America’s Debt to Hawaiians

 The following is in answer to an email I received from a relative about a Hawaiian activist, This professor at a State run University, educated and PHD in political science by an American system believes that the kingdom of Hawaii was “illegally” overthrown and wants the kingdom returned to the people of Hawaiian blood.

There is NO SUCH thing as an “illegal” overthrow.  Think about it. Is it even possible to have a LEGAL overthrow of a government? Legality is whoever wins…which is why the warrior tribal Indians took over America from whoever was there before them…and Hawaiians took over the islands from the islanders that was there when they arrived from Tahiti and so forth. The more powerful “wins” the land and takes it over.  That’s the way it has been for centuries.  In fact the idea of “legality” regarding the weaker having the right to hold on to land because he “bought” it, is a western idea. 

That’s right, it is only by the fact that Americans “stole” Hawaii and gave Hawaiians AMERICAN rights, that the idea that a non-alii or a weaker person can be “stolen” from, is even a possible concept.  Since none of my ancestors can lay claim to being an alii nui, I LIKE the idea that I am an American and am awfully glad that the land of my ancestors were taken over by those who gave me the right to tell anyone including the president of the USA to go to you know where.  I would HATE to belong to a society where there were a class of people so “sacred” that to look upon them meant death.

Hawaiians can be like Blacks…they dwell on what they THINK was taken and forget what they’ve been given…and it is in the latter that they somehow believe that something is owed to them. (And do we notice that Activists Blacks, Indians, Eskimos, Hawaiians believe that IF their lands had not been taken over by Americans, that they’d all be royals living the good life?  History tells us that for most, they’d have worked hard, died young, and been hungry period.)

And I may not care about who got reparations, except, they aren’t looking for “payback” from the tax payers from some other country…they want MY tax dollars and YOURS.

I listened to this guy’s credentials…most received from THIS nation and I thought of other third world nations, of which Hawaii, if she had been left alone, would certainly have become…and I shake my head at the lack of gratitude.

I find the entire idea of reparations in any form offensive.  Slavery, oppression, empire building…these are “sins” of humanity, not just America.  We didn’t start any of it, but we sure had a grand hand in ending it.

A black man, without any experience or any accomplishment is sitting in the highest office…women make million dollar salaries…children get to enjoy their childhood, something the average 19th century and earlier child who was expected to work in the fields or in the factories never dreamed of.

America has nothing to apologize for…and everything to be proud of.

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