Why would an intelligent Independent support the GOP?

Someone once called me a “pragmatist” and I thought that described me perfectly. 
I believe in God because it is practical to believe that a higher being created our bodies, ”machinery” so complex, scientists and doctors are STILL trying to figure out how to repair it when it breaks down.
I am pro-life because I believe that a civilized society cannot afford to allow the criteria of being “wanted” to decide who lives and who dies.
I am for lowering taxes because I am one of those that actually pay them, but I realize that as a society that has been blessed, Americans will never tolerate hungry and homeless people.
For many years, I voted mostly GOP primarily because of their pro-life stand.  Yes, many times it was mere lip service and it angered me when Republicans allowed their opponents to get away with announcing their “pro-choice” stand as though being “pro-life” was somehow unAmerican and anti-woman.  But being “practical”, I choose politicians that would give me lip service instead of those who would insult my values by implying that they shared mine.
Then 9/11 happened–and the idea that my world, my comfortable little world that I had worked hard to create, was going to come to an end and that politicians’ decisions really can affect that world–put any other issue I may have thought important on the back burner.
I took moments from my busy life to hook up with the only party that seemed to be taking the war seriously.  For a period, I even flirted with the idea that I may in fact be a conservative.  But I have never been one to cut off my nose to spite my face and conservatives seemed bound and determined to shrink their number until the party they claim to be the base of became unelectable.  And “winning”, “succeeding”, are fundamental traits of non-losers.

I would not become a loser.

Still I tried for 4 long years to get conservatives to comprehend one simple fact, the only way you can get a GOP president to be ONLY a president to conservatives is to have a nation only of conservatives.

We are NOT a nation of conservatives.  Conservatives don’t even make up the majority.  Neither do Liberals.  The party that rules is the party that wins.

Let me repeat this: the party that WINS, get to make the rules.

And if they win big as the Dems did, they get to ignor Republicans and spend money like there will always be a tomorrow and wealthy kids willing to foot the bill.  They get to make criminals of our troops and strip safeguards that make our nation safe.

If they have slight majorities as GWB had, then they have to deal…and yes, here comes the grown up word…COMPROMISE with Senators and Representatives that represent Democrats.

For 4 years, I, the Independent, has shown more “loyalty” than many conservatives…why?  Because in the end, MY world depends on the survival of this nation…and this nation’s survival depends on the only party able to stop the Dems.

It’s as simple and as practical as that.

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