The GOP heat

Not a week went by before I was defending Palin’s decision to resign from the top job in Alaska. The general concession was that Palin quit because she couldn’t stand “the heat”.  GWB, it was noted, took the “heat” for 8 years and McCain battled the extreme Right for decades.  In fact, lately, there isn’t a politician that hasn’t been getting heat, the kind only made possible by the internet and blogging.But there is a huge difference between the heat thrown on Republican politicians and those experienced by Democrats.  And no, I’m not talking about unfair, ugly, and truly vile attacks.  Like it or not, in our world of open communication where four letter words are common in cinema and literature, very few words have the power to shock and repel the public anymore.  The fact is that NOTHING said about Palin would cause most voters to decide against her.  They KNOW that Palin has more executive experience than the man who won the White House and certainly uttered less embarrassing things than clueless Biden.  They even know at some level that the reason that most people voted for Obama was because of the color of his skin; Black IS cool.No, the big difference between the heat on the Left and GOP heat is this one simple but unmistakable element: Politicians on the Left fight bloggers, pundits, activists on the Right…GOP politicians fight BOTH sides.Think about it…every negative thing said or hinted about a politician gets a career killing reaction from the Right, NOT the Left.  Conservatives believe that this rush to judgment makes them morally superior. “We hold ourselves to a higher standard” they insist…like the Left who wants to hold America to a higher standard when it comes to fighting a war and thus tie the hands of our troops.Frankly, I don’t know if Palin couldn’t stand the heat…as I told my colleagues, you’re talking to a mother and if you ask me to choose between my career or my kids, guess which one I’d choose?I do know that the kind of heat GOP candidates are being subject to is ridiculous and must stop.  Just days prior to Palin’s announcement, I had gotten into an email disagreement with some conservatives who believed it HELPED the GOP cause to go over GWB’s failings.  They said that conservatives, unlike liberals, are allowed to disagree with GOP politicians.  Now these same people see NO merit in people like Peggy Noonan doing the same to Palin.I believe, they finally get it.  The problem is I wonder how many more 401ks will be tanked, jobs lost, homes foreclosed, businesses boarded up before other conservative bloggers are willing to trade their egos for a united Republican party?

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