not escaped the racism of Rev. Wright. His wife, another child of privilege hasn’t either. Keep up the great work.


  3. TalkTop65 Says:

    It’s up on camp2008victorya and on stevemaloneygop. I’ll send it to the Black conservatives group on Yahoo — I’m the token white member. I’ve been having a good debate (and it is that) with some of the Black conservatives, most of whom (all?) support McCain but are ready to give Obama a pass on what he says about race. Since I even deny Obama is “Black,” there’s a lot of room for disagreement. Both he and Michelle were children of privilege — she went to Princeton and Harvard Law and made (I believe) in excess of 200K annually. Barack went briefly to a college in California and then to Columbia and Harvard Law. It’s hard to pin down his net worth, but if you include the house it appears to be in excess of $5 million. Of course, it’s not to his political advantage to present his life as it is and has been, because that would raise the “Black enough?” issue (mostly a phony, media issue) again. In one of my posts I called Obama “The Invisible Man,” the title of a book by black author Ralph Ellison. As long as nobody knows exactly who he is, he can run as “Everyman.” In Black voting areas, they already know what Obama calls the “okie doke,” where a wink and a nod indicate that the post-racial message is mainly to put whites at ease. I don’t believe I’m being cynical about him. He’s a certain type found in all racial groups: the highly skilled con man. I had NEVER heard about the exclusive prep school — so much for the national media, which prefers to live in a world of illusion.


  4. admin Says:

    The thing that upsets me is this “Hawaii son” pretending that he understands the Black Boy experience–or even racism.

    Frankly, (and here’s where you can put the big “I can’t believe she said that”) I doubt there IS the kind of racism toward Blacks that Wright and Jesse Jackson keeps harping about. Against Hispanics, especially Mexicans, yes, but not Blacks…does anyone DARE?

    THEY can have Black awards and Black magazines but try have an all White anything and the swastika and KKK is written all over it.

    As I askd in the American Power blog…”aren’t you White folks just a tad tired of being blamed for everything?”

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