The Future of Conservatives

First to anyone who has been actually reading my blog, an apology and an explanation:

Blogging for me was never intended to be a daily thing.  I’ve never been great at keeping diaries or journals…too much going on in real life and too little time.  My main purpose for blogging was to have my say about all the truly stupid things that Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt was saying on their talk shows. 

Two things happened that made blogging less than compelling:  the radio station changed from live to delayed and I stopped listening to both (with occasional lapse due to Hewitt coming on after Medved–my favorite TSH).

I still however, keep up with other people’s blog and continue to receive mass mailing from Conservatives.  The following is a reply I sent to Steve (click on “Steve’s blog on side list). 

First of all…conservatism ALWAYS has a future.  The old saying that “if you’re not a Liberal by the time you are 20, you have no heart…and if you’re not a Conservative by the time you’re 30, you have no brain” is simply this: Liberals are idealists, they demand a world that SHOULD be.  Conservatives are adults who know that to get the kind of world they want takes hard work and maybe too much effort.
Second, Republicans have got to STOP wanting Reagan.  The revised Reagan is like the revised JFK: neither man existed.  I remember your great one liner: people are looking for the second coming of the old Gipper.
Third, the American voter isn’t Liberal or Conservative.  They are a little bit of both, leaning Left on some issues and Right on others.  Insisting on strict adherence to conservatism as though there are no Liberals or Independents in your city, state, nation is a sure way to LOSE.
Fouth, Obama will lose because he has spent too much time trying to make 90% of the Black people think that his presidency will give them all the special privileges they think White folks get…only the majority of Americans are NOT Black and are just a bit sick and tired of reverse racism.  They may not say it out loud but power based on the color of someone skin scares them.
Lastly, this is a new world Steve.  Campaign funding isn’t what it used to be.  Remember McCain?  The guy was down to serving his own coffee and waving his own signs.  He won by going to townhall meetings with NO ONE to introduce him.  Yet he beat multibillionaire Romney with all the talk show press backing him.
Most people get their news via the internet. 

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