Ask the person in the mirror

Experts have been telling us that all economies go thru cycles.  There was the boom of Clinton and the bust of dot com when Bush took office.  The screeching halt after 9/11 and the crazy climb of the prices of homes 3 years later. The bad one that hit at the end of September after months of high gas prices could have leveled off but the MSM called it the worst economic crisis since the great depression.  The media on the Right was no better calling our once every decade rescue of some financial institute a “bail out” NEVER seen in America’s history. Both sides knew it wasn’t true, but the Left rode the crisis to a November win and the Right felt obligated to sit on their “true Conservative” demand for government not to spend money for anything but getting rid of Mexican illegals.

After the big Democrat win, the economy was “still bad” because the Dems wanted to put together a Liberal dream bill that would insure Democratic wins for decades.  When Obama says this bill is necessary to bring back prosperity to America, he means it.  They told America that the economy was bad–and all they had to do, they figured, was TELL America it’s fine and the consumer confidence will be back and the crisis will be over. But they weren’t going to “tell” America anything that positive until they got their big spending, government expanding bill.

The Conservatives, fresh from their shock of losing EVERYTHING, is telling themselves that Obama and the Democratic Congress will mess everything up and in 2010, a new “contract with America” will be drawn up with a whole crop of “real” Conservative “leaders” ready to take their cue from talk show hosts and the “base”.

And while the Left tries to hold on to the power and the Right makes plans to regain it, two more restaurants in my town shut down, thousands lose jobs, and hundreds say goodbye to their dreams…of running their own businesses, of owning their own homes.

And as I sit here listening to all the fear, anger, and despair, I can’t help but once again ask…was the illegal immigration issue that Bush and the GOP congress forced to deal with instead of repairing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Social Security really worth it?

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