Of Course it’s Bush’s fault!

Posted by Sanity 102 on Sunday, March 08, 2009 5:49:56 PM

A  question being asked is when does Obama own the economy…when does the state of the nation becomes HIS fault?

A former writer for National Review Online hit it right on the nail:

Actually, it will be Bush’s fault until the economy get’s better, THEN it will be Obama’s “fault”.

The same type of “real” conservative logic applies here:  “amnesty”, “big spending”, “high deficits” are the SINS of Bush  but not Reagan who had REAL amnesty, huge spending, and high deficits but remains the only TRUE conservative.

Is it any wonder Conservatives keep losing?  They try to play the Liberal “word games” and “die” on the hill of principles that has “loyalty” as an option.

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