The Health Care Issue

First off, I probably have one of the best medical insurance plans in the nation: generous health, vision, drug benefits with very little out of pocket deductible.  What I am about to say is from the prospective of those millions that aren’t quite as fortunate.

The health care situation isn’t going to go away even if the GOP ends up defeating Obama’s care.

The premium on an average medical plan for a family is close to the cost of a month’s rent and if any person in the family unit has a precondition, then double the cost or be denied coverage altogether. In these days when most workers change employment every few years, this astronomical burden is frequently born by the worker.

Like it or not, government will eventually have to step in…as they do with utilities, bank savings protection, and other items deemed critical to the American way of life.

For months, 6 figure earning talk show hosts have been offering a catastrophic health protection alternative that would have huge thousand dollar deductibles. They have no clue to the fact that for many workers, paying a thousand dollars IS catastrophic!

The poor have medicaid. 

The elderly have medicare. 

As strange as this sounds to those who cannot remember making minimum wage or working 2 jobs just to put clothes on their family’s backs and gas in the car, the reality is that for many working Americans, it IS a choice between eating and paying health premiums…and the latter always loses.

In an America that is being asked by Hewitt and other “good” conservatives to help children in foreign countries…it is only a matter of time before that same America feels that charity should begin at home.

Republicans MUST address this issue and offer serious and viable solutions or it WILL be an issue that will haunt them long after the scare for social medicine has become a Hilary memory.

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