Not another Trent Lott

I agree with Michael Medved on most things.  I find him to be the most practical of all the talk show hosts but he’s way off on the reaction of Independents on Joe Wilson’s outburst during Obama’s lecture to Congress.

Medved believes that Independents, by his definition pays little or no attention to politics, will be put off by the “uncivilized” accusation of Rep. Wilson that Obama was a “liar”.

First off, it there was a price to pay for disrespecting the office of the presidency, the Democrats would have never have gained Congress in 2006 and lost it in 2008 after nearly 8 years of bashing Bush.  In fact, Wilson’s outburst was mild compared to the accusations hurled at the previous president.

Secondly, isn’t Medved paying attention to the heated townhall meetings?  People were alot angrier than Wilson–and any denounciation of Wilson’s control is a knock on all those people who said and felt alot worst at our leaders.

Medved is fond of saying that the GOP has to learn from their mistakes.

Here’s one really good one he and his cronies should learn:

Trent Lott was crucified not for what he said but what the sanctimonous people on the Right thought he meant.  They insisted on Lott living up to a standard that wasn’t just too high for any politician…it was ridiculous for most mere mortals.

You know…the 20% Independents that DECIDE elections.  They say stupid things…and get real emotional…and they make some truly dumb mistakes.  And whenever they hear people that is supposed to speak for the Republican party tell their politicians that there is no room for being less than perfect…they run…to the party that claims to be tolerant of sinners.

Medved wants Wilson to apologize to Congress…and go on apologizing.

Then when no Republican will take on Obama and the Dems, he will lament the lack of courage…of men and woman that got tired of having to watch their own backs.

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