Health Care: comparing Apples to Oranges

Medved had a debate with a Liberal who reminded him that the military is a government run agency and it proves that not all government agency is wasteful or unsuccessful.

Here’s the BIG difference…the military is NOT a democracy.  Now, unless, we as a society want to give up our civilian lifestyle, the success of our military cannot be used to measure the probability of creating another effective public department.

He also spoke of the fire and police department being “successful” government programs funded by the tax payer; again both agencies have a military type rank and file system where the heads of both agencies are subject to public hearings and removal that doesn’t require acts of congress and long and expensive hearings.

Like it or not, the profit factor is directly responsible for cures to many of the diseases that mere decades ago were considered to be in the realm of the almighty.

Take away the money factor and you are left with professionals that have the financial ability and the desire to heal with little compensation…backed by drug companies that also has the financial ability to promote new discoveries and miracles.

We already have a shortage of medical professionals and each day, drug companies are finding their cures cost more in litigation than they could ever offer in profits to their stock holders.

I’m not sure if Liberals live in a world that is so far above reality or if they truly do not comprehend how business works.  They are like kids that keep taking support from their parents, way after they have gone to college and insist that their level of education makes them smarter than their parents.

In any event, until these “kids” grow up, we really shouldn’t have them running this nation.

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