Sotomayor: GOP racism?

Dennis Prager asked his listeners if Hispanics believed that conservatives voted against the confirmation of Sotomayor because they were racist.  Upon learning that many Hispanics did in fact, believe the Republican party was racist, Prager first sighed and then ranted about how unfair that perception was.

A caller tried to explain that the vitriolic rhetoric about Mexican immigrants were a big part of that perception and THAT is unfair because everyone, unless an American Indian, was once an immigrant.

Prager of course pointed out that his ancestors and most GOP came here LEGALLY.

“But when your ancestors came here,” the caller pointed out, “there was no immigration law; thus coming here was a matter of signing up.  You got here, here you were able to stay. Many Mexicans aren’t so lucky.”

Prager said “Fair enough” –and ran out of time.  The next hour was his hour where people came to him to seek his wisdom in the man-woman’s hour or whatever segment where Prager gets to play wise sage.

Our radio station carries all of the talk shows a couple of hours after the fact; which means that I could not call him and tell him this:

For over 3 years, conservatives have been obsessing over Mexican illegals….not illegals from the north or the boatloads arriving in dozens of ports…just their HISPANIC unwanted neighbors to the South…and now you’re surprised that conservatives are perceived as racist to Hispanics???

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  1. sjreidhead Says:

    Keep digging and you will find this as sickening as do I!

    Keep up the good work.

    The Pink Flamingo

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