Sarah Palin - Major Contender?

As many who has followed my blogs may know, I was a supporter of Gov. Palin months before most of America had even heard of her.

Steve of the then CampaignVictory2008 blog had asked me to take a look at a possible VP offering on the GOP ticket.  A young college kid had found her while doing research on VP picks.  Like everyone else, my initial reaction was “huh?”  And ALSO like everyone else, the more I saw and read and heard, the more I liked.

For months I kept finding more reasons to add Palin to the ticket…but truth be told, I didn’t REALLY think someone would be smart enough to actually put her there.  I mean, come on…Palin was Governor of one of the largest states in the union…she had more executive experience than any of the two candidates running in the top seat…she was famous (in Alaska) for being so tight with the tax payers’ funds that it was said that she acted as if it was her money that was being spent…she was respected by both business and unions, managing to bring prosperity for both.

On top of that she was: 1) a woman  2) gorgeous with a beautiful family.

To put her into the 2nd spot and give her national experience, setting her up for 8 years in the White House was sheer smarts…and such political acumen seemed to have left when Karl Rove and Dick Morris retired.

Palin came out like the “White Queen” on the political chessboard that I had written about in my blog a year earlier, but with moves I had not foreseen.  Gone was the soccer mom that only a few people could relate to or the American Idol beauty that many would cheer (and later vote) for.  This was the old time politician that talked of good ol’ values when teachers like her parents and hard working union guys like her husband were looked up to and respected.  She painted a portrait of an America that could don Reagan’s cowboy hat and stand tall for what America represented and what America has done.

But she was fresh, TODAY’S woman…giving kudos to the feminists before her that gave one half of the population the vote and made it possible for a female to run for the highest office in the nation.  She told the woman of America that the battle begun decades earlier had one purpose…to allow woman to JOIN not supplant men in the eternal battle for a brighter future.

She gave voice to every female in America…from the stay at home moms to the diner waitress to the corporate CEO who made choices that either gave them no audience or expected too much.

She also allowed men to relax.  She was their mom, sister, wife…the woman they knew in their lives, not some hard nose elite who would cut off their arm for offering a hand and bite off their nose for ignoring their feminity.

For all of a week she was the darling of conservatives…and more importantly, Independents and cross over Democrats started taking a look at the GOP ticket.

So what happened?

The MSM went after her…but let’s get this straight, if we’re going to be honest…if Palin represents a real shot at winning in 2012, we need to take a hard look at what went wrong.

The MSM went after Palin the SAME way they went after GWB and all heavy hitting contenders.  And like with GWB, the people that was supposed to be on her side, folded.

From Peggy Noonan to Kathleen Parker and bloggers everwhere JOINED the MSM in painting Palin as a small town hick that had no business in the major leagues.

Months later, they are STILL attacking Palin and STILL conservatives are trying to argue style not substance.

I have said and I still maintain, UNTIL bloggers that claim to support the party of Republicans understand that this battle began and has to end with GWB, Palin and all GOP contenders will not stand a chance.  UNTIL bloggers and pundits start to argue issues such as the War, the Courts, the Economy…issues that GWB AND Palin IS GREAT at and stop all this rubbish about what was said or NOT, the MSM will continue to crucify and ridicule Palin and her family.

They will because it works and like all bullies, because THEY CAN.

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    Excellent piece - very good.

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