True Conservatives

A question was posed to me about “evil” conservatives–and what exactly did I have against them.

First of all I am one of those 60% Independents that Karl Rove and Dick Morris talk about…the voter that leans Left on some issues and Right on others.  It doesn’t mean that I refuse to align myself with either political group, it just means that while I agree on MOST issues with Republicans; I do see merit in some of the concerns of the Left. 

In the last 3 years I’ve been more than extremely angry with the Right.  They could have had the WH and the Congress sewed up for decades, but people who had more in common with Libertarians began to push their views on the rest of the party of Republicans–and joined the opposition in bashing Bush and all things GOP.  In fact “Republican” became a dirty word.

Which brings me to my “beef” with conservatives who refuse to call themselves Republicans.

I find it incredulous that “loyalty” is not included in their principles.

Liberals are always demanding a test of America’s worthiness for their loyalty to this nation, which makes it how different from conservatives who are demanding a test of “true” conservatism before they agree to loyalty to the party of Republicans?

Every time I hear about what Republicans need to do to keep conservatives in their party, I ask why?

Why stay with a party you do not believe in who keeps giving you candidates you can not give your money or your vote to?

–Other than, of course, the FACT that the party of Republicans is the only viable party that will care, even a little bit, what conservatives think and feel.

I say it’s time to end this unhealthy relationship.  “True” Conservatives should create or join a third party wannabe that has zero chance of ever being in a position to actually do something about their issues.  And the party of Republicans can once again open up their party to those who agree with them enough to put the WH and Congress back into the hands of the only party serious about the war, the courts and the economy.

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