I was wrong about Sarah Palin

 Over a year ago, Steve from Campaign Victory turned me on to a VP possibility and I wrote the following on my previous Townhall blog:


Sarah Palin, The White Queen

 I think this illegal immigration issue has just tanked the GOP’s chances of not only retaking Congress but of keeping the WH. The absolutists on this issue will not even listen to the details of the bill painstakingly put together by some of the strongest conservatives in Congress (Kyl: 97% rating). They want two things…12 million illegals deported NOW and a government project (the wall) constructed BEFORE any discussion of any type of work program. The latter could take decades and will leave the Northern border and both the Pacific and the Atlantic porous. The mom and pop operations, which makes up the core of the GOP party would never agree to the lost of their laborers.

In other words, what the absolutists are demanding is politically and financially unfeasible.

But they will continue on until they destroy the GOP or the GOP detaches themselves from them.

The 2008 election, I fear is lost…unless, Iran gets the bomb and takes out Israel and then threatens us…or there is another 9/11.

Then the public will look toward Rudy.

But to get there, Rudy STILL has to get past the GOP…and their Christian Pro-lifers…the NRA…and the Pro-Marriage groups.

I believe that while the absolutists on illegal immigration may be vocal; they do not represent the core of the GOP…they do not match the numbers of the above 3 groups because unlike those groups, they do not consist of people that cross party ideology lines.

The VP that runs with Rudy has to appease the three groups.

Palin is reportedly strongly pro-life, a lifelong member of NRA, and pro-marriage…she can bring “family values” to the GOP ticket…but so can Huckabee and Hunter and just about anyone now running for President who would agree to play second fiddle and wait for their turn (leave out McCain, who is too old to wait 8 years).

Palin is a total unknown outside of Alaska…we don’t even need her state’s electoral votes. She has had very little experience and has not been tested; in fact she became governor for the same reason that Reagan and Arnold won…she was running against people who had so angered the voters; Bugs Bunny could have triumphed.

Yet there is talk about running Palin on the GOP ticket. At first, when Steve from “Campaign2008Victory” first mentioned Sarah Palin, less than a year governor of Alaska, I thought who? I agreed to read up on the woman…and my initial reaction was…no way…for the above reasons.

And then I started to consider what she could bring to the table that Hunter, Huckabee and others could not.

Palin is glamorous. This ex-beauty queen / ex-basket ball star / pretty blonde has a 90% approval rating…sure it has something to do with who she replaced, BUT I bet you your next Vegas vacation, that it has a lot to do with the way she looks. And before anyone knocks the importance of Hollywood type glamour…remember we are the nation of American idol where most people can name the winner of 2007 or who Tyler Hicks is and how Carrie Underwood has gone country superstar but not who the Vice President of the United States is or who they voted for in 2002 in their state.

And let us not forget … she is a member of half of the voting population: women, who would like very much to see a female knocking on the most powerful door in the world.

She will, as Fred Thompson has, bring excitement to politics and many will watch her go up against the old timers with the anticipation of a weekly American Idol vote off. She represent the young and the new and something DIFFERENT.

No, I’m not endorsing Palin…but she would make an interesting Queen if the circumstances make the Game Master play the Rudy king.


Well Rudy turned out not to be king…neither did the Left play their Hilary queen.  And a guy who a year ago was getting his own coffee and answering his own phone had stared down an alternate media who believed they had replaced the MSM.

For months, they flanked the battered, old king the GOP seemed to drag out from some old war chest. They attacked the shiny pieces across the board who was battling for top billing.  And lo, the queen was dismissed as the opposing king believed he no longer needed her to win.

The old king McCain waited for the new shiny piece to have his day in the hot lights and in the morning made his move…he played the White Queen.

I was excited when I heard the news.

I watched as her name was announced.

And then sat there saying…”what happened?”

See, my main reason for believing that Palin would be a great VP choice was because I believed she would appeal to the American Idol set…the millions who week after week voted for their favorites.

But the woman who made her way to the podium looked like…someone’s mother.

No, I don’t mean fat and dumpy.  I don’t mean someone unaware of a world outside of house and home.

I’m talking about TODAY’S mom.  The woman that can…how did the song go?  “Make the bacon and take it home and serve it up?”

The mom that kids say ”you better not mess with her”.

“Glamour” may have played in rural Alaska, but on the national stage, a woman that looks like she can and will go up against corporate America and Russia to guard her own…who can make the money and will damn well have a say in how it’s spent…who has a supportive marriage and really good kids…

THAT is a queen piece that has come of age.

And when the final moves are to be made, the shiny new chess pieces may find that there’s something to be said about an old worn piece whose checkmated a few times…and knows the value of a White Queen.

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