Amnesty For America

Awhile back, Michael Medved had a Black activist on his show that was asking for reparations for “her people”.  He asked about her particular circumstances and learned that she had grown up in a home owned by her father (a contractor), attended public schools included a state run University, and now makes a fairly good living.

“Tell me,” he said, “how did slavery affect YOU?”

She went on about the history of Blacks and slavery and Medved repeated, “but how does that affect YOU, personally.  How has slavery hurt YOU?”

She was stunned.

Now, I live in a state where Whites are a minority…in fact the school I attended had an enrollment of 3,500 kids, only 7 were White.  I am also a female.  My ancestors on both sides of my family tree lost their Hawaiian kingdom when America overthrew their queen.  “Illegally”, Hawaiian activist like to say–until one person asked if there was ever a way to overthrow a government “legally”.

For eons I have heard friends and family complain about the evil that was done to our people…and for just as long I have heard activist, from Blacks to Feminists to everything in between demand reparations.

I have tried to point out that reparations is a western idea…if you were returned to the culture that you felt were “stolen” from you, you’d get nothing: to the victor went the spoils.  And if you identify with the American culture, then why are you asking your fellow Americans to pay for the sins of their fathers?

This reasoning has fallen on deaf ears; the reply being that America must hold herself to a higher standard.

Ok, how’s this for standing on the “high ground”.

I propose that there is no way America could ever make up for the sins of humanity…for slavery, for female apartheid, for imperialism…no amount of money would EVER be enough.

So…let’s us FORGIVE America for the past sins of their fathers.  Let us go forward from this day to make certain that laws of EQUALITY for BOTH genders and ALL races are adhered to.

No more back handed racism known as affirmative action.  No more talk of reparations.  No more penalties based on race or gender.  No more apologies.

Let us have AMNESTY for America.  Forgive her and let’s get on with our lives.

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