Longing for George

My British partner said something that rather stunned me.  JD has been a Tory (the British equivalent of a Republican) for a long time and remembers fondly the days of “Maggie” Thatcher.  He called the McCain nomination right and almost every play in American politics for the last 8 years (since I’ve taken an interest) has been spot on. He even predicted when and under what circumstances the Obama honeymoon would wane.

In the middle of a rant on his own nation’s financial crisis and how it was impacted by the American banking system, he said, almost in passing, that there must be a number of ordinary Americans that long for the days of Bush.


“Well,” he explained, “you must remember that for most of the 14 million that lost their jobs, the Bush era was a time of big screen t.v.s and trips to Vegas.  There were 2 recessions that Bush barely bothered the American people with and little or no sacrifice for a people in the midst of a post 9/11 war.  For many, NOW is their financial armageddon.”

I was at a lost for words.  For nearly 4 years I have defended GWB and for the most part, am STILL defending him.  Now to hear that some people may actually be longing for the days of GWB?

“Of course you’re defending him,” continued JD, “most of the people you talk to are employed.  In fact, since the economy is so tight, prices are low and people with financial liquidity are actually doing fine, they may very well be still in the Bush is c*ap mode.  But there’s a growing group out there that remembers that under Bush, recessions were taken care of without barely bothering their lives, that people actually respected America and when your leaders spoke, foreign despots actually looked over their shoulders to see if the world’s mightiest military was standing there ready to send in someone to check out their teeth.  Others remember when retiring was actually an option and when “disappointment” was a low return on our stocks.”

Imagine that…a time when people won’t be saying…”Bush’s unpardonable sin is that he’s not the cool Gripper”…instead they’ll be saying, “Obama’s biggest offense is that he’s not Cowboy George”.


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