Why the GOP lost–really

Dennis Prager had a challenge today…he wanted to know if his listeners believed that the Republican party had moved to the Right.  And if yes, then to give examples.

Now, I admit that prior to 9/11, I had very little interest in politics but that only makes me more qualified to say how those 125 million Independents saw Democrats and Republicans. 

For many years during the GOP Congress and WH, Conservative media told their listeners that the more Liberals listened to moveon.org, the more American voters would reject the Democratic party.  Well somebody must have listened because Democrats started running and backing moderate Democrats.  At the same time, Conservative media, feeling their oats, started badgering Republicans to the Right.  The following are a few examples:

1- Republicans understood spending and deficits for things like defense and appeasing the other party to get funding during Reagan’s time but became allergic to ANY spending by Bush during a time of war.

2- Republicans had priniples, now they have ideals where basic principles like loyalty is an option.

3- Republicans used to believe in live and let live, now they believe in rounding up illegals, giving blank checks to build a Berlin type wall, and shipping back to Mexico the friends and families of the largest growing racial voting block.

4- Republicans used to be plain spoken people who had pride in their down to earth style, now Republicans want slick communicators that will win the word games of twisting meanings the Democrats excel in.

5- Republicans enjoyed their individuality, now they agree with those who attack their leaders and use the party of Republicans but refuse to take the name “Republican”.

6- Just 4 years ago, Republicans presented the American voter with two sides to every issue…now Republicans join their Democrat counterpart in telling the American voter how crappy the Republican party is.

7- Republicans used to hold their candidates to the same standard as all politicians, now those running under the GOP standard are expected to walk on the waters of purity and ideology.  In fact any fall from grace…as in Jendal’s delivery of his speech…Palin’s and Steele’s less than stellar interviews…will cause Republicans to dismiss such imperfect politicians.

Do you want to know why the GOP lost…really?

Think about just 3 years ago…the Democrats had lost 2 elections and was looking like the Republican party is today…facing dissolution.  Hillary found her Christian roots and many Democrats were talking about the tragedy of abortion and perhaps it should be discouraged…then they went out and found Bluedog Democrats to run.

In otherwords, Democrats moved to the middle.

Republicans moved to the right.

The former won back Congress and the White House.

The latter LOST.

Get it?

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