Explain to me

It began with a discussion on the first 100 days of the Obama administration…and evolved into, again, Bush.

What he did wrong…agreed to by the talk show host…what he didn’t do right…agreed to by the talk show host.

Can someone please explain to me what purpose raking Bush’s presidency over the coals is serving for people who claim to be the base of the Republican party?

Does anyone really expect all this insistance on being “honest” about Bush to somehow make people vote for the party that nominated Bush twice?

And as they go from Bush to the rest of the “sorry” lot…McCain, Palin, Jendal, you name the Republican…and how somehow, somewhere we have got to find REAL conservatives who will be the kind of president that only real conservatives would love…tell me exactly how all this bashing of Bush and the GOP supposed to get rid of Obama and his Democratic Congress?

Does anyone realize that the man is gone…really, he’s honest to God not president anymore. 

This constant parading of Bush’s supposed sins serves what purpose?

I’d really like to know.

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