Their Achilles Heel

Part of the job of anyone that has been in retail is the ability to read marketing trends and to anticipate public taste and interest.Following, is my take on the consumer (public) view of the players in the 2008 presidential election stage.


While it is true that Hilary appeals to many women who would like to see a female in the top spot of the nation, there is a large portion of women that resent the fact that Hilary remained with her cheating husband. On top of that, are the men who have secretly resented the position feminist have put them in; they are expected to be caring, protective, and yet at the same time almost subservient to their female counterpart.Fair or not, men will equate Hilary with powerful women that have made them feel if not inadequate, confused.

Hilary actually hit upon the one ploy that would help her. She cried. Her breakdown, real or contrived, painted her as female and allowed women everywhere to empathize with her, yes even with her taking back her cheating husband. Each time Bill comes forward to fight for her, men everywhere thinks…see? in the end, she NEEDS a man.


Obama is extremely dangerous because he is young, charismatic, good looking, and idealistic.He is a Martin Luther King/ JFK wannabe that sees the world through 60s rose colored glasses.He is a politician that wants more than a footnote in history. He is the one person I fear to occupy the White House because frankly, we cannot afford to change the world when we are so close to seeing it go up in Jihad smoke.

But I am betting on three things.Two, I admit here and now, makes me extremely nervous because they are things that depend on people—and people can and do frequently do the most surprising of things.

1-Most people haven’t forgotten 9/11.Most know that we are at war…and that perhaps the only thing that has kept us safe is the fear terrorists have for GW Bush. They could afford to give Congress to the Liberals…but they won’t allow a man that has clearly stated his intention to cut and run become Commander In Chief of the world’s most powerful military.

2-People are getting a wee bit tired of apologizing for America’s slavery, civil unrest past. It is one thing to celebrate a charismatic preacher every January; quite another to be reminded of the whole racial thing every time our leader has a press conference.

3-Hilary has waited her entire life to be president of the U.S. She will not

allow Obama to take the top spot. She and Bill will call in all their favors

and the top Dems will fall in line.And if that fails, well remember that a

number of people that have crossed the Clintons have simply disappeared.

Obama needs to keep his MLK/JFK persona going. The minute he is perceived as a Black man in a White world or a man that is too young and too inexperienced to lead the nation in war time, he’s in trouble.


One of the things people complained about G.W. was his strong Christian faith,Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m a Christian and I believe that most Americans attend church and believe in a higher entity. But I think Americans feel uncomfortable with the idea of a preacher of any religion becoming the most important man in the world—with his finger on the button no less.

Huckabee is also seen as a hick, small town guy, something that won’t resonate with millions of people who like to think of themselves as chic and sophisticated.

To win, Huckabee has to lose his “aw shucks ma’am” veneer. He has to inspire without coming off as a dreamer. Most of all, Huckabee has to stop making promises that he knows he can’t deliver…like the rounding up and deportation of 12 million illegals in 120 days.


Now I have come to admire the man. In fact, I am rather upset with him because I have spent the last 8 years admiring and caring about G.W. and I thought I was done with believing about a politician the TSM was intent on destroying.

The fact is the more I have learned about McCain, the closer he comes to hitting all the check boxes of a great leader—and the angrier I get at the TSM for doing to him what they’ve done to Bush.
But this is about the players’ Achilles heels, so let me tell you about McCain’s.
The guy lacks public speaking charisma. He says “thank you” ten times too many. And he stops his comments in mid sentence, making the audience want to get on to the end of his speech, which for a politician is NEVER good.

If I could advise McCain, I’d tell him to limit ANY phrase to 2 MAX times. I’d tell him to cut the jokes and just be straight with the people. Tell them these are serious times…for the soldier in Iraq…for a family trying to make ends meet…for the long time workers watching their 401k dance on an economy. Tell them that people are living longer and social security is getting thinner. Tell them that the only thing that is standing between a 9/11 for the world is America’s military and the only thing that is standing between support for that military is a party that understands war and a party that pretends that war doesn’t exist.

I’d advise McCain to talk like he’s already won the GOP ticket and begin his battle with the Dems.

Tomorrow, or as time permits, I will continue with the TSM…Rush, Hewitt, Hannity, Ingraham, and the NRO.

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