A Promise

For some odd reason, after over a year of NOT posting on Townhall, my old blog “Out of the box” continues to be listed in the top ten from my state. Either Townhall keeps lousy records (good possibility) or people are visiting my old blog hoping for a new post.

Since blogging is my space to rant, I had no intention of subjecting myself  to slow loads and posts that disappear.  Thus I continued to post when the mood moved me at this ad free, easy to load and easy to read blog.

But I made a promise to some bloggers a long time ago–and I try to keep my promises, so this post, dedicated to them will be posted to my old blog at Townhall and here at Sanity102.

For nearly 2 years, I warned the “real” conservatives that their demand for conservative utopia would cost this nation.  I begged them to stand together and concentrate on what binds the only party serious about the war on terror: the courts, the economy, and of course the war.

But their “principles” put these crucial issues on the back burner and for months they joined the Liberals in bashing Bush and the GOP. 

I and a handful of bloggers tried to tell them that “national security” had to INCLUDE the north,, that the vitriolic hatred toward the brown skin southern border would paint the GOP as racist and cost us the largest minority vote. 

Today, Hugh Hewitt ran an ad for his new plan on regaining Congress and the WH…the number one item was DROPPING THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ISSUE!!  HALLELUJAH! It took the lost of Congress and the WH for Hewitt to finally get it? (Actually, Hewitt KNEW what the illegal immigration issue would do to the GOP as for many years prior to being one of the few talk show people NOT to be invited to the WH, he warned people that the perceived anti-Hispanic bill (Proposition 187) had put the GOP in California in the political wilderness for decades and Hewitt also wrote an article about “teaching the GOP congress a lesson”.)

I believe Hewitt’s new found revelation occurred because Hewitt KNOWS what the illegal immigration issue and his, Laura Ingraham, and Hannity’s rhetoric cost this nation.

See, the Democrats were being who they are, pushing their own agenda…you expect your enemies to attack you; but conservatives…those people who supposed to believe in goodness, fairness, and justice forgot about loyalty, cooperation, and being united.

Today, Obama lifted the ban against funding for abortion…he let the terrorist know that he was not serious about the war…he is trying to put together a pork barrel bail out that will make anything the GOP spent look like chump change.

And I promised that when you and your loved ones lost their job, your pension, your homes…I would remind you of the illegal immigration issue and job protectionism that had nothing to do with conservatism.

I promised that when the government forbade protection for the unborn, marriage, your gun rights, I would ask you if these things are “nothing” compared to rounding up people who break our laws to come here to work.

And when that bomb drops because a Democrat President backed by a Democrat Congress removed all the things Bush had traded social programs to fund that kept us safe for 7 years, I would tell you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that YOUR principles and YOUR conservative ideals was worth it.

My business partner asked me once why I would bothered to keep these promises…what exactly do I hope to accomplish?

The answer is simple…the GOP WILL take back Congress and the WH…they will because the Dems will ruin our economy and we WILL be attacked again.  Bush WILL be finally given the credit he is due.

When that day happens, the “real” conservatives need to KNOW that it wasn’t getting back to “basics”, it wasn’t pushing ideals that less than 30% of the population follow blindly.  It will happened because people became focus on the three important issues…the economy, the courts, and…the war. 

And because people remember that the first tenet of principle is loyalty.

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