What If?

What if Laura Ingraham had done what she asked her own listeners to do before the 2004 election and “trusted” the ONLY man to send our sons and daughters to war when he picked Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court?

What if Hugh Hewitt had remembered what he had told his listeners about how Proposition 187  (the California bill that would deny illegals social services) had banished the Republican party to the political wilderness because those millions of illegal Mexicans had American voting family and friends? Or when he had told his fellow talk show hosts that they’ve had their fit over the Miers nomination and to get back to supporting our GOP president who HAS nominating tons of really great judges including Roberts?

What if Bush had been able to spend his “political capital” earned during his 2004 re-election on fixing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Social Security instead of fighting his own party on the illegal immigration bill?

What if NRO, Rush, Hannity, Noonan, had NOT joined their Liberal counterparts in finding fault with Bush and everything Republican?

What if they had remembered that the GOP was the ONLY party serious about the war on terror, who believed in tax cuts, and who wanted to protect unborn children, the sanctity of marriage, and gun rights and continued, as they had before Bush was elected for his last term, to support the party?

What if they understood that these are people–politicians and not demanded a conservative standard that not even Reagan–high spending, deficit leaving, amnesty giving–could live up to?

What if conservative politicians felt that they would have to fight just one side, the Democrats, instead of being dictated to by the talk show mafia and the “base”?

Would we have right now, a Super Majority of Republicans in Congress?

The first Black AND female in the White House?

Or at the very least, an experienced Senator that never took pork, hates taxes, and a VP waiting in the wings that people in other states are asking to trade governors with?

Imagine that when we hear about the Super Democrat Majority’s spending spree and efforts to bring back the fairness doctrine, make the barbaric procedure of partial birth abortion legal again, and cut funding to defense.

And when the arrogant, totally unqualified Commander in Chief of the world’s greatest military turns his back on Israel and appeases those who want to see America and the world burn, remember the soft spoken, humble, gracious president that made Libya and Syria give up their nuclear program and returned not one but two economies (dot com bust and the 9/11 after math) to prosperity.

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