The Voter

Political pundits from both sides of the aisle have been telling their choir that the country is either “conservative” or “liberal”.  When the GOP held Congress and the White House, the “base” demanded that these two branches of power ignore the population that was NOT conservative and bring about the kind of utopia only a libertarian would love.  In 2008, when the Dems did likewise, move on dot org is making similiar demands.  And like the GOP, the Dems will learn who Joe/Jane voter really is.

The truth can be found in an off remark made by a guest on a radio talk show regarding the sweep of GOP victories a few weeks ago…”Actually, the GOP is equally disturbed about the results because we don’t know how to control the tea party, townhall people that gave the GOP their victories.”

They can’t simply because these people are neither conservative or liberal…they are, as I have been saying for years: Independents.  Some lean left and some, as I do, lean right on issues. 

They are neither stupid or unprincipled; just extremely busy. 

They may not have taken the abortion issue seriously when it was being run thru the courts 35 years ago, but they come out EVERY time there is a vote to make sure that marriage remains between a man and a woman. 

They may shrug when they are nickled and dimed with user fees, but will throw out a governor who tries to hike their car registration fees by the hundreds.

They may not know who is their Vice President, Senator or Speaker of the House, but they understand that under Bush, life was easier and safer.  And if Obama doesn’t start bringing back the time when jobs are plentiful and huge 401k profits of the Bush era or a bomb goes off in a major city during Obama’s watch and he does nothing…they won’t care what color Obama’s skin is or how charming he is, they WILL roast him and toss him out on his butt.

Independents are typically busy with work, family, social obligations (Church, sports).  They vary on their ideals, their beliefs, their dreams.  They do not, please listen, do NOT care about equality or distribution of wealth, nor do they care about illegals or not being conservative (aka libertarian) enough. 

They DO care about 3 things, each DIRECTLY affecting THEIR lives:

1- the war on terror

2- the economy

3- the courts

In all three the GOP had a definite advantage. 

Unfortunately, Libertarians pretending to be the base, had GWB and Congress addressing THEIR issues, issues that a MINORITY of voters cared about.

The Dems are making the same mistake.

And round it goes. 

Also as predicted, the GOP WILL get their shot at total power again.  The only hope I have is that when the party of Republicans get there, they will remember who REALLY put them there and act accordingly

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