In answer to “selling the GOP”

The following is in answer to an email regarding how the GOP can win elections.  The original email is expressing the belief that once again, it is GWB  fault for not being a good “salesmen”, that Bush failed to sell himself…

As someone who has been in retail all my life, I agree, you need to sell the product.  However, and here’s the big but.

Imagine if you will, bringing in a contractor to maintain your data systems. 

For most of 8 years, the contractor does a good job despite having his competitor AND the contractors’ employer critiquing his every effort. 

 Now, at the end of his 8 years, something goes wrong and you decide to give the competitor a chance.  The competitor rips out your entire computer system because ”the other guy did such a terrible job” and the previous contractor’s employer is agreeing that the guy did a terrible job and probably was doing so for the entire 8 years.  Now four years later if the system is still a mess, will you go BACK to the previous contracting company and give them another chance to send someone to mess up your system or will you look for someone else?

Libertarians aka ”conservatives” are hoping to be that someone else.  That is why they have spent the last 4 years telling the American voter what lousy leaders Republicans choose.  It is why Palin never stood a chance or will stand a chance if we continue to look at who is selling the product rather than who is actually trying to undercut it.  It is why they are demanding that the only Republicans with any power join Specter and leave the party that they hope to take over like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

The biggest problem with the below list is that none of these people are salesmen. 

 It is welll known that Reagan was an ACTOR surrounded by fabulous speechwriters that rewrote his legacy AND SOLD his revised conservatism…the guy who out SPENT the Russians remember?  Who gave REAL amnesty to illegals….and a whole bunch of things that would have had him labeled a RINO today.

Obama can’t speak without his teleprompter–and he doesn’t write what’s in it.

You can’t blame Bush and McCain for being lousy salesmen but excuse Palin and Romney by saying the media did them in.  Remember the SAME Bush who won and carried a bigger Congress in 2004 is the same guy on the list of bad salesmen…should he be in BOTH lists?

The fact is Bush didn’t fail any more than Palin…it is WE, those of us who CAN write and communicate that failed to push the issue.

If we had done what we had done prior to 2004 and did a counter point to every Democratic attack, the results would have been as it was in 2004…and we’d be looking at the demise of the Democrats.

One of the first things we are taught in Retail is to look at your product honestly.  If you can not sell it, then leave.  If you can, then you fight for that sale and you do so by understanding who and what is trying to undercut you.

In the case of the Republicans, it is the conservatives aka Libertarian.  And you can tell who they are when they talk about being moderate like it’s a dirty word.

I’m having a big discussion about Ronald Regan not having to give up his “principles”…that he brought voters to HIS conservative values, not moved to theirs.  The fact is that the big spending, amnesty giving Reagan didn’t have to give up anything to attract the American voter to his side.  He was, by today’s standard, a moderate conservative.

He was, in other words, a REPUBLICAN.

It is way pass time that Republicans took back their party.  Think of this as getting rid of the sales people that want to take over and fight like you would if your company was going to lose some hot shot salespeople…like Palin…Jendal…Steele…

Because you WILL if you continue to expect the worker to be the salesmen too.

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