Liberal Liabilities

A few posts ago, I promised to write about the vulnerabilities of the Democratic party; positions that are their weakest point–and should, be pressed at every opportunity.

The Race CardMost of our mega bucks athletes are Black.  They are the highest paid t.v. talk show host…generals…CEOs…stars of music and movies.  America even voted a man with zero experience to the highest position in the world because she wanted to have the first Black president.

Independents bristle at the taboo of any but Blacks to call a Black a derogatory name. They are told they can’t even think it.  If they must use it, it must be with a letter aka “the n word”. Independents hate the implied apology in anything having to do with Blacks, the idea that just because of the color of their skin, they share guilt for something that happened before many of them was born and before many of their ancestors arrived in America. They cannot comprehend how a whole generation has grown up expecting Blacks to be given preferential treatment but this generation is being asked to pay for the sins of humanity.  A sin that was shared, in EVERY nation, in EVERY culture, the evil that is slavery.  They do not understand the logic behind EQUALITY in all races, yet Blacks NEEDING the government to give them priority in attending the better colleges and getting the better position in a company, as though Blacks cannot do it on their own.

The “race card” is coming to the end of it’s usefulness.  The Liberals know it, but they also know that the Blacks will never allow them to give it up.  Why should they?  They have used it to climb the highest position in every area of American life. 

But there WILL come a time when the accusation of being “racist” will cause the same rolling of the eyes that the cry of being a male chauvinist causes.  

When I get accused of “not giving Obama a chance because he is Black”, I reply that I am condemning his inaction/action BECAUSE I am not racist; because I hold him to the SAME standard I do anyone holding that position.

Independents are more and more, simply saying…”Oh pah-lez”

Owing The World An ApologyI’m sorry…so sorry…please, accept, my apology”.  Liberals LOVE to show their moral superiority by apologizing for America  being richer and more powerful.  They are the first to admit to the “sins” of our military, first to condemn our laws of justice, first to condemn our sense of humor and our colorful culture.  They see “millions” of slaughtered civilian lost in the effort to stop the rape rooms that terrorized millions of Moslem women and ignore the graves of children whose parents didn’t “cooperate” well enough with dictators.

Liberals celebrate those who will bad mouth a leader of a free nation where they have all the rights of free speech, but look away at the purple fingers and the true courage it took to mark themselves as free people voting against terrorists who threatened their very lives.  They do so solely because GWB is given credit for that extraordinary event.

The problem is that because GWB was our president at the time, his glory was America’s glory.

I think most Americans stood just a little bit prouder–and grinned when pictures of what was second class citizens–women–PROUDLY displaying their courage.  GWB may not have said anything cool like “tear down that wall” or “ask not what your country can do for you”, but that vision of “true grit” will be in the minds of many of Americans for many years.  It will be the most powerful rebuttal to a Liberal feeling the need to say “I’m sorry”.

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