Lies Told to Conservatives

1- The Contract With America won Congress for Conservatives

Let’s try and understand exactly what would be needed for the above statement to be true.  This document, made by POLITICIANS, was actually BELIEVED, so much so that American voters gave Republicans the majority in Congress and later the White House?  When has anyone actually believed what a politician said, much less promised?

2- The GOP lost the last two elections because they weren’t conservative enough

It is a political reality that neither Democrats nor Republicans can win without the 125 million Independents.  It is also well known that Reagan, Clinton, and GWB won with cross over Democrats/Republicans.  Now does it make any sense that being MORE of what Independents and cross over Democrats are not (conservative) will help Republicans win?

3- Reagan was the perfect Conservative

Reagan accomplished a great deal and gave this nation her pride back, but he also spent tons of money, left Bush senior a huge deficit, and gave illegals amnesty.  Which made him, per the “real” conservatives of today, a RINO.

4- GWB’s presidency was a failure

Bush kept this nation safe for 7 years, a feat no one thought he’d accomplish.  Most of Bush’s years had near nero unemployment.  He brought down two terrorist regimes, gave two nations their own Bill of Rights–and purple fingers, ended female apartheid in those nations, and convinced two more nations to give up their nuclear ambitions.

NO presidency that accomplishes all of the above, can, be any stretch of the imagination, be considered a “failure”.

5- Liberals and their MSM coharts caused the GOP to lose.

Yes, the MSM was unfairly bias and yes, they picked on GWB unmercifully.  But very few people expected different; Democrats ARE after all the competition.  What hurt the GOP was when their own people, the ones that was suppose to be on their side, decided that LOYALTY was an option. 

6- The only way to show our moral superiority is to be honest about our own people

Ever notice how many times a person will use the excuse of “being honest” to hurt and destroy the person they claim they MUST be honest with? The fact is that your friends do not need to be honest about your faults; your enemies are only too glad to point them out.  A true friend, someone who really does want you to succeed, spend most of their time finding and magnifying your virtues.

When you donned that “mea culpa” hair shirt and aired the Republican leaders sins, you didn’t convince Independents to trust conservatives, you validated the fact that conservatives make lousy choices.

7- Everyone, including my Hispanic friends, was against illegal immigration.

Only FOUR states border Mexico and even the towns directly on the border had no wish to end cheap labor or the commerce generated by illegals.  For most Americans, illegal Mexicans wasn’t the big issue.  And most LEGAL Mexicans resented the racism implied in the effort to stop only illegals to the South.

8- Illegal Immigration was all about national security

Right, which is why the wall being demanded to be built was to the South NOT the North…nor was there an outcry to stop illegals from arriving by the thousands of ports on both oceans.  It is why all the vitriolic rhetoric was aimed at Mexicans that had a financial vested interest in the survival of America and NOT at the Canadians who join their European cousins in looking down their noses at Americans.

9- We need to follow the intent of the Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers were great men who created a truly impressive document.  But they lived in an era of slavery, child labor, and gender inequality.  We cannot demand strict adherence to their wisdom and cherry pick their morality.  If these men needed future generations to correct inhuman injustices, then we must accept the idea that the wisdom of governing wasn’t the exclusivity of the Founding Fathers and that the greater wisdom may have very well been found in our time.

10- “Compromise” and “Cooperation” are dirty wordsShow me a person who has never had to compromise and cooperate and I’ll show you someone who has not grown up–or someone very lonely.  Show me a group too proud to compromise and cooperate and I’ll show you a group that loses every time and fails to build anything of worth. 

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