In answer to “How to attract minorities”

The following was in answer to an email that was sent to me asking “how do we get more minorities”.

You don’t get this, you really don’t.  This compulsion to be “honest” about Bush’s and McCain’s failings says nothing about them; it says everything about YOU. 
To those millions of Independents, minorities, women…all of which I AM.  What you’re basically saying is…WE OFFERED YOU A MISTAKE FOR 8 YEARS.
And in 2008 we offered you a mistake (McCain) against a really great cool operator (Obama) who is now running this nation broke.
But vote for our candidate (Palin, Jindal, Romney) because this time we will have it right.
Sorry, they aren’t going to buy because you offer NOTHING but a hope and a maybe.
The issue isn’t the product…it’s the GOP’s LACK of belief in the product.  You cannot sell what you don’t believe in.
Telling voters to trust you one more time after they bought the bridge twice and had to hear for the last 4 years how that was all an error in judgement… conservative judgement…is the ultimate in fantasy.
I am suggesting telling voters the truth…when it came to what really counted,  keeping us safe, cutting taxes to go with the spending that was needed because we DID NOT have a super majority, and putting sanity in the courts…Bush, McCain, AND the GOP produced all this in spades.
And I am saying that unless you stop bashing the product, you will NEVER sell your candidate, because every time you tell the voter how the GOP messed up, every time you ignore the things that Bush and company DID that was actually remarkable…like purple fingers and the end of those rape rooms and two recessions that no one remembers…you give the voter…the Independent, the minority, women…NO reason to vote GOP.
All the fancy slideshows and rhetoric about listening to minorities isn’t going to cut this one fact (according to you)…the GOP offered nothing but failures for 3 elections.
Good luck in getting Palin, Jindal, Romney elected or getting the GOP to take back Congress and stop this insane socialism.
I am saying to everyone that will listen about the really incredible things accomplished by Bush…I am reminding them about the empty towns and the lay offs in this tourist town (and Disneyland, Vegas) and how in less than 6 months that was turned around by a president that went to the people and gave them confidence to go back to living…I talk about the zero unemployment when our greatest fear was having our people stolen by a competitor and the two recessions that no one remembers.  And how we checked daily to see how much our stocks went up instead of how much longer it will take to retire because our stocks are worth next to nothing.  I talk about the end of that barbaric partial birth abortion and how the elderly didn’t need to choose between life saving drugs and eating…and how gracious Bush and Lady Laura was to our visiting allies…
And how all that is changing now that we have a real spender in office who acts like a kid that has gotten a hold of their parent’s charge cards…
By the end, I have them yearning for the “good ol’ days”.
THAT’S how you sell the GOP. 
We’ve been thru this before. The choice is yours. You can continue to be negative and hope that the same negativity doesn’t continue with Palin/Jendal/Romney. 
For my part, I will continue to tell people why the GOP is their only chance of  holding on to the American dream, that they need to start paying attention to what has been accomplished and what can be accomplished if you have people in office who knows what they are doing and are willing to take the political heat for doing so.
And I will NOT apologize for what Bush and the GOP did NOT accomplish. I am done with apologies…I won’t apologize for America…for slavery…for offending someone.
And I believe I am not alone in being fed up with all this self flagellation. 
If it weren’t for 9/11 and my political awakening…I would stay as far away from the GOP and their negativity.  The question of how to get more voters for the GOP was asked…and I gave my opinion.  The choice to listen is truly up to you. 

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