The Why Behind The Hatred

I finally get it.


I was sitting in a doctor’s office the other day, flipping through a magazine to kill time.  It was a national, Liberal rag and what caught my eye was the contention that “amnesty” was something Liberals were against.


Now I have always suspected that the entire “job protection” aspect of the illegal immigration rhetoric sounded more like something the Left would be spouting than the Right…but the Talk Show Mafia had been for some time taking whole pages out of their counterpart’s book in their twisted definition of words.


The writer of the article told the story of a town which had lost their one big company to the global market and China’s adaptation of “free enterprise”.  An entire YEAR passed before another large company would come to town.  Unfortunately, unlike the previous business, the pay being offered was about half to two thirds what the townspeople were used to.  The company hired whatever was available…which is often the case, immigrants.


The company is aware that many of their works may be illegal, but they are making money…and because they are, other businesses have sprung up to cater to the workers that need food, rentals, clothing.  Wal Mart is even making plans to come to town.  And with Wal Mart, truckers are going back to work, restaurants are re-opening, and Target is bringing in competition and then comes the high tech stores and their competition…


And the union guy who had once negotiated the old company’s contracts is making plans to unionize the workers once a path to citizenship develops.


Everyone should be happy right?  This is America free enterprise at its finest.


Except there are a bunch of people who remember the old days, when they got paid enough money to provide for their families—but not enough for the company to stay competitive.


Other towns aren’t so fortunate…no new business came to their town to revive their economy.  But the now out of work people have heard all about the illegals and how they are making $18 an hour ($5 less than they) but because of their illegality are paying no taxes and sponging off the government, getting FREE medical and food stamps.


Well of course the American worker is angry at Illegals.


Except…companies wanting to stay afloat and to compete with goods made in China cannot afford $18 an hour for basic workers.  And illegals using false social security cards pay into a retirement system Uncle Sam never has to pay them dividends from…and taxes they cannot claim refunds from.  They use free clinics or pay for insurance premiums they are forever in fear of being revoked if they make any type of complaint.


The American worker wants the great wages and the terrific benefits, but continue to buy cheap products made in China. 


And so they blame Illegals, who like the ancestors of the majority of the people of America,  work 2, 3 jobs and have very little expectation of government handouts.


I got into a huge “discussion” with a relative over this new insight.  While a card carrying Republican, he is also a union man.  Reverting to his past Liberal “fair” ideas, he started harping on the CEOs making huge sums of money.


I tried to point out that CEOs are like football coaches who very little people have difficulty with their multimillion dollar salaries AS LONG AS THE TEAM continues to win.  CEOs are responsible for company profits…just like the coaches and only receive those big bucks if they CONTINUE to produce profits.  And like a football team, if the team continues to not bring in people to buy tickets and fill stadiums, the owners (stockholders) will pull out and put their money into a more profitable venture.


Companies do not exist to make their workers happy, to provide decent work conditions and wonderful retirements.  Companies are NOT social charity entities.  Their sole purpose is to make money. 


And since my relative now has a large sum of money invested in various stocks, surely he would want the companies for which he is invested in to fulfill their primary purpose.


My relative nodded, BUT…


More talk about how WITHOUT the worker, the company cannot produce and without the product, sell, and become profitable.  He even recalled my story of how the union paid workers made the rich wealthier (prior to unions, only 10% of the population could afford luxury items.  With good pay, came the ability of 60 to 70 out of a 100 more people buying things like washing machine…which called for more washing machines to be made…which created more jobs…and the rich got richer as their business expanded.)


Finally, I asked him this…let us say that the company came to you and said, “we can pay you a million dollars a year OR give your fellow workers an additional $10 more an hour.”  What would you say?


“Well of course I’d choose my million dollars,” he replied with a smile.  “I never said it was stupid, just greedy.”


The point is that part of human nature is to see things from one’s own perspective. 


There was a time when the telephone company in my home state was the most stable employment one could have.  Now with competition and cable phone, thousands were let go, some after 20 plus years in the company.


If, six months to a year later, someone comes in and opens up a company that pays half of what these guys were being paid…and the rumor starts that these people are illegal which is why they are willing to take less…and they aren’t paying taxes and getting free social services.


Yeah, people would be angry.


And if the TSM locally fed them the line about laws and about these people taking over not just Hawaii but the United States.


Yes, they would be damn well pissed off.


I understand now.


I get it.


But I got it when socialist told the people of Russia, France, China, Britain and Cuba how unfair it was for some people, by virtue of their birth to have cake while the workers starved.

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