Feeling Conned?

A few weeks ago, Hugh Hewitt ran an ad telling his listeners how the GOP can start winning elections again…number one on his list: DROP BASHING ILLEGAL MEXICANS.

Yesterday, in the middle of a tirade about this spending bill and California’s rush to tax he and others out of the state, he said, “we have serious problems and all you wanted to talk about was ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!

Excuse me?

This was the man who based on hearsay, went on a personal crusade to dump the GOP created “amnesty” bill.  Didn’t matter that tons of guest (including Senator Kyle–one of the most conservative politicians in Congress) explained that the bill was trying to correct holes in the present immigration laws…all Hewitt and company wanted to hear was that the Mexicans were going to be round up and carted back to the SOUTHERN border.  Anything less was, AMNESTY.

It wasn’t as if Hewitt didn’t know better.  He spent a good portion of 2004 telling his listeners about the GOP being sent to the political wilderness in California after trying to push thru a bill that would prohibit social services to illegal Mexicans.  He KNEW that those 12 million illegals had American voting family and friends and the kind of vitrolic rhetoric wasn’t going to go over with a generation that had grown up with the Berlin wall and seen clips of people being “rounded up and taken away”.

He KNEW that the Dems would raise taxes, find constitutional reasons to ban guns and support gay marriages.  He knew that a Dem president would cause another 9/11 by his refusal to take the war on terror seriously.

He was counting on “smart” conservatives to have their little fit and come together when it counted and vote GOP.

He is now counting on those same conservatives to forget that he was right there in the middle of making Bush and the GOP focus on illegal immigration instead of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Social Security…and writing a column of the wisdom of teaching the GOP a lesson by having a term or two of a Democratic Congress.

I’ve even heard him say NOW how he likes Ingraham and Coultier…but perhaps other women, strong GOP moms pushing less caustic issues might bring people back to the GOP.

Feeling conned?

Yeah, you were. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I am glad that Hewitt and others are coming back to logic and sanity.  But they have a lot of credibility to rebuild.  They should begin with…I was wrong…and I will make sure that I never stand on the wrong side again.

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