Republican stories to tell

I am in retail.  It is my job to understand how the average consumer thinks.  In the case of politics, that “consumer” is the voter.  One of the tools used to make a “sale” is the telling of “tales”, little antidotes that foster a connection, and a little bit of trust between the person trying to make the deal and the person making the decision. It is in this context that I have been trying for nearly 4 years to get conservatives to comprehend what happens when they insist on being “honest” to the point of talking themselves right out of making the “sale”.

The following are two antidotes that can help bring the consumer back to the Republican “store”.

Getting “Capitalism”

The other day, a caller told Michael Medved’s substitute host (Medved was on passover leave) that he was leaning toward socialism because he had built a mountain of debt in student loans in pursuit of his M.D. Now the doctor was injuried and would not be able to make use of his degree or pay off his debt.  If America was socialist, the debt would not have been made as Medical School would be free. 

The host asked if the doctor had NOT been injured, would he have paid off his loans?

The man quickly answered: “Of course.  But–”

The host interupted, “And would you have then gone on to CAP your wages?”

“What do you mean?”

“CAP…say the average person made $60,000, would you agree to also accepting $60,000 per year?”

“Excuse me,” the man replied, indignation all over his words,” $60,000 for a man with my education??? That’s ridiculous!”

The host said: “So you DO get capitalism”.

The Ace in the Race Card

I used to get into huge “discussions” with a Liberal colleage in Britain (obviously not my business partner) after 9/11 when I no longer would tolerate America bashing.

One day, we were watching on t.v. Colin Powell discuss America’s plans in the war…and Simon (the Labor colleage) got real quiet.

“You know,” he said finally, “that would never happen in England”.

I was about to go off on him and what I thought was going to be his “Britain always does it better” tirade, when he continued. “We pay lip service to Blacks, but we’d never let a Black man get that high up in the government.”

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